Awhile back, Markos Zuniga (Kos)
made the eternally hilarious claim:
"The Daily Kos is a reality-based community"

Then The Daily Kos posted this by Kerry Eleveld

Charlie Cook says what everyone except the GOP knows:
Republicans are the party of the past

Kerry obviously lives in an alternate universe
where Republicans don't control BOTH houses of Congress.
She lives in a fairy tale land
where Conservatives don't control the Supreme Court.
She floats through fantasyland
where Conservatives don't control most state governors,
most state legislatures, and most state attorneys general.
The America that Kerry believes she lives in,
is not the same one, that rational people have to endure.
It must be nice to pretend that reality
is whatever you wish it to be ...

Sounds like church

She wrote:
"It [sic] some ways, it's hard to believe
that Republicans live in a such a massive bubble of self deception
that they haven't caught on yet.

I think the word "ironic" is appropriate here.
Kerry has no clue that she has just described herself.

She continued:
"Then again, they were convinced based on internal polling
that Mittens was going to win in 2012.

In 2012, the Koch Brothers learned the hard way
that the White House costs a lot more than 400 million dollars.
That's why they've pledged 1-2 BILLION this time.
The Presidency is the last piece of the puzzle
that Conservatives need to gain complete control of government.
But Kerry just floats in her little "bubble of self-deception"
because she hasn't "caught on yet."

She concludes by writing:
"Perhaps, gerrymandering has misled them into believing
that their ideas actually have broad appeal.

Kerry is seriously underestimating her opponents, and that ...

is never a wise thing to do


The Republican party tries very hard to convince everyone
that they are not a party of racists.
And then Donald Trump comes along and provides the proof ...
that they are:

Donald Trump's poll numbers skyrocket

Donald Trump was so low in the polls a month ago
that he would have had to work overtime just to crawl into last place.
Then Trump went all Aryan Brotherhood, and now we find him ...
near the top of the heap.

So what made Republicans change their minds overnight?
Was it Trump's economic plan?
Was it his stand on Healthcare?
Did he change his position on gay marriage?
Did he swap out his wig for one with a more hip style?

Or did his ranking skyrocket when he smeared Hispanics?

If you need any more proof of the rampant racism
in the Confederacy Republican Party
then you are probably beyond hope.


This week's show was:

"Rachel Maddow targeted by Operation Save America"

Featuring: Jo Scott

The Science Segment was:

"The cause of galactic death"

Listen (21:33)
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If you would like to participate in a live debate
contact me at ""
to set up the date and time.


In 2010 and 2011, mainly German and French banks in pursuit of high profits made massive loans to Greek firms. When the banks recognized that this was a high risk, they were bailed out (not Greece) by transferring the debt from the banks to the public institutions like the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Now the ECB and the IMF are trying to force the Greek government to cut pensions, education, salaries, and health care to pay for the bail out of the banks.


Is that not what happened to America in 2008?

The Greedy Rich always find a way
to transfer wealth from the masses ... to themselves

The greatest enemy that humans have ever had, still have,
and will likely continue to have for a long, long time is ...

The Greedy Rich


Colorado Supreme Court strikes down school vouchers

This decision in Colorado was a razor-thin victory for our Secular Democracy.
The Wall of Separation has just withstood another barrage ... but only barely.
It's just a matter of time before Christians gain control
of the Colorado Supreme Court as they have the United States Supreme Court.
When they do, it is clear exactly what they have in mind:
the demise of public education,
and the return of all children into private religious schools
(that would be "Christian" religious schools)

Welcome ... to Saudi America


Supreme Court upholds Arizona's independent redistricting commission

HERE is the court's opinion

And here is my opinion:

Another 5-4 decision.
Another case of Conservatives attempting to destroy Democracy
and take over the government.

Check out how the justices voted:
straight down party lines ... except for one.

The 4 Liberal justices attempted to save Democracy.
4 of the Conservative judges voted to allow Gerrymandering to continue
which would ensure Conservative control for years to come.
Only one man switched sides.
One man had the courage and integrity to stand up for Democracy
against his Conservative masters.

That man was Justice Anthony Kennedy

All the Conservative justices are really being paid to do,
is to come up with rationalizations
to justify what the rich want them to do.
It really is that simple.

America has no idea how close it came to disaster.
If (I mean "When") the Conservatives win the presidency next year,
and gain complete control of government,
they will replace, at least Liberal Judge Ginsburg, and maybe others,
with judges whom they can count on
to "interpret" the Constitution
the way The Greedy Rich want them to interpret it.

Then we will really be screwed


Justice Kennedy again sides with Liberal judges ...

postponing the shutdown of Texas abortion clinics

Nearly all Supreme Court decisions are now 5-4.
You couldn't ask for stronger evidence that we don't have
9 free-thinking, fair-minded individuals enforcing our laws.
If we did, you could still see 5-4 decisions
but they wouldn't always break down along strict party lines ...

but they do

What we do have is a group of political hacks dressed in robes
who are promoting Conservative ideology
at the expense of the American people and the American Constitution.

Two of those Conservatives, Roberts and Kennedy,
have proven on multiple occasions
that they do possess some sense of integrity.
So even when they side with their Conservative cohorts,
their opinions deserve inspection.

As for the other three: Alito, Scalia, and Thomas ...
we would be better off replacing them with girl scouts.

The next president may be able to replace several Supreme Court justices.
The Koch Brothers have made it clear that they will spend
whatever it takes to buy the White House (1-2 billion dollars).

So we may not have to worry much longer about all these 5-4 decisions.
Nor will there be any more "swing" votes from those with conscience.

In a Democracy ... it is the people who are ultimately to blame



Conservatives (controlled by The Greedy Rich)
allowed Americans to keep Obamacare
(which will cost The Greedy Rich very little)
and gave them Gay Marriage
(which will cost them nothing)
in return for ...
the TPP and this decision from the Supreme Court:

Another 5-4 Supreme Court decision
protecting the profits of ... The Greedy Rich

You are being played Americans.
The Greedy Rich are throwing you bones
while they keep all the juicy red meat for themselves.

So it has always been ...
so it is ...
and so it shall always be ...

as long as we allow it


Obama gives "The Finger" to Conservative Assholes across America
(but in a dignified, presidential manner) ...


Obamacare survives Supreme Court for a second time 6-3

Pure Speculation:

The Liberal world was flabbergasted
when Obama joined forces with Conservatives
to push through the trade pact - TPP.

Now the Conservative world has been rocked
by the defection of two Supreme Court justices
who upheld Obama's Affordable Healthcare Act.

When I add 1 + 1, I usually get 2

It is my opinion that a deal has been made:
in return for letting the ACA stand - the rich can have their TPP ...

That's just how politics work


Saudi Arabia is advertising for executioners

The most important aspect of this story is a quote near the end ...

"the jobs were classified as "religious functionaries "

There's your proof: Islam is not just a religion,
but also functions as the enforcement arm of the government.


The limits imposed upon, and the responsibility of, those exercising freedom of speech
is beautifully demonstrated by the actions taken by the Reddit science moderators

Global Warming deniers get their asses handed to them

Freedom of Speech is one of my most cherished principles.
But even I admit that limits are sometimes necessary;
provided that it can be shown,
that speech is not being shut down
simply because it is "dissent."

Such was the case here: they were allowed to dissent;
but they were punished when their dissent proved to be ...

nothing more than lies


The 6th major extinction event in Earth's history ... has begun


Why the rich hate Obama and the Affordable Healthcare Act so much

If only Conservative ideologues could be made to realize
that the last paragraph of that article
held the answer to freeing them from the tyranny of lies
that has been manipulating them,
America could finally begin its long climb out of the valley of destruction.


The "Religious Right" is always trumpeting its patriotism and waving American flags.
The reason why they do that, is to distract us from the truth:
that they are the most unpatriotic and seditious Americans in our country ...

and here is slam-dunk proof


A.L.E.C. (American Legislative Exchange Council)
wants to fine homeowners who install solar panels.

A.L.E.C. calls them "freeloaders"


Multivitamins receive ... the coup de grace


Here's a heart-warming story
to provide a brief respite from all the dreariness

Autistics find work in the software industry

But notice how, until his wife worked on him,
he farmed out his work to India?

Since those autistic employees will have to receive
at least minimum wage (and probably a lot more than that),
it is a safe bet that this will cost him lots of money.

Another human has successfully emerged from ...

The Dark Side


Idaho lawmakers refuse to attend opening prayer because ...

it was a Hindu prayer

The source of the story claimed there were 7 no-shows.
These 7 prove that for some Christians, claims of not preferring Christianity over all other religions ... is a lie. Fortunately, not all Christians are phony Christians like those 7. But while the article didn't identify them, does anyone wish to place a bet on which party they all belonged to?

Didn't think so


10 Indian women die in botched mass sterilization incident

That was a tragic story. But I am glad to hear that India is taking steps to curb their out-of-control population growth. Now they just need to find better doctors. They also need to get the men of India to step up and be part of the solution. Those statistics were staggering (only 1% of men get vasectomies). India is one of the most male-chauvinistic places on Earth: a place where, in order to keep the women safe from assaults by men, public trains must be segregated.

How fucking embarrassing is that?


This is the new candidate for "First Known Animal"

But the contest isn't over.
There is not yet a consensus among scientists,
so the Sponge is still in contention.


China to build a canal through Nicaragua


Bibles being distributed to 5th graders in Oklahoma

I think the F.F.R.F. might be making a mistake on this one, and here's why:
Does anyone really believe that there is a kid to be found anywhere in America
who hasn't heard of Jesus Christ? (hint: I would go with "no" on that one)

So these kids all already know about Christianity,
and the vast majority of them - are Christians. But think about it:
What is the #1 way to free people from Ghost Worship?

That's right - make them read the Bible.
Churches do everything in their power to steer people away from the bad verses.
I say, give them the Bibles and a homework assignment
to read as much of the Old Testament as their little minds can stomach.

Before you know it ... they'll quit handing out Bibles

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