Fox News is the flagship of the Conservative empire of Rupert Murdoch

This video is as relevant today
as it was over a decade ago

Which means that we have made little progress against
the most destructive brainwashing propaganda machine in American history.

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Carl Woese, a scientist few have ever heard of, is to biology ...
what Einstein is to physics.

16SrRNA gene led Woese to the discovery of our ancestors ... the Archaea

"I didn't come from no monkey!"

That's right Bubbles ... the truth is far worse than that

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While the media went nuts
over an insignificant primary in New Hampshire,
the really huge story that they ignored
was that the Conservative majority on the Supreme Court
continued to protect the profits of the rich
at the expense of everyone else (that would be us).

Obama's coal emission regulation to fight global warming has been blocked

For years now the vast majority of Supreme Court decisions have been 5-4.
That would not be possible if the judges were objectively interpreting the law.
The only explanation that makes sense
is that one group of judges are nothing more than ...

political puppets for the rich

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Here is an example of just how powerful
political brainwashing cults like Fox News can be ...

(2 pages)

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Here is a heartwarming story that gives me hope for America

New Orleans finds homes for homeless veterans

Now read this one

My hope for America didn't last very long.

Unless people, like those in the first story,
can find a way to neutralize (remove from power)
the people in the second story
our civilization is in for a long, long, nasty existence.

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ISIS zombie executes his own mother

His mother wanted to save her son's life by fleeing with him to safety.
She was afraid that ISIS would soon be destroyed and he would be killed.
Her son rewarded her love by tattling on her and then executing her in public.

Kind of makes you wonder what should be included in the definition of "human."
Whichever definition you use ... he doesn't qualify.

Now, before you mistakenly think this story is unique,
understand that when people are stoned to death,
the ring of killers throwing the rocks
are often the victim's own family members.

They don't fit into the definition either

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Bill Moyers explains the reality that so few understand:
Our greatest enemies usually come from within (5:19)

Like the man said ... battle stations

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African "drongos" (black birds) imitate dozens of different warning sounds

to trick animals into abandoning their food

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Where is ground zero in the brutal world of female genital mutilation?

20% of the victims live here

So how is this affecting the United States?

It's not good news

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How RNAi fights invaders

Includes a cool video (1:47)

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Here's yet another tactic that the big corporations have been using
to increase profits for shareholders, while destoying American lives.

H-1B visas

This began in 1990 under president Bush Sr. (you know - the smart Bush).

So not only do the rich ship millions of American jobs overseas
but they import cheap labor to take our remaining jobs.

Keep voting Republican ... the rich sure do appreciate your support!

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This week's show:
"Worshiping God ... is a duty"
Featuring: The Reverend "Richard Menees"
(and my responses to it)

The Science Segment was:
"Omega-3 and the Inuits"

Listen (17:27)
Read (8 pages)

If you would like to participate in a live debate
contact me at ""
to set up the date and time.


Here are your 2 GOP front runners: first ...

Ted Cruz displayed his toughness at the GOP debate
and showed just how he would deal with thugs
like Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin ...

And here is the other front runner ...

Donald Trump, refused to appear at the debate
because he too was the victim of "mean" questions.
He claims he would stand up to Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin
but he refuses to be hurt any more by vicious questions from ...

Megyn Kelly

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Determinists (those who believe that free will is an illusion) ...

take a hard right to the jaw

Now get ready for the flood of attacks by Determinists
who will do their best impression of Creationists
by trying to attack every aspect of the study.


I must be clairvoyant ...

Jerry Coyne (9 pages)

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I'll admit it - I never saw this one coming

Experimental results using rats can be affected by ...
the researcher's sex


Okay - this is "just" a theory
If I'm right, I will be hailed as one of America's greatest political pundits.
If I'm wrong, I will quietly delete this from the annals of history.

As I stated when Donald Trump first became a candidate for President,
I believe that the purpose of Donald Trump's candidacy
is to keep pressure off the candidate
that the Koch brothers have chosen to be our next president
(probably Jeb! Bush).
I base this belief on:

1) The 2012 Republican Presidential Race playbook

and these realities:

1) As Trump proves, Republicans don't care much for brown people
(so the 2 Cuban guys are out)

2) Fiorina is the token female they run every election
(remember Bachman?)
to deflect accusations that they are the party against women
(which they are)

3) Carson is the token black guy they run every election
(remember the Pizza Guy in 2012?)
to deflect accusations that they are the party which is home to America's racists
(which they are)

But Republicans didn't anticipate Trump's success and staying power.
When told that it was time to exit, Trump dutifully complied
by telling America that we should murder the family members of Muslims.
That statement was enough, not only to end anyone else's presidential aspirations,
but qualify a person to be put on a 72-hour hold for psychiatric evaluation.

The result: Trump's popularity increased,
proving that his entire base
should be put on a 72-hour hold for psychiatric evaluation.

I can just see Trump, standing in front of the Koch Brothers saying
"I tried! I said the craziest thing I could imagine
in order to get myself disqualified.
It's not my fault that these people are THAT crazy.

As January draws to a close, the Koch brothers need Trump out of the way
so they can start spending the billions they promised to spend
to install our next president.
So they tell Trump, since saying crazy shit doesn't work on crazy people,
what you have to do is insult them right to their faces.
Tell them they are so incredibly stupid,
that you could shoot someone and they would STILL vote for you.

So Donald, once again, tries to eliminate himself (1:06)

The result ... he is now more popular than ever.
The Koch brothers have to be furious since they know
that it is unlikely that anyone as nuts, as Trump presents himself to be,
could win in a general election.

By the way, in the video did you hear the cheers
from the morons who were too stupid to realize
that Trump had just insulted them worse
than any Democrat could ever do?


This video, and the resulting poll numbers showing Trump's rise,
should be taken before the board of the American Psychiatric Association
and used as evidence, to request that a new level
be added to their existing classifications:


I.Q.          Classification
<70                      Moron
<50                  Imbecile
<25                        Idiot
<0                    Trumpet

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Astronomers are intrigued by an object spotted in June of 2015
that is only 10 miles across, but outshines the entire ...

Milky Way Galaxy

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The Grand Jury in Texas has returned felony indictments
in the Planned Parenthood case involving the selling of fetal tissue.
But the indictments were not against anyone at Planned Parenthood ...

they were against the fraudulent video makers

Didn't you just love the way Governor Abbott squirmed
and tried to change the subject.

Now the media should fry Fiorina's ass;
and the Feds should charge her with incitement to riot
(which resulted in the deaths of 3 innocent people).

And then the media should start roasting Congress over their "investigation"
which is nothing more than a giant waste of taxpayer money
for political grandstanding (Benghazi - part 2).

Yes, I may be an atheist, but on days like today I don't mind saying ...

Thank Ya Jesus!

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The president of Turkey (Erdogan) is leading the charge
to destroy Turkey's secular nation and turn it into a ...


This is the money quote from the article:

Because of the mindset of religious education, we are being polarized

That has been the purpose of religion for thousands of years.
And nothing has proven more successful at setting people against one another ...

than religion

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So who are the "job creators?"

Not the Republicans

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Researchers discover a better method
for conducting airport screenings to detect suspicious people

Which means that we probably won't see it implemented in our lifetimes.


Some folks just never learn

"Mr. Counter Arguments" tries his luck again (4 pages)

When he realized his mistake and tried to cover it up by suggesting
that I view "all his content" (videos),
he failed to remember that he did not delete his original video
in which he took the position that "Gays are born that way."
(it was still part of his "content")
So even if I had watched all his content, as he ridiculously suggested,
I would have been left confused by the fact
that his content now contained videos
which both supported the pseudoscientific belief that gays are born gay,
and another video which contradicted that one
by admitting that science does not, in fact, support that position.

Here is the email from our original debate a few months ago (3 pages)

Looking into a mind like his
is like finding a brown paper bag in a dumpster, opening it up,
and seeing hundreds of squirming maggots.

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The year 2015 slaughters the world temperature record set in ... 2014

Is it hot in here ... or is it just me?

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Do you recognize either of these two bastards?

The one on the left is Rupert Murdoch (owner of Fox).
The one on the right is Charles Koch (owner of Koch Industries)

One thing that both have in common is that they sacrificed everything,
worked incredibly hard, and then against insurmountable odds ...

were born into very rich families

If you want to learn how they both did it, here's the scoop ...

Murdoch's silver spoon

Koch's silver spoon

I think the key is: when your stork is flying over The Hamptons ... kick it

The Hamptons

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Nothing displays the horror of religion quite as well as does this story
about a church leader who was sentenced to 50 years in prison ...

for the serial rape of a child

As this story proves, the rapist isn't the only monster in that little town.
In fact, he is pretty representative of the fact
that this poor little girl was raised and brutalized in a town of monsters.

Thank God (pun intended) ... for that judge

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Child homelessness hits all-time high in America.

Pro-lifers (overwhelmingly Republican)
will bomb clinics and murder doctors
to protect the lives of clumps of cells.

But once those little suckers leave the womb,
Republicans do everything in their power
to put those lazy, no-good moochers in the ground ...

unless they have been properly bred by the rich, of course.

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Derek Muller, known on YouTube as "Veritasium"
made a video about quantum spin.
Here is the brief email exchange that we had (3 pages)
regarding some questions I asked him ...

Quantum spin

His only reply consisted of nothing more than
repeating points that I had already heard in his video.
If I didn't understand certain explanations in his video
I don't know why he thought that repeating those explanations
would somehow magically answer my question.
I didn't need to have the video's explanations repeated to me,
what I needed was ... to get answers to my questions.

I gave him over a month to reply to the second email
before I realized that he had no answers to any of my questions
and wasn't going to reply.

Michael Shermer once quoted James Randi ...

"Magician James Randi is fond of lampooning authorities with Ph.D.s -
once they are granted the degree they find it almost impossible to say two things:
'I don't know' and 'I was wrong'.

(Yes, Derek does hold a Ph.D.)

I think I should point out that I have great respect for Derek Muller
and the work that he does.

It's too bad that Derek doesn't have enough respect for his viewers
to at least tell us when he doesn't know the answers
rather than treating us like we are hearing-impaired.

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Global warming deniers celebrated the acknowledgement
that the reported 97% consensus among climatologists was wrong

Until they found out that it is now over 99.9%

Oh well, I hear the "Big Foot" industry is still going strong

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Cloaking devices and nano robots fighting disease inside the body:
it sounds like science fiction, doesn't it?

Well ... it isn't science fiction any longer

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The Science of Fox News:
Why Its Viewers Are the Most Misinformed


It was an interesting article but it left me unfulfilled.
I wanted to know why  the authoritarian personality hides in the Fox Bubble.

I believe it is because they cannot defend their positions; and the reason they cannot, is because their positions are provably wrong. But the ego / pride of the authoritarian personality will never allow them to admit that they could be wrong. So they are forced to hide in the Fox Bubble with the like-minded where they can all feel safe. While it also involves a great deal of mental laziness, pride (specifically - the need to feel superior) is the overwhelming factor that spurs them to defend their nonsense against science and facts.

Sound like the religious mind?

It's not a coincidence:
the Fox Bubble is where American Evangelicals live.

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