Kentucky clerk, Kim Davis, chooses to go to jail
rather than obey the courts and marry gay people.

My guess is, that after sharing a cell for a few nights with Bambi La Bamba,
Kim will be the one applying for a gay marriage license


Have climate change deniers already won?

It's too soon to make that pronouncement.
However, the damage Conservatives are doing is incalculable.

To me, the most interesting part of the story
was the explanation of the psychology behind climate change denial.
In fact, I think that explanation applies to most issues defended by Conservatives.
That is why they seem impervious to facts and logic.
They will go to any lengths to avoid admitting they are wrong.
For them, truth is nothing more than a game; and the principal rule is:
Never, Ever, under ANY circumstances ...

admit that you are wrong


Tea Party Christians (filled with the Holy Spirit)
demonstrate “Gay Conversion Therapy”

And what do Tea Party Christians do
when they can't find any gay people to beat up?

Well, this is how they kept busy last week ...

"Tea Party Christians launch nationwide attack
against Planned Parenthood clinics"
(Watch video - 11:42)

If you have difficulty downloading it, try watching it on ...


OR, if you prefer, you can read ...
the transcript - 5 pages

If you would like to participate in a live debate
contact me at ""
to set up the date and time.


The U.K. shows America how it's done ...

they ban the teaching of Creationism in science classes


The NRA ... merchants of death

Only evil fears the light of truth


First gamma ray study of a gravitational lens

Contains 45-second video showing how a gravitational lens works


Richard Nixon's health plan

This is pretty strong evidence
that people aren't actually arguing over the issues.
They choose sides (Democrat or Republican)
and then root for their team ...

right or wrong


The dangerous rise of evangelical Christianity in America ...

is being mirrored in Brazil


Younger people are less likely to be strickly heterosexual

Give this study to your friends who support the pseudoscientific theory
that people are "born gay" - and watch their heads begin sparking
as they desperately search for rationalizations to 'splain away the results.


Interview with Roger Shawyer, the inventor of EM drive (17:55)

And here's a word from NASA about Shawyer's EM drive


Thousands of dead fish wash up near a chemical blast site in China

From the article:
"there's plenty of public anger
at how the well-connected owners of the hazardous-chemicals warehouse
were able to flout regulations,
reports the AP, which went through public documents
to discover that the majority owner of Ruihai International Logistics
sits on the board of directors of a company controlled by the State Council,
which is investigating the disaster.
(The warehouse was holding 70 times more sodium cyanide than it was allowed to)

Reading about the connections of the owners to politicians,
combined with their illegal activities,
shows that "The Powerful Predators" are the same ...

no matter where on Earth you go


Myanmar imprisons 3 men for insulting religion

Yet those who make up 90% of Myanmar (Buddhists) can insult others,
but if someone posts something that can even be construed
to be an insult against the majority, then it's off to prison.

Can you spell "B-U-L-L-I-E-S"?

No matter where you go on Earth, religion is screwing life up
by bullying, discriminating, and killing those who will not submit;
and as this story proves, that even applies to the less violent religions ...

like Buddhism


Classic Emails (3 pages)

The "Women Betrayed" movement is organizing protests over ...

the deceptive Planned Parenthood video

They plan to attack nationwide tomorrow on 8/22/15 ...

I plan to be there


I went to two locations with my trusty megaphone
only to be disappointed that the media had ignored my advice
that this would be an event worth covering.

Since I didn't see any point in getting beaten up by hundreds of protesters
with a long history of violence (including bombings and murders)
and not even have it recorded,
I decided instead to go home and bury my disappointment
by making a video about these anti-choice assholes instead.

(and he lives to fight another day)


Scientists discover another way that carnivorous plants lure prey


Make sure you follow some of the links in this story
so you can see more puzzles.

This went viral on the internet

Try to force your mind to see these illusions
the way others do (not an easy task)

The only puzzle where I was finally able to do that
was the one with the spinning girl ...
and that was quite hard to do.


In Canada, politicians get ridiculed for rejecting evolution (as they should be)

While in the American Republican party,
anti-evolution lunacy is a requirement for membership.


Fundamentalist Christian ruffians ...

shut down Bernie Sanders' rally

Bernie Sanders marched with Martin Luther King
before either one of those two little creeps was even born.
They lacked the courage to attack the Republicans
who are their actual enemies.
What do you think would have happened
if they had tried this stunt at a Tea Party rally?
They knew what would have happened
so they picked on Sanders instead.


See definition #3

Psychological Displacement: the choice of ...

bullies and cowards


Classic Emails (6 pages)

The New York Times and Medical News Today attack Coca-cola

He looks pretty healthy to me


Wall Street bonuses return with a vengeance

So the money IS there.

But it doesn't "trickle down" as promised
because the Wall Street people
who are already making big salaries for producing nothing tangible
(only producing more wealth for the wealthy)
get gigantic bonuses to supplement their already bulging salaries ...
while the poor fight for survival.

And contrary to Fox News propaganda,
the poor often work multiple jobs
that actually do produce tangible products.


If you have ever tried to reason with a Fox News fanatic
then you have experienced the frustration
of bombarding them with facts and reason,
and completely refuting their argument ...
only to watch them fold their arms and say
"nope - not buyin' it."

Is there a scientific explanation for this seeming insanity?

Yes there is
(only the first 21 minutes are relevant)

Additionally, there are other "higher level" explanations
for their stubborness as well; such as:

ego / pride
(refusing to admit defeat)

team loyalty
(refusal to desert those with whom they identify)

suspicion or jealousy
(refusal to trust those with superior education or knowledge)


The war being waged by the rich on the poor, the sick, the elderly,
and any other group that make up the weakest
and most vulnerable members of our society,
should turn your stomach.
If it doesn't, it's probably because you are either a Conservative or ...
just a heartless bastard

Most interestingly, the biggest supporters of the rich are ...

Evangelical Christians


There are two very different types of Christians in America.
You have heard that from me (an Atheist) many times ...

Now you can see it explained in detail ... by a progressive Christian

And if you would like still more evidence
that there are two very different types of Christians in America:
the reaction to the positions of Pope Francis
(which are basically the same as those of Jesus)
has made that claim even stronger

Conservatives hate him

If Jesus came back to Earth tomorrow
He would line up every Conservative in America
and then proceed, slowly down the line,
kicking every single one of them, as hard as He could ...

right in the groin


Nebraska's longest-serving state senator wants churches to pay property taxes.
Read about Ernie Chambers, and ask yourself, "Where are the others?"


The rules of chemistry must be expanded to accomodate a new discovery


Bringing religious extremism under control
will make the world a far better place.
But as this story shows,
evil human activity extends well beyond religion.

Read about the forces behind global warming denial ...


Australian Muslim man falls in love with little girl.

Australian Muslim man marries little girl.

Australian Muslim man now spends his nights with ...



Where's Walter Palmer?
(the brave lion-slayer)

If you want to know my feelings about "sport" hunting

here is a podcast from 2 years ago (17:11)

or you can read it on a word.doc (10 pages)


Elephant ... with a Napoleon complex


Rebecca Watson from
calls Conservative Douchebags exactly what they are:

Fucking Idiots

And this report from is for those of you
who would like to get the straight dope ...

without the "Fucking Idiots" part

It just boggles the mind,
what Republican politicians are able to get away with.
The only explanation that comes to mind,
is that the people who form their base
and keep them in office, really are ...

Fucking Idiots

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