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This week's show was:

"No good deed ever goes unpunished"

Featuring: Lauren Nelson and Richard Dawkins

The Science Segment was:

"First evidence of farming"

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Rebecca Watson from
calls Conservative Douchebags exactly what they are:

Fucking Idiots

It boggles the mind, what Republican politicians are able to get away with.
The only explanation that comes to mind,
is that the people who form their base and keep them in office, really are ...

Fucking Idiots


Scotland boots Creationism out of science classes


This story is not from some Muslim nation ...
it's from New Zealand of all places

It seems like, that for every step forward we take, we take two steps backward.

(Damn ... evolution is sure slow)


With each new discovery, human origins get more complicated ...

but better defined

Family tree of the four groups of early humans
living in Eurasia 50,000 years ago
and the gene flow between the groups due to interbreeding.
(The tree is easier to understand if you read it upwards from the root)


Big Tobacco is still at it

This reminds me of the Big Oil companies and the global warming debate.
They too are more than willing to sacrifice countless lives in pursuit of profits.

But in a democracy, it is the people who are ultimately to blame.
As long as we keep electing the politicians of The Greedy Rich ...

they will keep killing us


"Religious Freedom" (translation: "Freedom to impose religion") ...

Takes a hit in court


The European court of human rights rules
that same-sex marriage is a human right

This is now law in most of the advanced nations of the world.
Backward nations are still fighting it.

And so is the backward half ...

of one advanced nation


The fear of certain smells is passed on by mice to their offspring

Maybe science shouldn't have been so harsh to Lamarck



Texas Conservatives infect the nation

In order to save money, many smaller states rely on Texas
to provide their textbooks.

Show of hands:
how many of you prefer using single-ply toilet paper?
(you can put those smelly hands down now)

Buying textbooks from Texas is like buying single-ply toilet paper:
It's cheaper - but you will regret it.

Look, all you smaller states,
pay a little more money and get a decent product; or make your own.
Your kids deserve better than single-ply textbooks.

But if you choose to go the cheap route and buy Texas textbooks,
it won't be your children's hands ...

that end up full of shit


This handsome devil is Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh.
He has 50 million followers and is a millionaire, many times over.
He is known as "The Guru in Bling"
Guess what he talked 400 morons into doing?

Darwin Awards are given to those individuals who contribute most to humanity
by removing themselves from the gene pool in the most stupid ways imaginable.
This year they have announced that there is a tie for the award ...

to be shared equally among the 400 winners


Christian bigots pay off like a broken slot machine ...

just like church has trained them to do for thousands of years

The world's longest-running scam is still going strong


Classic Emails (3 pages)

Is being gay is a choice?

Neither the author of the video "Counter Arguments"
nor those on the CC list responded ... as usual


For those of you who may have gotten confused
by the recent announcement that scientists have discovered
that solar activity will greatly decrease in the 2030's
leading to a mini-ice age;

here is the straight dope ...

Decrease in solar activity will barely make a dent
in global warming predictions

A truthful, accurate report would have stated
that the sun, itself, will be experiencing conditions
last seen during the Earth's mini-ice age.
But how many people would bother to read that story?

Sensational, misleading headlines are also known as ...



Many of us already knew this (including most scientists),
but this story makes it clear ... even for the morons

Exxon has been lying to us for years
just like the tobacco industry did

The saddest part is that
we aren't even close to being rid of these people yet,
nor their legions of "useful idiots."


Most people are unaware that the vast majority of Islam's victims ...

are other Muslims

And that observation is just as true for Christians.
African-Americans have the highest rate of Christianity in America.
But that didn't seem to carry much weight
when wonderful white Southern Christians,
filled with the Holy Spirit and the love of Jesus Christ ...

were putting a rope around some poor victim's neck


Confederate Bastards who make up a large portion of Conservative America ...

have been lying to us for years

It's time we put an end to the Civil War ...

once and for all


Euthanasia bill in California killed by Catholics

Catholics continue to bring misery
to everyone they come into contact with ...

just as they have for the last 2,000 years



Smartphones can interfere with cardiac devices


Scientists say that the Earth is being endangered
by a new strain of fact-resistant humans
By Andy Borowitz

A sobering new study reports that ...
"Scientists have discovered a powerful new strain of fact-resistant humans
who are threatening the ability of Earth to sustain life.

The research, conducted by the University of Minnesota,
identifies a virulent strain of humans
who are virtually immune to any form of verifiable knowledge,
leaving scientists at a loss as to how to combat them.

Davis Logsdon, one of the scientists who contributed to the study, said ...
"These humans appear to have all the faculties necessary
to receive and process information, and yet, somehow,
they have developed defenses that, for all intents and purposes,
have rendered those faculties totally inactive.
More worryingly, as facts have multiplied,
their defenses against those facts have only grown more powerful.

My Reply to Andy Borowitz:

Unfortunately Mr. Borowitz, it seems as though nearly every one of them ...

has been given my email address

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