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Islamic Blasphemy

Freedom of Speech Is Under Constant Attack


This was freedom of the press ...

under the Trump administration

Enjoy your freedoms while you can:
the Oligarchs are moving rapidly against them.

On second thought - strike that.
We don't have the luxury of enjoying our freedoms ...

We must fight to keep them

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The Trump administration increases its assaults on freedom of the press ...

and particularly on veterans

Our freedoms are being stripped from us faster than our wealth.
Like Russia (Putin), China (Xi Jinping), and so many other countries
we will soon find ourselves under the boot of a dictator ... for life.
And Republicans are doing everything in their power to enable it.

UPDATE - (same day)

Trump backs down

Don't get your hopes up.
His style is to let people cool down ...
and then sneak around through the back door.
Stars and Stripes might as well start packing up their things.

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Here are 3 stories that just came out today
that show the Trump administration's attempts
to control the press and freedom of speech.

Shepard Smith leaves Fox (he was disturbing 'the bubble')

Shepard didn't give a reason for his departure.
But you would have to be pretty gullible to believe ...

that this was just a coincidence (3:51)

AND ...

Fired EPA scientists put out air quality report in advance of Trump propaganda

We are in deep shit ... shades of 1930's Germany.

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Net neutrality was just the first step
in the Oligarchy's plan to control communications.

Pakman Video (11:09) details Google's corporate takeover of the net

This was not unexpected.

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Russia to criminalize freedom of speech

Near the end of the article, leaders tried to spin it, but it wasn't very convincing.

Russians have already had their brief fling with Democracy taken away from them.
Now they are losing freedom of speech.
Putin has returned Russia back to the time of the Czars ...

only with nuclear weapons

UPDATE 3/19/19

No surprise ... it passed

Trump must be creaming in his pants.

UPDATE 3/19/19

Watching Putin, caused Republican's saliva to collect at the corners of their mouths.
This next story appeared less than 2 hours after the story reporting that Putin had signed the bill.
So now Republicans increase their attacks against free speech ... the American Way (lawsuits)

Republican congressman Devin Nunez sues Twitter for 250 million

This is why control of the judiciary was so crucial to Trump and Republicans.
For decades to come, the young, ultra-conservative judges they have installed
will interpret the law, the way that the rich NEED them to interpret the law.

We are soooooooooo screwed

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U.S. is now among the deadliest countries for journalists

This shouldn't be a big surprise considering that
the president of the U.S. is riling the morons
by calling the media "The Enemy of the People."

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Free Speech on campus is alive and well; and ...

conservatives are not being singled out

Here's what's going on: by claiming they are being denied equal access to free speech
they hope to gain more access because people will be afraid to deny them.
It's similar to the thinking behind the "The Liberal Media" false claim,
in which any attack on conservative media is called discrimination against their right to speak.

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We often complain about attacks on freedom of speech here in America (and rightly so).
But there are many places where it is far, far worse.
Like in Egypt where they just imprisoned a celebrity for insulting ...

a river

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The UK gives its citizens what United States citizens just lost ...

net neutrality

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Isn't it great how all the jobs are just flowing back into America, just like Trump promised?

Show of hands ... how many of you believe that Facebook is a ...

German company?

And don't even get me started on the Free Speech issue.
Okay. I do have something to say about the Free Speech issue:

Regarding "Hate Speech"
You should  hate slavery and Fascism.
Without hate speech ... we would still have both.

It is unnecessary to protect free speech from agreement.
It is only necessary to protect speech that is dissent or disagreement.
Those on the other side will always refer to dissent as "hate speech"
in an effort to silence their opponents.

If you yell "Fire!" in a theater and there is a fire ... is it a crime?
No. It is not. It isn't the speech that makes it a crime, but the intent to cause harm.

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions had some tough talk for leakers and media organizations
that publish leaks during a press briefing Friday, saying the "culture of leaking must stop ...
the number of leaks during the Trump administration has exploded."

Leaking is not a culture but a patriotic duty.
Trump promised transparency. Obviously he lied.
The only people who have to worry about leaks
are those who are trying to hide criminal activity.

Sessions also said prosecutors are looking into
Justice Department policy on issuing subpoenas to the media.
He said the department will pursue subpoenas against media organizations
that publish leaked information.

As I predicted, the attacks against Freedom of the Press are heating up.
(It didn't take a Nostradamus to see this one coming)

Sessions said "They cannot place lives at risk with impunity."

"In the interests of national security"
are always the words you will hear right before ...
your rights are stripped away by government.

the Justice Department has already charged four people with leaking information
or not disclosing contacts with foreign intelligence officers.

Yet Kushner can "forget" to disclose contacts
with a hundred foreign agents and be allowed to "add them later."
It's nice to see our government being so consistent and fair
in its treatment of all its citizens.

Dan Coats, director of National Intelligence, summed up the plan to deal with leakers:
"We will investigate you. We will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law,
and you will not be happy with the result.

In other words, if you discover any criminal activity,
you had better keep your damn mouth shut.

You asked for this America ... enjoy the ride

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In the battle over Net Neutrality,
Oligarchs resort to their weapon of choice ...

Verizon (an enemy of neutrality) takes over competitors and then shuts them up

That's one way to win the battle.
And they are well on their way to ... winning the war.

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Republican attacks on free speech pick up steam ...

Net Neutrality to be demolished

Bend over America and grab your ankles. You asked for this ...

And now you are getting it in spades

UPDATE 12/13/17

Ben Shapiro's attacks on Net Neutrality destroyed (7:25)

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Enjoy your freedom of speech while it lasts ...

because you may not have it much longer

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Here's a preview of where America is headed

Cut off the head and the body will drop. Basic military strategy.
Our new government is already attacking
freedom of the press and freedom of speech.
The phrase (or variation) you will hear when the ax comes down is ...

"In the interests of national security ...."

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Republicans continue to shut down freedom of speech across the country ...

including in the Senate itself

Now that Trump, Pence, and Bannon are in power
speech against the Klan is forbidden.

Warren is probably lucky that they didn't ship her off to Guantanamo.

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Nothing pisses me off more than having to defend Conservatives.
Whenever that happens, my anger is directed at those who put me in this position.

U.C. Berkeley cancels speech by Conservative Milo Yiannopoulos

This is why people call them "The Regressive Left" (and with good reason).
They give in to their emotions and abandon their own principles.
They demand free speech for themselves
but find excuses to deny that freedom to those with whom they disagree.

Every one of those students should have their "I'm a Liberal" beany cap revoked.

What a fucking embarrassment

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Control over the press and all communications
is one of the primary goals of any fascist regime

The internet is goin' down

Hang on America ... this is just the beginning

UPDATE - 2/3/17

The wolves are wasting no time.
First the press and now the internet ...

The Oligarchs are taking control over communications

As all military leaders are taught:
cut off the head ... and the body will drop.

UPDATE - 11/21/17

Pai makes his move - the FCC will destroy Net Neutrality

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America has just witnessed the devastation that resulted
when the far, far-right (ultra-Conservatives / Tea Party)
took over control of the Republican party ...
the election of Donald Trump.

Now we are witnessing events
that warn of the same type of impending doom
on the far, far-left (the "Regressive Left").

Regressive Leftists are those who betray
the very ideals of Liberalism that they claim to represent
(yes, that makes them hypocrites).

In this case, the Regressives attack free speech

Free speech is under direct assault from the fringes of both ideologies.
So why are Americans being riled up against each other?

In order to pick your pocket, a magician must first distract you.
Americans are being primed for the greatest fleecing in history.
The wolves are frothing at the mouth, waiting for the gun on Jan 20,
which will signal undefended access to the rabbit farm.
The Plutocracy will continue to use emotions
to control the minds of the feeble (the fringes)
keeping the masses distracted while they strip away
as much wealth as they can carry.

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There aren't many organizations that I have more contempt for than the KKK.
I don't need to explain why to any rational reader.
They are as vile a group as you can find anywhere.

That's why this story particularly irks me.
It puts me in a position where I am forced to defend those I despise

When forced to choose between racists
and those who would physically attempt
to shut down freedom of speech ...
my choice is clear. It isn't even close.
I'm glad the racists were released
and that the protesters were charged with crimes.
I don't even feel bad that the protesters got hurt.

But I am mainly mad at the protesters for forcing me to side with racists.
This picture shows the proper way to protest

Remember, the ONLY purpose of freedom of speech
is to protect unpopular speech.
Popular, happy, agreeing speech needs no protection.

And if you allow them take that freedom away
from someone whose speech you don't like,
the next target they may choose ...

might be you

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In the latest embarrassment for the Atheist community,
A feminist YouTuber who goes by the name "Laughing Witch"
is now "The Weeping Witch"

"Laughing Witch" tried to destroy someone with whom she disagreed,
and in the process ... destroyed herself.
It is the kind of justice we all hope for, but unfortunately,
it usually only happens that way in the movies.

So go get some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy a rare victory for ...

Karma (3:57)

As you might recall, I've had my own battles with those
who would strip me of my right to freedom of speech:
remember "Team Bernstein" from Skepchick?

I would even defend the hated KKK before I would side with those
who would attempt to restrict their freedom of speech. Why?

In Christian America,
if we lose the battle to those who attack freedom of speech,
Atheist speech will be the first to go.
Then you will be able to understand what life is like in Muslim nations
where a dozen countries still have the death penalty for blasphemy;
or what life was like for centuries ... in Christian nations.

That's why

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This story is not from some Muslim nation ...
it's from New Zealand of all places

It seems like, that for every step forward we take, we take two steps backward.

(Damn ... evolution is sure slow)

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The limits imposed upon, and the responsibility of, those exercising freedom of speech
is beautifully demonstrated by the actions taken by the Reddit science moderators

Global Warming deniers get their asses handed to them

Freedom of Speech is one of my most cherished principles.
But even I admit that limits are sometimes necessary;
provided that it can be shown,
that speech is not being shut down
simply because it is "dissent."

Such was the case here: they were allowed to dissent;
but they were punished when their dissent proved to be ...

nothing more than lies

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Pat Condell responds to a group of university students
who shouted down a speaker, with whom they did not agree (4:43)

It doesn't matter what the speaker was discussing.
Those who try to use physical force to restrict freedom of speech

must be stopped

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This article applies to all public forums who employ comment moderation.

Scientology Resorts To Its Old Tactics When Attacked - Shut Down Free Speech

This article clearly exposes the danger that comment moderators pose
to all Americans when they suppress free speech
under the politically correct guise of "Let's play nice."

The First Amendment was not intended to protect nice speech.
Nice speech doesn't need protection. Who is going to complain about agreement?

The purpose of the amendment was to protect dissent.
You do not have a right - not to be offended.
In fact, the First Amendment guarantees the rights of others to offend you.
No issue is more important to a free society.

The article showed how easy it is to abuse the moderation system.
It is being done constantly by people who cannot defend their positions
and must resort to manipulating the moderators in order to shut up their opponents.
You do not defeat bad ideas by shutting them down -
you defeat bad ideas by presenting better ones; by challenging them;
and by hurting their precious feelings if necessary.

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YouTube comment threads, like the ones you often encounter at news sites,
allow readers to vote for comments by clicking on a 'thumbs up' or 'thumbs down' icon.
They also provide a 'spam' button, trusting readers to exercise judgment and maturity.
Unfortunately, there are always some who will abuse that power
and use it to shut up those with whom they disagree or dislike.

One of the worst places to see this in action is at Fox News.
You can cuss, threaten, scream (all-caps), fling nasty racial slurs at the president,
and pretty much get away with the most despicable behavior ...
so long as you agree with the Fox fanatics.
I never lasted more than 15 minutes before they shut me up.
Finally, Fox News simply blocked me from logging in.

The YouTube, Atheist-themed, video comment threads are infested with "preachers"
who come, ostensibly to debate, but in reality, they are only there to save souls.
A comment cannot be closed by one spam click or down vote.
There is a certain threshold. So what some dishonest people do,
is to create fake accounts (sock puppets) which allow them to close comments
by fooling the system into thinking it has received clicks from multiple people.
If they pass a certain threshold, they can even make the closed comment disappear completely.

These people often create 'google alerts'
which tell them when their victims have posted comments.
This enables them to track their victims to anywhere on the Internet;
and on sites like YouTube, they can close comments using their sock puppets.

If you are going to comment on YouTube, you need to be aware of these things.
With billions of possible commenters, there are bound to be a lot of batshit crazy people out there.
It's difficult to spot them at first. But eventually, they give themselves away.

To get an idea of the kind of people who creep though the fringes of cyberspace

Read this

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There are limits on freedom of speech

The Johnson Amendment

To get an idea how law-abiding and patriotic Conservative Christians are ...

read this

Here is another list of limitations on freedom of speech

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The Bernstein Affair


Here is a recap of this past week, which was dominated by "The Bernstein Affair"

Monday, 4/14

This is Jamie Bernstein of Skepchick (Cute, huh?)

Now I'll show you what's on the inside.

Hint: It ain't pretty (1 page)

For anyone considering dating this person
I would recommend that you first google the mating habits of ...

the praying mantis

If someone is already married to this person, the only advice I can offer is ...
drink heavily and smoke constantly ... it can't last forever.

Tuesday, 4/15

Today I received an email from Jeff Wagg
who tried to pressure me into removing Bernstein's story (2 pages)

Email from Jeff Wagg - and my replies to him

Wednesday, 4/16


If you've been following the drama the past two days you know that I posted a story about Jamie Bernstein,
the person who tried to ban me from the internet 2 years ago because she was angered by my video.

She apparently recruited a friend of hers, Jeff Wagg (both are members of Chicago Skeptics),
to pressure me into removing the picture and story.
When I refused to abandon my right to freedom of speech,
Bernstein apparently taught Wagg her nasty little trick of contacting the hosting service
and filing a spam complaint to try to get "the problem" (that would be me) knocked off the internet.

Here is the notice from

But, reminiscent of a Laurel and Hardy movie, this powerful skeptic duo made a huge mistake:
Bernstein didn't want to file it again because GoDaddy would realize that it was a personal vendetta
and just an attempt to shut me up, and would reject her complaint again like they did 2 years ago.
So she recruits Wagg to file the complaint against me for ... sending unsolicited email.

Why is that so hilarious?

Because when Wagg first emailed me, he began it with:
"I hope you don't mind receiving this unsolicited e-mail. "

No ... I did not make that up.
You can't make that stuff up because,
no one would believe that anyone could be THAT stupid.

I've fought with neo-Nazis, Creationists, crooks and liars,
but only Bernstein and her lackey have ever sunk to the level
of trying to take away my freedom of speech.
Even the crud at the bottom of the barrel never resorted to Bernstein's tactics.
Both of these people are an embarrassment to the skeptical movement and everything it stands for.

Skeptics can fight among themselves, disagree, get mad, whatever -
but the one thing you never, ever, do in the skeptical community ... is attack our freedom of speech.
When you do that, you have identified yourself as someone who does not belong here.
It is our most cherished principle.

I guess this is what happens when you let the dog Wagg the tail

(sorry, I couldn't resist that one)

Thursday, 4/17

There's an old but wise expression:
"When you're in a hole ... QUIT DIGGING!"

After Jamie Bernstein's friend, Jeff Wagg, completely humiliated himself
by filing a false spamming complaint on her behalf,
Bernstein kicked him to the curb and turned to another friend.

I knew something was up when I got a flurry of emails
from a woman who writes technical articles for "Business"

But I played along and answered her questions as honestly as I could.

Read the article she wrote (including my replies)

Did you happen to notice that this article sounded like
it was written by Bernstein's BFF?

That article was so biased and dishonest
it made Rush Limbaugh sound fair and balanced.

Who will Bernstein call on next ... President Obama?

And one more thing - you'll never guess who emailed me ... Jeff Wagg!

Ask yourself, why would someone who filed a spamming complaint against me
for sending an unsolicited email ... contact me by email?

Wagg wasn't supposed to have any contact with me. So why did he do it?

Remember what Eadicicco said in her article?

She needs proof that GoDaddy is releasing information about complainants.

So what did Wagg say in his email?

"For some reason, you think I contacted GoDaddy. I did not.
Please remove the incorrect information from your website.

So, are we to believe that GoDaddy lied to me about who filed the complaint?
Are we to believe that they just picked his name out at random?
Or is Wagg lying?

Gee, that's really a hard one ... can I phone a friend?

Wagg doesn't know that I read Eadicicco's article.
Wagg thinks he's slick, and can trick me into sending him
the proof that GoDaddy identified him, so he can pass it on to Eadicicco.

Aren't their feeble little minds precious?

Friday, 4/18

Yesterday I received an email from Helen Popkin,
deputy editor of technology and science for NBC news.

NBC news weighs in on "The Bernstein Affair"

I think it's safe to say that Popkin will be spending the rest of this month
sitting on a foam-filled whoopee cushion ... until her ass grows back.


Team Bernstein

So here's the question:

after these so-called skeptics have basically lost any claim to integrity they might ever have had,
how will the skeptical community respond?

With indifference.

Bernstein and Wagg will continue to attend skeptical conventions
and portray themselves on the internet as 'true' skeptics,
while everyone goes on about their business.

The lies they have posted, and have had posted on their behalf, will remain up,
and believed by gullible people who do not know the facts.
And as you have all just seen, even when writers were given the facts,
they simply closed their minds to facts, focusing instead, on defending their friends.

Many skeptics talk about truth, freedom of speech, and other lofty principles.
But when it comes down to it, many of them (as we have just seen)
are no better than the people they battle.
They will sacrifice their values ... in defense of their friends.

Someone was kind enough to send me this picture of Jamie Bernstein ...
removing some cranial pressure

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Finally, Canada wakes up ...

Blasphemy law removed

So what is the rest of the world waiting on?
The return of Jesus Christ?

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In Russia they now have a law
that allows them to imprison those who hurt the feelings of ...

Ghost Worshipers

Muslims hurt Christian feelings every day.
They say horrible things about Christians and cut their heads off.
Christians say horrible things about nonbelievers
saying that we should be tortured for eternity as evil sinners.

But all that is apparently okay.

But if you are a rational person
without the protection of an invisible ghost ...
then you go to prison.

This obviously has nothing to do with right and wrong.
It is pure, naked religious domination.
It is on the rise worldwide (including in the U.S.).
You may have noticed that it flourishes where Fascism rules (like in the U.S.).
Religious domination is still the best tool that Fascists have ever had ...

for controlling the masses.

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Myanmar imprisons 3 men for insulting religion

Yet those who make up 90% of Myanmar (Buddhists) can insult others,
but if someone posts something that can even be construed
to be an insult against the majority, then it's off to prison.

Can you spell "B-U-L-L-I-E-S"?

No matter where you go on Earth, religion is screwing life up
by bullying, discriminating, and killing those who will not submit;
and as this story proves, that even applies to the less violent religions ...

like Buddhism

permanent link
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The Dalai Lama

This is what religion does to the brain ...

They are arguing over whether or not this guy will reincarnate

So don't be so quick to laugh at all those religious leaders centuries ago
who spent entire lifetimes arguing over
how many angels could dance on the head of a pin ...

We haven't come all that far

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The sad state of freedom of speech from around the world

Like most Ghost Worshipers, the Pope allows his zombies
to express their freedom of speech by insulting nonbelievers
with the most vile threats imaginable.
They can call non-Christians evil sinners who deserve eternal torture.

But if someone dares to point out the insanity
of believing in his delusional little fantasy world,
or says something derogatory about his mother,
this "gentle" Pope is ready to punch them.

What a hypocrite.

Freedom of Speech goes both ways, Pope.
You can't claim it for yourselves while simultaneously denying it to others.

(Well actually, they've been doing just that for centuries.
So I had better hope they don't track me down through my ISP)

I think this next guy pretty well expresses my opinion
about the Pope's recent comments on the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Fuck the Pope (4:19)

My sentiments ... exactly

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Satanist destroys 10 Commandments plaque on government property

The character "Satan" is only found in the Christian Bible.
Therefore, only those who believe in the Bible can be Satanists.

Atheists don't have imaginary friends
(at least, none that originate in religion)
which highlights yet another bizarre, crazy Christian accusation:
that Atheists worship Satan.

If you read the Bible, you might be puzzled as to how anyone who finished reading the whole book
could come away with the notion that between God and the Devil ...

that God was the good one

In fact, I have offered many internet commenters this challenge:
"You post a verse from the Bible which shows the evil of Satan.
I will then reply with a verse which shows the evil of God.
We will trade verses until one of us runs out."

No one has ever accepted that challenge.
The commenter always disappears into the safety of cyberspace.

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Russia continues its headlong rush back into the Dark Ages.

Russia passes law criminalizing speech that insults religion

However, in a classic case of Christian privilege,
only the dominant, majority religion (Christianity),
retains the legal right to insult and offend,
which they exercise frequently
by calling those who will not submit ... evil sinners,
and threatening them with eternal torture;
all without the fear of punishment.

This should help you to appreciate just how precious,
the gifts that our Founding Fathers gave us, really are.

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Islamic Blasphemy


In one of the most stunning decisions that I have ever seen rendered
The European Court of Human Rights ruled
that calling the Prophet Muhammad a pedophile ...

was NOT protected by freedom of speech laws

This reminds me of the ludicrous court ruling in America that ...

"Corporations are people!"

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Pew poll reveals the worldwide status (as of 2014)
of both religious freedom and freedom of speech (our 1st Amendment)

The results aren't pretty

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This was the winning cartoon at the recent Garland, Texas event
where 2 Muslim terrorists with assault rifles were killed on May 3rd.

If your religion tells you not to draw Mohammad ...
then DON'T draw Mohammad

But your attempts to force others to submit to your religious beliefs
through threats and terrorism, will be met with the full force of resistance
by those of us willing to defend what our Founding Fathers fought so hard to give us ...

Freedom of Speech

I think this would be the perfect time for this anonymous quote:

"I’m sorry if my insensitivity towards your beliefs offend you.
But guess what – your religious wars, jihads, crusades, inquisitions,
censoring of free speech, brainwashing of children, murdering of albinos,
forcing girls into underage marriages, female genital mutilation, stoning,
homophobia, and rejection of science and reason - offend me.

So I guess we’re even

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Under the umbrella of "Hate Speech"

Facebook shuts down freedom of speech to appease Muslim whiners

But if Muslims and Christians post horrible things about rational people,
telling us that we are evil and will be tortured forever ... and that we deserve it,
does Facebook have a problem with that?

As long as you are a part of a large, violent, majority
with a long history of bloodshed and murder,
you are free to exercise your "freedoms."

But if you aren't a member,
and do so much as dare to speak the truth ...
then THAT is "Hate Speech."

Could we live in a wackier reality?

Don't answer that (I don't think I want to know)

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Just how bad are things in Egypt?

This bad

It could have been worse:
a dozen Muslim nations have the death penalty for atheism.

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Paris mayor threatens to sue Fox News

Am I the only one who sees the irony here?

"When we're insulted, and when we've had an image, then I think we'll have to sue,
I think we'll have to go to court, in order to have these words removed.
The image of Paris has been prejudiced, and the honor of Paris has been prejudiced.

Is there anything Mayor Hidalgo said
that couldn't have been said by radical Muslims
during the Charlie Hebdo incident?

It's amazing how blind she can be to her own hypocrisy.

Also, before going into court ...

Hidalgo may want to straighten this out first (4:40)

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So where is all the outrage over the Charlie Hebdo slaughter
from the Muslim community?

C.A.I.R. (the Council on American-Islamic Relations)
has issued statements condemning the Charlie Hebdo slaughter.
In France, Muslims have also condemned the killings.

So what are Muslim leaders, who live in Muslim countries, saying?

Let's ask them

In Muslim dominated nations where they don't have to fear reprisals,
we get to see the true feelings of Muslims.
I especially found the statement from Iraq's prime minister to be 'instructive':

"offensive words might lead to further bloodshed."

Yeah, that's right: they can utter the most vile disgusting speech at others
and feel perfectly within their rights.
But if you hurt their feelings ... it's off with your head.

Here's more evidence of how Muslims really feel ...
when they aren't outnumbered

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Islamic Fascists use religion to trump freedom of speech

Brandeis University pressured into canceling Ayaan Hirsi Ali's appearance

Muslims come to our country and dictate that their religious beliefs trump our Constitution. What is our reaction?

Well, as you just read ... we cave in, as Brandeis did;
and as Britain usually does (they now have nearly a hundred Sharia courts).

In countries where Muslims are numerous enough to rule,
they don't need to cancel the speeches of those who would dare to speak against them ...
because no one dares.

For those who have been brave enough to dare to speak freely,
a dozen Muslim nations have laws authorizing execution for blasphemy.

Why do you think Ali speaks in America
and not in her homeland (Somalia)
or the country she fled to (Netherlands)?
It is because "The Religion of Peace" would kill her in an instant.
Even in America she needs security.

What's the penalty for a woman who is raped? Lashes or execution.
What's the penalty for killing your wife? A new, younger wife.
What's the penalty for speaking up against this code of horror?


Sounds great! When can I get my passport?

Oh, that's right, they're coming here.
I just have to wait awhile, and soon I'll be able to reap all those great benefits.
It is so fucking cool ... to be a dude.

Slippery slope?

Not according to the facts

(and it is only Islamophobic if you can prove anything above to be false ...
good luck with that)

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Pat Condell on the Muslim suppression of free speech in Britain (6:07)

A Society Of Cowards

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The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overrules itself (en banc)
and decides that YouTube should not have been forced to take down a video ...

that Muslims found insulting.

You may recall that in the recent
California "Pledge of Allegiance" case
(which Atheists lost 2-1)
the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
allowed "under God" to remain in The Pledge.

It's too bad that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
didn't choose to hear the "Pledge of Allegiance case" en banc.
If it had, maybe there wouldn't be
such a large, gaping hole in the Wall of Separation.

My only consolation is that,
if Christianity continues to fade
as humans evolve out of Ghost Worship ...
no one will care what the Pledge says.

You might also remember that the only defender
of the separation of Church and State in that case
was Judge Stephen Reinhardt (see podcasts 161-163).

In the Google case above,
Reinhardt once again put his brilliant mind on display ...

"This is a case in which our court
not only tolerated the infringement of fundamental First Amendment rights
but was the architect of that infringement.
First we issued an order that prohibited the public from seeing a highly controversial film
that pertained to an ongoing global news story of immense public interest.
Then we ordered that the public could see it only if edited to exclude a particular scene,
thereby conditioning freedom of expression on a judicially sanctioned change in the message expressed.
We did this primarily because persons or groups offended by the film’s message
made a threat—in the form of a fatwa—against everyone connected with the film.
By suppressing protected speech in response to such a threat,
we imposed a prior restraint on speech in violation of the First Amendment
and undermined the free exchange of ideas that is central to our democracy
and that separates us from those who condone violence in response to offensive speech.

Although I agree with the en banc opinion that is being issued
in the normal course well over a year after the unconstitutional order,
I dissent from this court’s earlier refusal to go en banc immediately on an emergency basis.
Only by doing so could we have prevented the irreparable damage to free speech rights
in the lengthy intervening period until we could take the case en banc under our regular procedure.
The unconscionable result is that our court allowed an infringement of First Amendment rights
to remain in effect for fifteen months before we finally issued our opinion
dissolving the unconstitutional injunction issued by a divided three-judge panel.

That was a huge victory for freedom of speech ... Well Done!

(Let's enjoy this brief victory while we can.
The 5 male Catholics who dominate the Supreme Court
are due to unleash their annual list of disappointing decisions any week now)

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Egypt blocks YouTube for one month

Freedom of Speech takes another hit

They have the freedom to say that we deserve to be eternally tortured,
but if we point out that their prophet (pbuh) was a genocidal pedophile
(which is true)
then we should receive capital punishment ... and then eternal damnation.

Sometimes, I'm embarrassed to be a member of the human race.

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Egyptian convicted of defamation of religion - gets 3 years in prison

The Christian Far Right in America must drool over stories like this.
But stories like this one make it clear just how much we owe to our Founding Fathers.
Let's not let them down.
For every brick the Evangelicals remove from the Wall of Separation between Church and State ...

let's put back two

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5/20/every year

Do I support Draw Mohammad Day?

I think that would be ... a yes.

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9/30/every year

Do I support International Blasphemy Day?

Every day of the year

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