God had better hope that Tom Cruise doesn't hear about this.

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The takeover of the Earth's resources by the richest humans is well underway ...
and accelerating (3:52)

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Want another chance to change the world?

Maybe biology isn't really your thing ...

but you get turned on by astronomy?

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The Curse of Progressive Feminism by Pat Condell (7:03)

Main point "Why isn't every woman on Earth fighting this?"

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Want a chance to change the world?
Like to play video games?

Do both simultaneously.

Join the legions at "EteRNA

YOU ... just might be "The One"

(I peaked at #252 before quitting in Sep 2014.
Last time I checked - I had dropped to #331)

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The history of women's rights in early America (13:11)

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Al Qaeda
A proud organization whose greatest military achievements
were against large groups of well-armed ... schoolgirls.

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In 1987 chiropractors (and other quacks)
won a big victory over the American Medical Association,
ushering in an era of legalized quackery.

Stripped of government protection, the public was now left to fend for itself.
While this sounds bad, it could be turned into a blessing in disguise
if it forces the masses to develop the rational thinking skills necessary
to defend themselves from frauds.

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America humiliated again

Thank God for Mexico

"We're #47" "We're #47" "We're #47"

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Pat Condell responds to a group of university students
who shouted down a speaker, with whom they did not agree (4:43)

It doesn't matter what the speaker was discussing.
Those who try to use physical force to restrict freedom of speech

must be stopped

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Moronic anti-science Republican idiots and brain-dead anti-vaxxers
continue to be responsible for thousands of American deaths.

Behind AIDS, HPV is the second most deadly sexually transmitted disease

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The attack on science and scientists by Republicans ...

is worse than we thought

As the article stated, this puppet for the rich
has been getting reelected for decades.
If the people are too stupid to protect themselves
from predators like this guy ...

then we have to do it for them

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2 examples (out of thousands) of Christian hypocrisy. First up:

4 out of 5 Christian divorcees want gays
to stop undermining the sanctity of marriage.

And second, Christians are apparently okay
with ignoring the parts of the Bible they don't like.

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We've all heard the phrase "playing the Hitler card."
It is used when a person tries to make a comparison,
between someone they don't like, and Adolf Hitler;
because Hitler is the epitome of evil.
We hear it used quite often.
But oddly, I haven't heard it used for someone
who actually does seem to fit the comparison ...

Vladimir Putin

The Russian-Georgian War

The Russian-Ukraine War

Lots of people are dying because of this maniacal thieving bastard.
(google: Panama Papers)
But if he isn't stopped soon, that may be just a drop in the bucket.

Actually, there is a better comparison for Putin.
Putin is the 21st century embodiment of ...

Joseph Stalin

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If you are hoping to have sex tonight
make sure that you, and your significant other,
do not read this until ... after.

Face mites - we've all got'em ... millions of'em

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I'm the last guy whom you would expect
to defend a Republican governor like Matt Bevin.
But as much as I hate to do it,
Liberals have forced me to do so.

Governor Bevin is claiming that a Clinton victory
could very well result in bloodshed.

Here is an article containing the text
of the controversial portion of his speech;
and some Liberal commentary

Now, go back and reread Bevin's statements from the point of view
that Bevin claimed was the proper context.

Now, think about it for a moment with an open mind.
Which makes more logical sense ...
That Bevin was inciting insurrection should Clinton be elected?
Or that her election might result in the loss of life of American servicemen?

The author did not accept Bevin's clarification.
It seems clear to me that it was meant exactly how Bevin claimed.
To believe otherwise requires an absurd level of dishonesty.

To me, the dishonesty is coming from the writer
and those Liberals who are trying to twist Bevin's words into something gruesome.

Here is the video of Bevin's speech.
It is 16:38 long, but you can skip to 11:50 to hear the controversial portion.

Governor Bevin's speech
threatening bloodshed if Clinton is elected

Crap like this is why I refuse to identify with an ideology.
This would be the perfect time to post my favorite quote
(which just happens to be by ... me)

"Overcoming ideological thinking,
whether Liberal or Conservative,
is equivalent to giving your brain an enema.


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Mystery solved ...

The 'Sailing Stones' of Death Valley
have been seen in action for the first time

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There are people who are so stupid
that they simply should not be allowed to breed, like ...

29% of Louisiana Republicans

In the spirit of "In the pursuit of happiness"
I agree that they should be allowed to have sex, but ...

they should be sterilized first

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The evolution of man

Hinduism (polytheism), Christianity (3 gods), Islam (monotheism), Atheism (no gods).

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The conquest of America by the Plutocracy continues unabated.

Even PBS (public broadcasting) has succumbed

Say it ain't so!

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Do lemmings really commit mass suicide
by jumping off cliffs and drowning?

Those Disney pricks should have been the ones
who were pushed off the cliff

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Why do the rich underpay their employees so badly?

Because they know that the taxpayers will be forced to foot the bill ...

that THEY should be paying

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Critical Thinking - Shifting the Burden of Proof

Tracie Harris of the "Atheist Experience" explains
that rejection of a claim does not constitute a counterclaim (14:23)

In debates over the existence of God,
Theists often attempt to shift the burden of proof because ...
it is a burden they cannot meet.

Their strategy relies on convincing the audience
that the Atheist's rejection of God is, in itself, a claim ...

it is not

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Here is a story verified by Snopes
that you will never hear from the Trump campaign, or on ...

Fox News

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The war against polio isn't over yet.

Polio virus mutates, defeating vaccines.

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"Labor Day in the United States is a public holiday
celebrated on the first Monday in September.
It honors the American labor movement
and the contributions that workers have made
to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of their country.

So I guess it's safe to assume that you Conservatives
will try to do everything in your power to eliminate Labor Day
once you win the Presidency in November ... am I right?

Hey, I've got an idea - why don't you replace it with ...

"The One Percent Day"

and then move it to April 15 to celebrate the day ...

that everyone else has to pay taxes

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Fundamentalist Christians may be right about evolution:
they may not have evolved from monkeys.
Every time a natural disaster strikes,
religious leaders tell their 'flocks' that it was God,
and after 2,000 years, they still fall for it ... every single time.

Even monkeys aren't that stupid

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Plutocrats tighten their stranglehold on human civilization

Global Warming and Corporate Domination
are coming at us like freight trains;
yet we seem unable to wake up the millions of useful idiots 
who are making our demise possible.
I wish I had the answer.
But I have as much trouble convincing people of the facts ...

as you do

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Darwin didn't see this one coming:

evidence that speciation can take place within a single colony

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This week's show:
"Dennis Prager has 2 questions for atheists"

(and I have 2 answers)

The Science Segment was:
"Lifespan of mice increased by the elimination of senescent cells"

Listen (18:30)
Read (9 pages)

If you would like to participate in a live debate
contact me at ""
to set up the date and time.


Football star refuses to stand for the National Anthem.

It sounds to me like he has a point

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