I didn't realize that global warming was on hiatus.
But here is the explanation for why it is ...

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One of the greatest fictional ass whoopins of all time

The West Wing (3:54)

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For those of you who might be having difficulty recognizing evil,
this documentary about the Koch Brothers should make things clearer (55:56)

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The severe drought in the western United States means that
the equivalent of a 4" deep lake over the entire western U.S. ... is missing.

With all that weight missing, guess what the land is doing?

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In the 1950's, tobacco companies tried to keep
the money rolling in as long as possible (3:49)

Big oil is currently engaged in a fight for its survival,
and it uses the same strategy as Big Tobacco did:
lying to a gullible public, and ...

investing heavily in Republican lawmakers

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Among the biggest thieves in society ... are employers

Did you catch the part near the end
where Congress blocked Obama's attempts to help the people?

Is anyone surprised that Republicans protected the employer's right
to steal from the people?

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The contest to choose a new Christian symbol
to replace that gruesome execution device
is now over.

The runner-up was Ray Comfort's banana.
And the winner is ...

A circumcised penis

All crosses will be replaced by the new symbol as soon as possible
and may be worn, placed in public places, and included in all correspondence.

(No, I am not including a picture with this story)

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Where among all of the advanced nations of the world
will you find the highest maternal mortality rate?

That would be Texas

Conservatives are killing their own citizens in droves.
From the Medicaid Expansion Refusal to the attacks against Planned Parenthood,
Americans in conservative-controlled "red" states are dropping like flies.

Keep voting Republican ... the rich sure do appreciate your support

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"Hey cancer cells ... yeah, I'm talkin' to you!"

"You're goin' down!"

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Elon Musk explains global warming (11:33)

It is very simple:
Fix it now, or nature will do it for us ... the hard way

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Earth's earliest animals

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More bad news about climate change

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Message to Republican Christians from Jesus:

"Read the fucking red print, god dammit!
It isn't there because my dad ran out of black ink.
That's the part I wrote ... it's the best part.

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Salman Rushdie exposes Liberal Muslim Apologists perfectly ...

It is fear ... disguised as respect

In other words, Liberal defenders of Islam
are gutless cowards trying to save face,
while attacking those who do have the courage
to stand up against the scourge of radical Islam.

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson tells anti-GMO freaks to "chill out"

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(note: an update has been added to the end of the story on 8/2/16)


After the Charlie Hebdo massacres ...

the French people's opinions of Muslims actually rose

As you may have noticed in the poll,
the same thing happened in the United States after 9/11.
But notice that Muslim approval ratings in most U.S. groups only rose about 11%.
But among Conservative Republicans, approval was almost triple that ...
a whopping 29%

Why would the most xenophobic group of Americans
be the most likely to bond with their abusers?

Stockholm Syndrome

A burning question on the internet in recent years has been:
"Why do Republicans vote against their own self-interests? "

Now we have a counterintuitive study and a counterintuitive burning question.
These people (Conservatives) simply don't think straight.
If I could figure out how to fix these broken people
I would certainly deserve a Nobel Prize in ... something

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What makes tattoos permanent? (4:24)

Still feel like getting a tattoo?

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Guess which country leads the world in mass shootings?

Hint: it's the largest Christian nation on Earth

But I don't think this is a religious issue as much as it is a "Conservative" issue.
Conservatives are the ones who are responsible for creating this Hellhole ...

in which we all have to live

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'Alternative Medicine' is a name coined by con artists
to add legitimacy to their fraudulent practices.
It is for the same reason that religious believers call their invisible ghosts ... gods.

The old name for Alternative Medicine was accurate enough ... quackery.

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Scientists now know when climate change first began to reveal itself.
It first appeared in the tropics where there is less temperature variance.

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Deciding what to believe:

If you have the time - research it.
If you don't have the time:
make your decision by choosing the opposite of,
whatever Conservative Christians believe ...

because they are usually wrong about everything


Snopes provides an excellent and detailed explanation regarding ...

Donald Trump's bankruptcies

So Snopes pretty much eliminated that particular attack on Trump.
That only leaves us with about a hundred other avenues to pursue.

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Computer screens that eliminate the need for glasses.

What will they think of next? (5:28)

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This seems too good to be true ...

Trump supporters can't cancel recurring donations

Couldn't have happened to a nicer group of folks.
When I read stories like that one,
I am almost tempted to believe ...

that there really might be a god

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Well here is a real shocker ...

Flossing is unsupported by scientific studies

I think somebody had better schedule an immediate scientific study
that is well-designed and credible (meaning outside monitors)
and resolve this issue ... ASAP

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Here is Christian Apologist and internet sensation - David Wood

And here he is when he is not taunting and trying to humiliate gay people

(Personally, I think he looked better in drag.
In street clothes he looks too much like an SS guard.
If those eyes were any closer together ... his ears would touch)

Anyway, long story short, Wood appeared on an interview with Gad Saad ...

where he made this confession (3 pages)

Ah Christianity ...
Providing a refuge for humanity's most evil monsters for nearly 2,000 years

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Pew poll reveals the worldwide status (as of 2014)
of both religious freedom and freedom of speech (our 1st Amendment)

The results aren't pretty

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I've been waiting for a story like this one.
I've been waiting for Muslims to show solidarity with their victims
thus rejecting the violence of ...

their brutal jihadi elements

So what prompted this show of solidarity?
Why did they finally do, what I've been waiting years for them to do?

It took the killing of a priest to instill fear into the Imams.
They realized that now they too could become targets.
I believe that is the motivation behind this sudden show of solidarity.

That is why I have categorized this story
in the sarcastic section "moderate Islam"
rather than in the section "Islam Doing Good"
which is reserved for those times when Muslims actually do good
rather than when they are acting simply to preserve

their own selfish interests

Update ...

A week and a half later, this happened in New York

It looks like my hunch about their true motives may have been right.
And it also looks like Muslim leader's fears were justified.

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This week's show:
"Violent neo-Nazi rallies in California"
(and my responses to the article)
Featuring: "Joseph Serna of the Los Angeles Times"

The Science Segment was:
"Can organisms which lack a brain, make decisions?"

Listen (17:50)
Read (8 pages)

If you would like to participate in a live debate
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to set up the date and time.


Dusty has a few choice words for The Regressive Left (Muslim Apologists)


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