Conservatives (controlled by The Greedy Rich)
allowed Americans to keep Obamacare
(which will cost The Greedy Rich very little)
and gave them Gay Marriage
(which will cost them nothing)
in return for ...
the TPP and this decision from the Supreme Court:

Another 5-4 Supreme Court decision
protecting the profits of ... The Greedy Rich

You are being played Americans.
The Greedy Rich are throwing you bones
while they keep all the juicy red meat for themselves.

So it has always been ...
so it is ...
and so it shall always be ...

as long as we allow it


Obama gives "The Finger" to Conservative Assholes across America
(but in a dignified, presidential manner) ...


This week's show was:

"Is Justice Scalia Unfit To Serve?"

Featuring: Zach Abramowitz

The Science Segment was:

"Marijuana's effects on young boys"

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Obamacare survives Supreme Court for a second time 6-3

Pure Speculation:

The Liberal world was flabbergasted
when Obama joined forces with Conservatives
to push through the trade pact - TPP.

Now the Conservative world has been rocked
by the defection of two Supreme Court justices
who upheld Obama's Affordable Healthcare Act.

When I add 1 + 1, I usually get 2

It is my opinion that a deal has been made:
in return for letting the ACA stand - the rich can have their TPP ...

That's just how politics work


Saudi Arabia is advertising for executioners

The most important aspect of this story is a quote near the end ...

"the jobs were classified as "religious functionaries "

There's your proof: Islam is not just a religion,
but also functions as the enforcement arm of the government.


The limits imposed upon, and the responsibility of, those exercising freedom of speech
is beautifully demonstrated by the actions taken by the Reddit science moderators

Global Warming deniers get their asses handed to them

Freedom of Speech is one of my most cherished principles.
But even I admit that limits are sometimes necessary;
provided that it can be shown,
that speech is not being shut down
simply because it is "dissent."

Such was the case here: they were allowed to dissent;
but they were punished when their dissent proved to be ...

nothing more than lies


The 6th major extinction event in Earth's history ... has begun


Why the rich hate Obama and the Affordable Healthcare Act so much

If only Conservative ideologues could be made to realize
that the last paragraph of that article
held the answer to freeing them from the tyranny of lies
that has been manipulating them,
America could finally begin its long climb out of the valley of destruction.


The "Religious Right" is always trumpeting its patriotism and waving American flags.
The reason why they do that, is to distract us from the truth:
that they are the most unpatriotic and seditious Americans in our country ...

and here is slam-dunk proof


A.L.E.C. (American Legislative Exchange Council)
wants to fine homeowners who install solar panels.

A.L.E.C. calls them "freeloaders"


Multivitamins receive ... the coup de grace


Here's a heart-warming story
to provide a brief respite from all the dreariness

Autistics find work in the software industry

But notice how, until his wife worked on him,
he farmed out his work to India?

Since those autistic employees will have to receive
at least minimum wage (and probably a lot more than that),
it is a safe bet that this will cost him lots of money.

Another human has successfully emerged from ...

The Dark Side


Idaho lawmakers refuse to attend opening prayer because ...

it was a Hindu prayer

The source of the story claimed there were 7 no-shows.
These 7 prove that for some Christians, claims of not preferring Christianity over all other religions ... is a lie. Fortunately, not all Christians are phony Christians like those 7. But while the article didn't identify them, does anyone wish to place a bet on which party they all belonged to?

Didn't think so


10 Indian women die in botched mass sterilization incident

That was a tragic story. But I am glad to hear that India is taking steps to curb their out-of-control population growth. Now they just need to find better doctors. They also need to get the men of India to step up and be part of the solution. Those statistics were staggering (only 1% of men get vasectomies). India is one of the most male-chauvinistic places on Earth: a place where, in order to keep the women safe from assaults by men, public trains must be segregated.

How fucking embarrassing is that?


This is the new candidate for "First Known Animal"

But the contest isn't over.
There is not yet a consensus among scientists,
so the Sponge is still in contention.


China to build a canal through Nicaragua


Bibles being distributed to 5th graders in Oklahoma

I think the F.F.R.F. might be making a mistake on this one, and here's why:
Does anyone really believe that there is a kid to be found anywhere in America
who hasn't heard of Jesus Christ? (hint: I would go with "no" on that one)

So these kids all already know about Christianity,
and the vast majority of them - are Christians. But think about it:
What is the #1 way to free people from Ghost Worship?

That's right - make them read the Bible.
Churches do everything in their power to steer people away from the bad verses.
I say, give them the Bibles and a homework assignment
to read as much of the Old Testament as their little minds can stomach.

Before you know it ... they'll quit handing out Bibles


Here's another way the rich are sticking it to the most vulnerable Americans ...

Many hospitals charge 1,000% more than Medicare


Chemotherapy may soon be replaced
by a 1-2 punch of cancer-fighting drugs


Another classic quote from John Fugelsang:

"Donald Trump worked his way up from nothing ... to be born a millionaire."

Yes, the man does wear a weasel on his head


Egyptian TV host cuts through the politically-correct bullshit
and tells Muslims that their religion is, in fact,
responsible for the recent spate of barbaric crimes (3:35)

ISIS claims founded in scripture

He could have been talking to Christians
who have used the Bible as the basis for their savagery ...
and he would barely have had to rewrite his speech.

And while we are on the subject of ISIS,
how does ISIS stack up against our "ally" Saudi Arabia?

The hard part is deciding which is the lesser of two evils


Dennis Prager goes out of his way to prove that religious nutbags
are far more alike ... than they are different

Yes, you read that right:
Dennis Prager, a Jew, is in complete agreement with Sharia Muslims.
I don't think anyone will be shocked to learn
that Prager has been divorced ... twice.
And don't be shocked by the similarity between Judaism and Islam.
Their holy books were both designed BY men ... FOR men.


Time to rewrite the textbooks

Science ...
Creationists and Conservatives can't live with it ...
and the rest of us can't live without it


I know this is a long shot, but there may be a ray of hope
that Obamacare will survive the Supreme Court in the King v. Burwell case ...

Here's why

Did you notice who would be most affected?

"Many who receive subsidies through the federal marketplace
are white and live in the South ... and in the Midwest."

Those are mostly Republicans - and they vote.
That is the only thing I can see that may save Obamacare.

But don't count on it.
If Republican leaders cared about their people ...

they wouldn't be Republicans


For the first time ever, religious "nones" outnumber Catholics ...

among incoming college freshmen

This is why Christians are panicking.
Never in their history has their domination been challenged,
as it is being challenged now.


America continues to be embarrassed by the world's more advanced societies ...

Australia to deny benefits to parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids

What is America waiting on ... Yemen?


An extreme example of "punctuated equilibrium"



Pat Robertson on deserting a spouse with Alzheimer's (1:16)

This is how I see it (2:15)

If you want the transcipt, click here (1 page)


Marijuana linked to memory problems and schizophrenia

Reading the comments section following the article is entertaining,
as all the potheads came to the defense of their favorite drug ...
and attacked the study.

What is the A.M.A.'s position on marijuana?

Not good for those who like to smoke

And now for a word from the

American Psychological Association

Liberals and skeptics (usually the same people) are among the biggest supporters of marijuana use. These people are the same ones who ridicule religious and conservative people for denying science when science doesn't go the way they want it to. Examples are evolution and global warming.

But when it comes to GMO's and marijuana, Liberals and skeptics prove they are just as willing to deny science ... when the results don't come out the way they had hoped.

Those people should have their "I'm a skeptic" hats confiscated


Global warming deniers just keep getting body-slammed ...

Scientists confirm elusive tropospheric hot spot


Josh Duggar is the eldest child in the family made famous
by the reality TV show: "19 kids and counting"

But Josh had a dark side:
he sexually preyed upon his vulnerable little sisters.

His celebrity has granted him influence with powerful people;
and when powerful people have powerful connections,
this is how the law works "differently" for them ...

Hey, looky what else I found on the internet:

another picture of that incestuous little freak
and his defender - the world's biggest h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e

I think this classic quote from John Fugelsang
sums up Mike Huckabee best ...

"Mike Huckabee is like a one-man atheist factory"

And science has also weighed in on
the Josh Duggar child molestation/incest tragedy.
This sad revelation has added evidence to the theory
that not all humans evolved from the same ancestors.
Some scientists now believe that the Duggars are one such example.

Despite the strong evidence in this case,
many evolutionists still consider this theory "just a theory"

But wait! Don't go away yet - there's more:

These were Poppa "Jim Bob" Duggar's true feelings on the matter,
before he found out that his own son was jack-hammering his sisters

(click on this picture of America's most dysfunctional Christian family)

Aren't these Tea Party Christians a scream?

Sometimes these people make my job ...

Waaaaay too easy


Antarctica is melting


I wonder how Sam Harris and other determinists will explain this one?

Paralyzed man uses intention of movement to control robotic arm

Or this one ...

Predicting choices that rats will make in a maze

According to Determinists like Harris ...
we don't have the freedom to make choices.


Just when I think that there is no possible way
that religious idiots could surprise me any more,
I read something like this ...

Mummified monk not dead - he's in a rare meditative state

China is also well-known for promoting credulous acupuncture studies
so delusion is just as common there ... as it is here in the States


A mother is arrested after fleeing Florida with her 4-year-old son ...
to protect him from circumcision

Here's the pertinent part ...

"After a long legal battle, a judge in February ordered Hironimus
to bring Chase to court and turn him over to his father
to have the procedure done.

I thought that the child's welfare
was supposed to outweigh the desires of its parents?
Not in Florida?

Why is it so important that this non-emergency "medical" procedure
be performed now?

Since this is a non-emergency procedure,
why don't they let the kid choose
when he is old enough to decide for himself?

What's the rush ... is God running low on foreskins?

She finally caved in to get out of jail

America ... the Saudi Arabia of the West


Many diseases, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's may soon be cured ...

by this new breakthrough in protein-folding therapy



This was the winning cartoon at the recent Garland, Texas event
where 2 Muslim terrorists with assault rifles were killed

If your religion tells you not to draw Mohammad ...
then DON'T draw Mohammad

But your attempts to force others
to submit to your religious beliefs
through threats and terrorism,
will be met with the full force of resistance
by those of us willing to defend
what our Founding Fathers fought so hard to give us ...

Freedom of Speech

I think this would be the perfect time for this anonymous quote:

"I’m sorry if my insensitivity towards your beliefs offend you.
But guess what – your religious wars, jihads, crusades, inquisitions,
censoring of free speech, brainwashing of children, murdering of albinos,
forcing girls into underage marriages, female genital mutilation, stoning,
homophobia, and rejection of science and reason - offend me.

So I guess we’re even


The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overrules itself (en banc)
and decides that YouTube should not have been forced to take down a video ...

that Muslims found insulting

You may recall that in the recent
California "Pledge of Allegiance" case
(which Atheists lost 2-1)
the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
allowed "under God" to remain in The Pledge.

It's too bad that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
didn't choose to hear the "Pledge of Allegiance case" en banc.
If it had, maybe there wouldn't be
such a large, gaping hole in the Wall of Separation.

My only consolation is that,
if Christianity continues to fade
as humans evolve out of Ghost Worship ...
no one will care what the Pledge says.

You might also remember that the only defender
of the separation of Church and State in that case
was Judge Stephen Reinhardt (see podcasts 161-163).

In the Google case above,
Reinhardt once again put his brilliant mind on display ...

"This is a case in which our court not only tolerated the infringement of fundamental First Amendment rights but was the architect of that infringement. First we issued an order that prohibited the public from seeing a highly controversial film that pertained to an ongoing global news story of immense public interest. Then we ordered that the public could see it only if edited to exclude a particular scene, thereby conditioning freedom of expression on a judicially sanctioned change in the message expressed. We did this primarily because persons or groups offended by the film’s message made a threat—in the form of a fatwa—against everyone connected with the film. By suppressing protected speech in response to such a threat, we imposed a prior restraint on speech in violation of the First Amendment and undermined the free exchange of ideas that is central to our democracy and that separates us from those who condone violence in response to offensive speech.

Although I agree with the en banc opinion that is being issued in the normal course well over a year after the unconstitutional order, I dissent from this court’s earlier refusal to go en banc immediately on an emergency basis. Only by doing so could we have prevented the irreparable damage to free speech rights in the lengthy intervening period until we could take the case en banc under our regular procedure. The unconscionable result is that our court allowed an infringement of First Amendment rights to remain in effect for fifteen months before we finally issued our opinion dissolving the unconstitutional injunction issued by a divided three-judge panel.

That was a huge victory for freedom of speech ... Well Done!

(Let's enjoy this brief victory while we can.
The 5 male Catholics who dominate the Supreme Court
are due to unleash their annual list of disappointing decisions any week now)


How many "senses" do humans possess?


A rich televangelist (driving the fancy car that Jesus bought him)
got careless and rolled it over ... with his wife in the car.
With so much going on in the world,
God was only able to protect one of them:

guess which one?

That God; what a guy, huh?
He protected the one bringing in all the money.

You can't say He isn't practical


This is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a conservative Catholic.
And here is his lovely wife Virginia. They were married in Nebraska in 1987.
This would not have been possible 24 years earlier in 1963.

So, how will Justice Thomas vote on same-sex marriage?

We already know.
The advance of civilization allowed him to marry the one he loved.
But the Conservative Republican motto is:
"I got mine ... screw you"

(These people really are despicable human beings)


The expansion of the Universe may have to be recalculated.
It may not be as fast as previously thought.
That also means that the amount of Dark Energy in the Universe ...

might also be less than previously thought

Science: the neverending process of finetuning our view of reality


Americans are fleeing "ghost worship" in droves

It wasn't all that long ago that America was nearly 100% Christian


Christianity is hemorrhaging badly; worldwide; especially among the youth.
If Christianity is to survive, it must regain control of the youth.
The youth represent the future hope of Christianity.

Evangelicals continue their relentless attack on America's youth

Battle Stations!


The ghost of George Bush returns to haunt science
(he infamously blocked stem cell research)

U.S. Will Not Fund Embryo Editing

When Francis Collins was appointed to head the National Institutes of Health, a shudder ran through the scientific community. Collins had successfully guided the human genome project and was rewarded with this plum position at NIH. But many were nervous because of his strong creationist views which he had expressed through his web site Biologos. That site attempted to wed science and faith (an impossible task without the aid of delusion). To assuage fears and remove the appearance of a conflict of interest, Collins resigned from Biologos when he took over the top job at NIH.

Now, something we've all feared might happen, has come to pass. Collins is using his position, along with help from other Evangelicals, to stop "embryo editing" just like George Bush stopped government support of stem cell research. Collins refuses to fund this incredible new technology, but has no problem with the NIH funding bullshit pseudosciences like acupuncture and chiropractic.

Fortunately, China is moving ahead,
and as was the case with stem cell research,
private industry is also proceeding.

The part that really galled me was:
"the journals Science and Nature ...
refused to publish the Chinese study because of the ethical problems."

(I wonder where I've heard something like that before? Oh yeah ...
"the American media ...
refused to publish the Charlie Hebdo cartoons because of ethical problems.

Yeah, that's the ticket - let's all pretend these things don't exist
and maybe they will just go away on their own ...

like global warming


Scientists may have discovered ... The God Gene

Okay, they didn't actually call it that ... but they could have


2 European nations make amends for ancient Christian atrocities

First - Spain

and now - Portugal

As both of these nations are still majority Christian,
they represent the new breed of Christian ...
evolved, modern, progressive Christians

Muslim nations please take note - that's how you do it.

That's right Turkey ... we're lookin at you


Due to the vast distances between stars
(it would take 75,000 years just to get to the nearest star)
I had pretty much resigned myself to the belief that,
though we might send spacecraft to other solar systems,
humans would likely be confined to just our solar system.

However, thanks to recent advances in technology (like EM drive)
the trip might be reduced to about 100 years. So ...

It looks like we may be going to the stars after all


Liberals have begun the attack on the victims of Sunday's terrorist attack

in Garland, Texas (13:48)

I sent this email to Muslim apologists (4 pages)


Two Muslims attempted a terrorist attack in Garland, Texas.
They wounded a security guard,
and then they were sent on their way to see the Prophet ...

Courtesy of the Garland City Police Department

For once Texas ... you made me proud

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