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The Confederacy


The Union's victory in the U.S. Civil War
ended military hostilities between the states,
but the battle to civilize the South continues to this day.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

"How could it be that a highway was named after a man who made war against the United States, all so the citizens of his region could continue to hold human beings in chains? All so slave masters could continue to rape the women they claimed to own. The children of these unions were usually enslaved by their own fathers, often acting as servants to their white half brothers and sisters.

That throughout a significant swath of the nation, men who committed treason for the sake of maintaining chattel slavery are lauded as heroes speaks to a terrible illness in the American psyche -- one that continues to fester 145 years after the last shot was fired in the War Between the States.

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The Civil War ended 150 years ago (militarily);
but the battle for the hearts and minds
of the slave-owner's descendants ...

continues to this day

A note about their "loyalty":
They were solidly Democratic until LBJ passed
the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act.
LBJ predicted that Democrats would lose the southern white vote ...
and he was right.
Southern whites aren't loyal to a party ...
they are loyal to whomever will best promote their racism.

Damn - evolution sure is a slow process

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Have you ever wondered why Conservative components
like The Confederacy and Bible Belt Ghost Worshipers
hate the "gubbermint" so much?

Now you know why.

The Civil War and the enforcing of integration by Federal troops,
has forced them to stop their barbaric practices (slavery and murder);
and they have never forgiven America for that interference.

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Conservative Christians


Message to Republican Christians from Jesus:

"Read the fucking red print, God Dammit!
It isn't there because My Dad ran out of black ink.
That's the part I wrote ... it's the best part.

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I don't normally make predictions,
at least, not since my membership
in the "Psychic Channelers of America" expired;
but here is what I am predicting Conservatives will do
once they gain total control over U.S. government in 2017.
They will finally have the power to accomplish
what they have been trying to do for over 150 years ...

Officially declare America a "Christian Nation"

Even ultra-conservative icon Barry Goldwater feared them,
and correctly predicted the trap America was falling into ...

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Here is the difference between greedy Conservative Christians

and what Christians are supposed to be like

Barber represents modern, progressive Christians
like those typically found in the Democratic party.
Those are the Christians who actually kept on reading
when they got to the red print.

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Draining the swamp ...

Even the "Swamp Things" probably go ashore and hide
until this piece of human refuse goes away.

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Turkey takes a giant step backwards into the Middle Ages
by removing evolution from the teaching curriculum.

American Conservative Christians are salivating at the thought ...

and taking copious notes

This has been the goal of Conservative Christians
ever since their fairy tales got booted out of the public school system in the 1960's.
And now that they have control of the U.S. government
there is little that we can do to stop them.

Just ask Turkey

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The only people in America who were gullible enough
to actually fall for the con that Trump is a Christian ...

were Evangelicals (Conservative Christians)

These are the same people who believe that Noah's Flood was a real event
so this shouldn't come as all that big of a shock.

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The insanity of the Trump cabinet imitates (on a daily basis)
what one might expect, if you were you to travel to Bizarro World

Jeff Sessions, our new attorney general, actually holds the view
that the First Amendment is unconstitutional ...

You thought I was kidding didn't you?

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The Official Republican Party Platform

Quoting Jesus in Matthew 25:29
"For to every one that has, shall be given, and he shall have abundance:
but from him that has not, shall be taken away, even that which he has.

See, it's not their fault. They are simply following scripture.
Oddly, this is the only documented case of Republicans actually following Jesus' teachings.

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What's the biggest danger kids face when entering public bathrooms?

(Hint: It isn't transgender people)

Facts just never stop getting in the way ... of Conservative propaganda

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The Pope continues to royally piss off American Evangelicals ...

by declaring "No more death penalty"

You know, just like it says in The Ten Commandments.

As we continue to see, over and over and over,
there is no one less Christian than ... American Conservative Christians

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Fox News has already turned against the Pope
for shaming their Conservative Christian base with facts.

So guess who just joined the 'War on Christmas'?

For Conservatives ... this Pope is very bad for business

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Bill Maher points out the truth (in his own very funny way)
Republicans have invented their own version of Jesus (5:18)

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As if we needed any more proof that Conservatives only thump their Bibles
to rally the ignorant masses to support their cause (money), this pretty much settles it.

When forced out into the open and made to choose between religion and money

they will go for the money ... every single time

Conservatives are going nuts doing damage control
as the Pope becomes the latest threat to their "profits."

This also clarifies what the true Conservative "cause" really is:
the transfer of wealth from the masses ...

to themselves

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There are two very different types of Christians in America.
You have heard that from me (an atheist) many times ...

Now you can see it explained in detail ... by a progressive Christian

And if you would like still more evidence
that there are two very different types of Christians in America:
the reaction to the positions of Pope Francis
(which are basically the same as those of Jesus)
has made that claim even stronger

Conservatives hate him

If Jesus came back to Earth tomorrow
He would line up every Conservative Christian in America
and then proceed, slowly down the line,
kicking every single one of them, as hard as He could ...

right in the groin

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Republican representative from Idaho fights to protect religious parents who ...

let their children die from preventable diseases

Finally we have found a Republican woman dumber than Sarah Palin. My proof?

"Reformers want to act as if death is an anomaly.
But it’s not - it’s a way of life.

"Death is a way of life."
Even Sarah Palin would be rolling on the floor in hysterics from that one.

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By Frank Schaeffer:

"I Helped Start the Religious Right:
Here's How We Tried to Undermine Secular America --
and Build a Theocracy.

Christian home schooling is at the core of the project

The fact that I am having such a difficult time trying to decide
whether to file this under politics or religion,
should be a big hint as to just how closely the two are entertwined
(which was the main point of Schaeffer's article)

When you hear the phrase "straight from the horse's mouth" -
Frank Schaeffer is whom they are referring to.
This guy knows more about what he is talking about
than any of us ever will.

(that doesn't mean his conclusions are infallible;
but it does mean that you had better have all your ducks lined up
before you decide to challenge those conclusions)

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Approximately 25% of Americans are religiously unaffiliated.
How much are they underrepresented in Congress?

They are underrepresented by a factor of ...

more than 100

(instead of 1 - there should be over 130)

If we assume that the "don't know/refuse" members are unaffiliated,
and are simply afraid to say so,
then unaffiliated Americans are "only" underrepresented by a factor of ...

more than 10

(there are only 10 - where there should be more than 130)

But what is most telling, is that 9 out of those 10 are afraid to even admit
that they do NOT belong to a group that worships an invisible magic ghost.

(Let's hope that in the future, humans will look back at this story
and be utterly amazed that the word NOT was in there)

That gives you a pretty good idea
of where America stands in the 21st century;

pretty much the same place
where most of the other backward nations of the world stand.

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Classic Emails (1 page)

YUC's (Yechy Ultra Conservatives)

circulate intentionally misleading email about murder statistics

I've noticed that the most dishonest people in our society
always seem to end everything with ... "In God We Trust."

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Classic Emails (5 pages)

YUC's circulate email whining about America
not being the way that they want it to be (their way: Jesus and guns).

Here is their email with my replies included

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Classic Emails (6 pages)

Yes, the YUC's have been at it again.
I've never seen a more pathetic bunch of rejects in my entire life.
But they are a very dangerous bunch of rejects, because ...
they vote.

We The People

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Classic Emails (1 page)

YUC's (Yechy Ultra Conservatives) were passing around an old dishonest email
about Obama not attending D-Day ceremonies.
(it's a good thing we've got Snopes now)

I sent this back in response

(as you have probably guessed by now,
not one, out of more than 5 dozen Ghost Worshipers
had the courage to stand up and defend their invisible ghost)

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Classic Emails (5 pages)

YUC tries to fight back

Cameron Crivelli, YUC

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Classic Emails (4 pages)

Circulated by Birthers before the 2012 election ...

and my responses

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How do Republican Christians differ from Democratic Christians?

Republican Christians claim to be "the party of patriots."

Here's a popular Republican Christian bumper sticker about Obama
(from the 2012 presidential election) taken from Psalms 109:8-9:

"Let his days be few; and let another take his office.
Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow.

This is how Republican Christians support their own president ...
when he's not from their party.

This is what passes for patriotism among Republican Christians.

That is why they wave the flag so furiously
and criticize others as unpatriotic.
It is to distract everyone from the fact
that they are the least patriotic of all Americans.

Why are they the least patriotic of all Americans?
Because their allegiance ... is to a higher power

Yet, as the graphic above shows ... they dishonor Jesus too.

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Enjoy one of the greatest television ass-whoopins of all-time
as fictional President Bartlet humiliates a pompous Christian bigot ...

The West Wing (3:54)

Here is the script (3 pages)

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Activism (me and my megaphone)


The "Women Betrayed" movement is organizing protests over ...

the deceptive Planned Parenthood video

They plan to attack nationwide tomorrow on 8/22/15 ...

I plan to be there

UPDATE (8/22/15)

I went to two locations with my trusty megaphone
only to be disappointed that the media had ignored my advice
that this would be an event worth covering.

Since I didn't see any point in getting beaten up by hundreds of protesters
with a long history of violence (including bombings and murders)
and not even have it recorded,
I decided instead to go home and bury my disappointment
by making a video about these anti-choice assholes instead.

(and he lives to fight another day)

Scroll down to Show #352

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Yesterday's Westboro Baptist protests

When Westboro began their protest, kitty corner from the Catholic church,
the members led by Father Bevacqua turned their backs on Westboro and began singing hymns.
This has been a common strategy throughout America.

I saw a group of gay people counter protesting on another corner
(directly across from Westboro)

My blood was boiling so I walked out into the intersection
and hoisted my sign high: "Go back to Kansas Westboro inbreds"

They tried to ignore me.

So I used my megaphone to point out that many of their brothers and sisters
had left the family and changed their names.
I criticized them for lecturing the Catholics on family values
when their own hate was tearing their family apart.

They began to sing in order to drown me out
(the same tactic the church was using against them)

But my megaphone was working especially well ... and loud.

I then reminded them that Canada would allow lepers into their country
but had banned Westboro Baptist.
I added that England would allow people with butt cancer into their country
but had banned Westboro Baptist.
I asked "When countries will allow lepers and butt cancer in -
and keep YOU out - what does that make you?"

(Yeah ... I know.
But just the sight of these people was enough
to strip away what little maturity I had to begin with)

I said "No Baptist organization will have anything to do with you.
You are outcasts among your own religion."

They tried to sing louder.

I turned the volume on my megaphone up to "full"

I directed my next comment to their leader, Shirley Phelps-Roper,
"Why don't you tell us about your illegitimate child?
In the dictionary that is called a bastard.
Did you bring the little bastard with you today Shirley?
What happened? Did you get hot for the Sparklett's Water guy one night?
Hey Shirley, when are you going to tell the little bastard
that according to Deuteronomy 23:2
he will never be allowed into Heaven no matter what he does?"

Then the strangest thing happened:
15 minutes into their protest (barely half way in),
they all packed up and headed out. They just gave up and left!

Puzzled, I turned around and headed back to my car.
I was putting away my sign and megaphone when 2 reporters caught up to me.

One reporter said that he had been standing right next to Shirley
when I started my tirade.
He told me that when I brought up her illegitimate child,
she looked like she had been physically punched in the stomach.
He said he could see it on her face. That's when she told everyone to pack up.

These people traveled over a thousand miles to hurt innocent people,
including many children. But when someone hit them back ...
they couldn't take it.

After the protests, I sent Westboro the following email message:

"I want to take a moment to thank you all for traveling over a thousand miles
out to California to poop in my backyard.
Giving you a 'California Welcome' was the least I could do.
That was me with the megaphone at the Catholic Church in Glendale,
and at the Golden Globes in Beverly Hills.

Look forward to seeing all of you again next time you are out my way."



Oddly, none of the stories that appeared the next day
mentioned what happened at the Catholic Church.
They reported on the demonstrations at other churches and at the Golden Globes,
but barely mentioned the Catholic incident.
But in most, if not all of the stories, they quoted one minister
who said that the counterprotests proved that Love was more powerful than Hate.

Actually, their love has never been able to stop Westboro
during tens of thousands of protests.
But one Atheist stood up for the Catholics
and sent Westboro scurrying back under their rocks.

I guess that story just doesn't sell as well as "Love beats Hate."

3/7/14 - The Return

Well, it's been close to 2 months now
since Westboro Baptist Church protested in Southern California.
They have returned, this time, to picket the Oscars.
As they did 2 months earlier at the Golden Globes,
they first spent the day protesting at 4 churches.
I intercepted them at their fourth and final stop before the Oscars -
a Catholic church in Lakewood, California.

California has been experiencing one of its worst droughts on record.
But a storm arrived days before the Awards.
On the morning of the Awards, the storm was moving out.
I headed out feeling confident about the forecast and the receding clouds.
I got to the church and scouted the area.
The weather looked pretty good.
At 10:35 they arrived. I grabbed my protest sign, megaphone, and camera crew, and hurried to confront them.
At exactly that moment ... the heavens opened up.

I was instantly drenched. But determined, I continued on.
I saw that Westboro was already picketing
and that counter-protesters were stationed across the street.
I was using my sign more like an umbrella than a sign.

The action lasted a good 40 minutes.
When they finally packed up to leave, it miraculously stopped raining - for good.
That was it: it only rained at the location where I confronted them,
and only for the duration of the demonstration. No where else.

The video was unusable because the rain had muffled my megaphone.
All my preparations (including hours spent firming and shaping my pompadour) were nullified;
I looked like a stray dog that had been hosed down by an angry homeowner.

This was the closest I have ever come to rededicating my life to Jesus.

I was saved from that mistake when I remembered
what I had learned in science classes and from videos,
which explained how weather, including storm cells, worked.

So, like the Golden Globes, I am once again without any video to show you.
You only have my word that I was even there.
But if you want to read the script
that I yelled at them through my megaphone, it's only 2 pages.

Westboro Baptist vs. neo

Yeah, I know. I was a dick ... and immature ... and ...
But those creeps really boil my onions.

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Fox "News"


Fox News is now supporting collusion

Tired of banging your head against a wall, trying to reason with Trump supporters?
Wish you could smash them over the head and make it explode?

Try this one ...

Get them to admit that Bill Clinton was rightfully impeached for lying.
(that will be very easy to do)
Now point out that Trump isn't being threatened with impeachment for collusion,
he is being threatened with impeachment for lying about it
and for conspiring with others to hide the truth.

When I tried this with a "Trump Lady"
her nuclear meltdown was absolutely spectacular.
I was called every name in the book.


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Remember back a few months ago when everyone freaked out over
Rupert Murdoch's purchase of The National Geographic?

Remember the concern over whether the magazine would retain its image
as respected science journal; an image that took decades to build?

Remember how I gave multiple pieces of evidence
that you could kiss the National Geo goodbye?

Well ... here's another piece of evidence

Like everything in Murdoch's empire
the National Geo is now nothing more than ... just another propaganda tool

Another UPDATE

The National Geographic might as well rename itself ... "The 700 Club"

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Remember recently when it was announced
that Fox had bought the National Geographic?

Well, Rupert Murdoch just took over ... and it wasn't pretty.
Click on the picture of Murdoch's media empire to read what he did.

The golden nugget in that article was this:
"Several people in the channel’s fact-checking department, for example,
were terminated ....

The monster that is the Murdoch empire grows more powerful
in direct proportion to the people growing dumber.
So he is feeding off of the ignorance of the masses.

Let's get to work

Here is a preview of the new first issue ...


Okay - the December 2015 issue is now on sale!
Let's contrast the front page cover stories
between October (pre-Fox) and December (post-Fox) ...

If you think that's bad, just wait.
For 2016, I'm predicting a takeover of Science Digest
with the first feature story being ...

"Breaking News: Definitive proof that Climate Change is a hoax!"

The Fox empire is attacking America on all fronts.
Religion has always been, and still is,
the main ingredient in the control of the masses by ...

The Plutocrats

Now for more on the continuing saga of
Rupert Murdoch and the National Geographic

A Snopes writer tries to come to the rescue of National Geographic

Snopes shouldn't be judged by one writer's incompetence ...

but that writer needs to be taken out to the woodshed (3 pages)

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Remember the story about 8 months ago
when the Senate confessed (by a vote of 98-1)
that Climate Change was real?

(and since this vote wasn't based
on any recent scientific breakthrough data,
it was an admission by Republicans
that they had been lying to the public)

And now we have Kevin McCarthy admitting on TV
that the purpose of exploiting the deaths of Americans in Benghazi
was to smear Hillary Clinton.

So, have Fox News viewer ratings slumped?

Actually they're skyrocketing

See the problem?

Our family, friends, and neighbors (who identify as Conservatives)
simply don't care about truth and Republicans know it.
They can lie to them all day long
and then tell them that they've been lying to them,
and Republicans know that at the end of the day,
that their loyal base will always be there.

If you need any more evidence
that "these people" have a severe mental disorder
then I can't help you - it couldn't be any more clear.

Rational people flee for the hills when they learn they've been lied to,
and they seek alternative sources of information that they can trust.

So why do Conservatives remain true
even after they've been told that they've been lied to?

Likely because their egos (pride)
will not allow them admit that they've been fooled and lied to,
even when they are told so ... right to their faces.

And here's an example of a tragic story
that is playing out all across America right now ...

and is tearing America apart

Our problem is much more serious than most people realize.
How do you fix tens of millions of mentally screwed-up people?

You can't force them into psychoanalysis;
and based on what I reported above,
many of them would simply refuse
to allow themselves to be helped anyway
because their egos would never allow it.

Whoever discovers the answer to this problem
and is able to apply it to put humanity back on the rails,
will deserve to be honored for eternity.

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Fox News retains its title as the most dishonest of all major news sources

and ... they're getting worse

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Fox News is the flagship of the Conservative empire of Rupert Murdoch (1:17:11)

This video is as relevant today as it was over a decade ago

Which means that we have made little progress against
the most destructive brainwashing propaganda machine in American history.

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The Science of Fox News: Why Its Viewers Are the Most Misinformed


It was an interesting article but it left me unfulfilled.
I wanted to know why  the authoritarian personality hides in the Fox Bubble.

I believe it is because they cannot defend their positions; and the reason they cannot, is because their positions are provably wrong. But the ego / pride of the authoritarian personality will never allow them to admit that they could be wrong. So they are forced to hide in the Fox Bubble with the like-minded where they can all feel safe. While it also involves a great deal of mental laziness, pride (specifically - the need to feel superior) is the overwhelming factor that spurs them to defend their nonsense against science and facts.

Sound like the religious mind?

It's not a coincidence:
the Fox Bubble is where American Evangelicals live.

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How do you know if you are living in the Fox News Bubble?

If your intestines are tied in knots over Hillary Clinton using a private email server, that may or may not contain evidence of some unstated crime, but think it is no big deal that 47 seditious Senators sent a letter to Iran that undermines peace talks and threatens to push us closer to war ...

then you are deeply embedded in "The Bubble"

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I thought I had a great story to post:
"According to a court's verdict, while Fox News admitted to lying to its audience,
the court agreed with Fox's claim that it had the legal right to do so.

I bought it: hook, line, and sinker.
So I put the story in my queue.
Fortunately, before the story got to the front of the queue ...

I happened onto this

Between the time I put the story in the queue
and the time it was due to go up,
Snopes debunked it and saved me a ton of embarrassment.

Sometimes you just gotta admit: if you can't be good ... be lucky.

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Ron Paul says that ...

Scotland's secessionist movement should inspire the U.S.

In the Bizarro world of dementia (Fox News),
seditious ass clowns like Cliven Bundy and Ron Paul are considered ...


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Even Megyn Kelly of Fox News has finally reached the breaking point
with conservative bullshit (includes video - 10:40)
Here is the priceless quote from Dick Cheney:

“Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong,
about so much, at the expense of so many”

Oh ... the irony

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Fox News exposed for what it is ... and for what it isn't.
It is not a news source; it is a propaganda outlet
for the far-right evangelical movement and for ...

the Plutocracy (2:52)

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