Here are the facts on global warming ...

from NASA

Granted NASA isn't as reliable or knowledgable as Fox News
so you'll have to take all of that with a grain of salt.

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"Cognitive Ease" ...

a term worth remembering (8:25)

Apply what you learned in the video
and it may help you understand the "Trump phenomenon"

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Sometimes, the greatest political insights come from the world of comedy.
George Carlin wasn't just ahead of everyone else on religion, but politics as well;
and he used his fame, knowledge, and skills, to try to help the rest of us.

The New World Order (3:40)

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Have low-back pain?
Think Tylenol is the answer?

Think again

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If you recall Podcast #377 (3 weeks ago) entitled
"Liberal writer supports bailout - then bails out when challenged"
writer Jon Perr did finally respond to my email.
The revised title is ...
"Not all Liberals were against the bailout"

Here is our final email exchange

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Evolution-deniers jumped on the interpretation by some ENCODE scientists
that most of our DNA was functional.
But as always, their joy was short-lived
when other scientists pointed out that their hope was based
on a vague interpretation of the word "functional."

Now scientists clarify DNA functionality ...

and it didn't go too well for the evolution-deniers

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I have to admit that I find it very amusing that the Republican party
(which has done everything in its power to fight democracy
through Gerrymandering, various voter suppression tactics, etc.)
is now battling half of its own party
which is trying to steal the nomination
from the democratically chosen nominee, Donald Trump.
(the irony and karma meters are off the charts)

"schadenfreude" - defined as:
"Malicious enjoyment derived from observing someone else's misfortune."

Opening night at the Republican convention in Cleveland, Ohio

Democracy (next to science, logic, and rational thinking)
is the greatest enemy that Republicans have ever faced.

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What trait do all gods share?

Every single one of them is terrified of humans,
and will go to great lengths not to be seen by us.

Yet even in the 21st century, most humans still cling to their gods.
To what degree, depends on where you live ...

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George Carlin on abortion (8:59)

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The Earth appears to be entering its 6th global extinction event.
Guess who the culprit is this time?

Made that one too easy, didn't I?

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Scientists evaluate the long-term effects of climate change out to 10,000 years ...

it's quite depressing

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Are you a "Night Owl" ... or a "Morning Person?"

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Republicans find a judge who helps them defeat their greatest enemy ...


Using this judge's logic:
If delegates are free to vote their conscience
then the entire process of choosing a candidate
(debates, primaries, etc.)
is all a big waste of time and money.

Oh by the way, in case you had any doubt,
this is a Conservative Southern judge ...

appointed by George H.W. Bush

Ah ... The Bush Family ... the gift that just keeps on giving

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Regarding near death experiences:
why doesn't Jesus ever appear to Hindus?

For the same reason that Krishna never appears to Christians.

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The climate change debate in America could be described as
a car speeding down a sidewalk, knocking over pedestrians.

If we put the brakes on as hard as we can, right now,
the car will still travel hundreds of feet and kill many more pedestrians
before it finally comes to a stop.

But Americans are not allowed to put on the brakes.
Powerful interests are keeping the gas pedal floored,
and preventing everyone else in the car from stepping on the brake.

Not just America, but the entire world ... is in deep shit.

But then again, that's pretty much where humanity has spent most of its history.

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Mars and Phobos: Dance of Death (1:29)

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This rich dude tells you who the real "job creators" are ...

It's extremely disappointing that an organization like T.E.D.
would jeopardize their reputation by backing down from political controversy.

Thankfully, it's got almost 2 million views - so the word is getting out.

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The Ark Encounter opened yesterday in Kentucky.

Kentucky is the state that legalized the transfer of tax money
from its citizens into the pockets of Ken Ham and his cronies.

I think Mark Twain had the best handle on Kentucky ...

When the end of the world comes, I want to be in Kentucky
because everything there happens 25 years after ...
it happens everywhere else.

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What happens when two of the most respected intellectuals in America ... collide?

Noam Chomsky

VS.                     Sam Harris

Only one came out unscathed

I don't plan to summarize the points over which they were arguing.
But I will point out that one of them
displayed a disturbing level of intellectual dishonesty and emotional immaturity.

Why Chomsky agreed to allow Harris to publish that exchange ...
I'll never know

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The Gun Control Debate (2 pages)

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How lung cancer cells are able to metastasize

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Global Warming isn't coming ... it's already here

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Bill Maher body slams a Liberal Islamic apologist

Facts are a bitch (2:42)

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Inequality in America from another angle:

The wealthy live longer than the rest of us ... and not by just a little

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This week's show:
"Not all Liberals were against the bailout"
(and my responses to the essay)
Featuring: "Jon Perr"

The Science Segment was:
"Global recession linked to 260,000 excess cancer deaths"

Listen (17:10)
Read (7 pages)

If you would like to participate in a live debate
contact me at ""
to set up the date and time.


Here's the skinny on UV radiation and tanning

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As Trump edges ever closer to the White House, this is worth reading ...

America seems to be going out of its way to prove
that evolution doesn't always move in a positive direction.

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Antioxidants and cancer

Good rule of thumb:
When deciding on whether to take the advice of scientists or salesmen ...

Go with the scientists

Alternative medicine supplementation continues its unblemished record of ...


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The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty of 2013

Only 3 nations on Earth opposed it:
Iran, Syria, and North Korea.
Guess who else sided with those 3 Fascist regimes?

"Ye are known by the company thou keepeth"
neo 15:7

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1,400 years ago, all 3 Christian Gods ganged up on Allah ... the result?

Christianity is falling worldwide while Islam is growing.
Islam is projected to surpass Christianity ...

before the end of the 21st century

If the 3 Stooges can't even beat up on one God,
it's a good thing They didn't try to take on the Hindus.

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