I am never surprised anymore by the depths to which religious leaders can sink.
No matter how low I set the bar, you can rest assured ...

that one will come along and manage to crawl beneath it

These freaks never miss a beat to sell their product
even if it means exploiting his dead wife to keep the money rolling in.

The victim's husband (co-pastor) said:
"as deeply as I am hurting, I am hopeful ...
even more people will come to a saving faith in Christ
" through the tragedy.

So his big concern isn't for his child or his wife's family;
it's using this tragedy to drum up business.

And if you follow the link to the Indianapolis Star you'll encounter this gem:

"Donations can be made to
the Blackburn Family Support Fund on the church's website.
Please consider supporting our pastor Davey, their son Weston,
and their entire family during these hard days ahead.

He couldn't even wait for the body to get cold
before he started pounding the Jesus drum for customers
and stuck his hand out for donation money.

No wonder he moved to Indiana.
That's the same place that gained notoriety
for making a bigoted, Christian pizza parlor owner so rich,
that the whole family could retire.

These people make me puke


The rich drive another dagger into America's dying heart

My analysis of this story (2 pages)


Australia shows everyone how you stand up to
anti-science morons who endanger their own children
as well as everyone else's ...

Vaccinate those little bundles of dribble and sputum ... or else

Note: I've added an update and an additional photo to the story on ...

The National Geographic takeover by the Fox empire


Conservatives spread their cancerous thinking and lies
outside the Bible Belt, all the way to California.

Science textbooks promote global warming denial

That sounded like something you would have read about in Texas.

(I really need to take a bottle of aspirin and lie down)


The largest yellow star ever discovered (video 2:04)

NOTE: if you scroll down to 11/8,
you can read an 'update' to the story on Trump and Carson.


This week's show:
"Does God’s omniscience conflict with free will?"
Featuring: "Wintery Knight"

The Science Segment was:
"Patent granted for inflatable space elevator"

Listen (14:40)
Read (7 pages)

If you would like to participate in a live debate
contact me at ""
to set up the date and time.


The "token negro" that Republicans run every 4 years
to deflect accusations (which are true) that they are a party of racists,
is hanging around at the top of the list, a lot longer than he was supposed to.

Now Republicans are scrambling to dismantle the Frankenstein they've created
because they know that, as a Republican, an African-American is unelectable:
Democrats wouldn't vote for him because he is completely unqualified,
and most Republicans would die before voting for a black man.

So Republicans are saving Democrats the trouble of bringing Carson down ...

by doing it themselves


Still stinging from their recent defeats in their battles against gay marriage
Mormons get revenge by taking it out on ...



Now that Fox has taken over the National Geographic,
how has that worked out?

Well ... here is the feature story for the 2015 December issue

If you think that's bad, just wait.
For 2016, I'm predicting a takeover of Science Digest
with the first feature story being ...

"Breaking News: Definitive proof that Climate Change is a hoax!"


This is what I've been waiting for ...

A great way to stop hurricanes

Not to mention all the other benefits
that we'll get from this method


Occasionally I come across quotes so powerful that I just have to share them.
You might remember Jeffrey Tayler, who writes for Salon and The Atlantic.
(see podcast #334)
He recently wrote an article in Salon that featured the craziness of ...

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson

Tayler is an interesting guy:
he is apparently fluent, or semi-fluent,
in half-a-dozen different languages
which makes his amazing mastery of the English language
that much more impressive.

Tayler should probably use this as his avatar ...

So here is the quote from the article that I found so impressive:

"Theistic faith – the fanatical conviction, based on no evidence whatsoever,
that certain all-encompassing supernatural assertions
about our species and universe are true ....

I think that every dictionary currently in use
should add Tayler's definition to their definition of "faith"


Bill Maher points out the truth
(in his own very funny way)

Republicans have invented their own version of Jesus (5:18)


In podcast #362, I criticized Jerry Coyne's essay on Free Will.
After posting podcasts, I usually send out notifications
to those who might be interested in the topic.
I received one reply from the CC list: Aaron Schurger
(who had written a paper defending against the attacks on Free Will)
Coyne had stated that he did not find Schurger's paper "convincing."

Here is my reply to Schurger's email (3 pages)


California sends a message to the rest of the country,
especially the Bible Belt ...

This is how you protect your women from religious freaks


Starbucks has caved in to Christian pressure
and agreed to put Bible verses on its cups ...

Hey, I think I have an idea for their next cup


Remember recently when it was announced
that Fox had bought the National Geographic?

Well, Rupert Murdoch just took over ... and it wasn't pretty.
Click on the picture of Murdoch's media empire to read what he did.

The golden nugget in that article was this:
"Several people in the channel’s fact-checking department, for example,
were terminated ....

The monster that is the Murdoch empire grows more powerful
in direct proportion to the people growing dumber.
So he is feeding off of the ignorance of the masses.

Let's get to work


History of the moon (24:25)


Trump and Carson get secret service protection

What the article doesn't tell you is that they need protection from ... Republicans.

Carson is the "token negro" that Republicans run briefly every election
to convince voters that they aren't really a party of racist rednecks
(remember Herman Cain, the Pizza Guy, in 2012?)
But Carson is lasting way longer than they had planned.
They also know that half their party would start another Civil War
before voting for a black man,
so now they have to find a way to make him quietly go away.

Trump was supposed to draw attention away from whomever the Koch Brothers
have selected to be our next president,
(probably Bush, but since my membership in "Americans For Prosperity" has lapsed,
I can't say for sure)
but Trump turned out to be as unpredictable as Sarah Palin
and just as big of an embarrassment, so now they have themselves a problem.

Stay tuned


I must be clairvoyant


"Junk Food" is a scapegoat for obesity ...
according to many scientific studies like this one (1:51)

It's like I've always said ... get off your lazy ass
(at least once in awhile)


The consequences of the 2010 "Citizens United" Supreme Court case
have been devastating to American democracy.

This is now what we have become

Franklin Roosevelt's "New Deal" was the worst blow ever suffered by the rich.
It has taken nearly a century, but the rich have finally put things back to the way ...

that God meant for them to be


In California, Christians sacrifice a lamb to secure God's protection for their son ...

I guess God no longer has a taste for lamb

Usually we hear about Satanists killing and sacrificing innocent animals.
Yet here's an example of superstitious "modern" Christians
still living in The Dark Ages and using an ancient,
bloody, immoral book to guide their lives.

After their son's burial, they should all be brought up on animal abuse charges.


ISIS hostages rescued (but not all of them made it)

As brutal as this story was, about the torture of hostages by ISIS
before being freed by American and Kurdish forces;
one point that stood out, for me,
was the similarity between these violent, subhuman, religious freaks
and the violent, subhuman, Christian religious freaks who burned "witches" ...

In each case, a confession resulted in execution


Fusion breakthrough


This is all you need to know, to understand why America ... is in deep shit

Understand - we aren't in deep shit because of these two clowns.
We are in deep shit because this proves how easily
the rich can manipulate and control tens of millions of "useful idiots" ...

to do their bidding


Having trouble figuring out the meaning of the word "irony?"

Well, after looking at the picture below and then reading the story;
I predict that you will never have that difficulty again.

(hint: the largest annual convention of skeptics in America is called "TAM")

That story should make you realize ...

just how far we have yet to go


In the latest embarrassment for the Atheist community,
A feminist YouTuber who goes by the name "Laughing Witch"
is now "The Weeping Witch"

"Laughing Witch" tried to destroy someone with whom she disagreed,
and in the process ... destroyed herself.
It is the kind of justice we all hope for, but unfortunately,
it usually only happens that way in the movies.

So go get some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy a rare victory for ...

Karma (3:57)

As you might recall, I've had my own battles with those
who would strip me of my right to freedom of speech:
remember "Team Bernstein" from Skepchick?
(you can find that story in the Arena Archives under "Free Speech")

I would even defend the hated KKK before I would side with those
who would attempt to restrict their freedom of speech. Why?

In Christian America,
if we lose the battle to those who attack freedom of speech,
Atheist speech will be the first to go.
Then you will be able to understand what life is like in Muslim nations
where a dozen countries still have the death penalty for blasphemy;
or what life was like for centuries ... in Christian nations.

That's why

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