Mother, who fled Florida with 4-year-old son to avoid circumcision, arrested

Here's the pertinent part ...

"After a long legal battle, a judge in February ordered Hironimus
to bring Chase to court and turn him over to his father
to have the procedure done.

I thought that the child's welfare
was supposed to outweigh the desires of its parents?
Not in Florida?

Why is it so important that this non-emergency "medical" procedure
be performed now?

Since this is a non-emergency procedure,
why don't they let the kid choose
when he is old enough to decide for himself?

What's the rush ... is God running low on foreskins?

If you want to get involved, you can sign a petition here


Many diseases, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's may soon be cured ...

by this new breakthrough in protein-folding therapy



This was the winning cartoon at the recent Garland, Texas event
where 2 Muslim terrorists with assault rifles were killed

If your religion tells you not to draw Mohammad ...
then DON'T draw Mohammad

But your attempts to force others
to submit to your religious beliefs
through threats and terrorism,
will be met with the full force of resistance
by those of us willing to defend
what our Founding Fathers fought so hard to give us ...

Freedom of Speech

I think this would be the perfect time for this anonymous quote:

"I’m sorry if my insensitivity towards your beliefs offend you.
But guess what – your religious wars, jihads, crusades, inquisitions,
censoring of free speech, brainwashing of children, murdering of albinos,
forcing girls into underage marriages, female genital mutilation, stoning,
homophobia, and rejection of science and reason - offend me.

So I guess we’re even


The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals overrules itself (en banc)
and decides that YouTube should not have been forced to take down a video ...

that Muslims found insulting

You may recall that in the recent
California "Pledge of Allegiance" case
(which Atheists lost 2-1)
the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
allowed "under God" to remain in The Pledge.

It's too bad that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals
didn't choose to hear the "Pledge of Allegiance case" en banc.
If it had, maybe there wouldn't be
such a large, gaping hole in the Wall of Separation.

My only consolation is that,
if Christianity continues to fade
as humans evolve out of Ghost Worship ...
no one will care what the Pledge says.

You might also remember that the only defender
of the separation of Church and State in that case
was Judge Stephen Reinhardt (see podcasts 161-163).

In the Google case above,
Reinhardt once again put his brilliant mind on display ...

"This is a case in which our court not only tolerated the infringement of fundamental First Amendment rights but was the architect of that infringement. First we issued an order that prohibited the public from seeing a highly controversial film that pertained to an ongoing global news story of immense public interest. Then we ordered that the public could see it only if edited to exclude a particular scene, thereby conditioning freedom of expression on a judicially sanctioned change in the message expressed. We did this primarily because persons or groups offended by the film’s message made a threat—in the form of a fatwa—against everyone connected with the film. By suppressing protected speech in response to such a threat, we imposed a prior restraint on speech in violation of the First Amendment and undermined the free exchange of ideas that is central to our democracy and that separates us from those who condone violence in response to offensive speech.

Although I agree with the en banc opinion that is being issued in the normal course well over a year after the unconstitutional order, I dissent from this court’s earlier refusal to go en banc immediately on an emergency basis. Only by doing so could we have prevented the irreparable damage to free speech rights in the lengthy intervening period until we could take the case en banc under our regular procedure. The unconscionable result is that our court allowed an infringement of First Amendment rights to remain in effect for fifteen months before we finally issued our opinion dissolving the unconstitutional injunction issued by a divided three-judge panel.

That was a huge victory for freedom of speech ... Well Done!

(Let's enjoy this brief victory while we can.
The 5 male Catholics who dominate the Supreme Court
are due to unleash their annual list of disappointing decisions any week now)


How many "senses" do humans possess?


This week's show was:

"Another Liberal attacks free speech"

Featuring: Sophia McClennen and Pamela Geller

The Science Segment was:

"Global threat of fake medicines"

(for those of you who already read this article on 5/7,
the only new material is the science segment and a famous quote)

Listen (19:16)
Read (9 pages)

If you would like to participate in a live debate
contact me at ""
to set up the date and time.


A rich televangelist (driving the fancy car that Jesus bought him)
got careless and rolled it over ... with his wife in the car.
With so much going on in the world,
God was only able to protect one of them:

guess which one?

That God; what a guy, huh?
He protected the one bringing in all the money.

You can't say He isn't practical


This is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a conservative Catholic.
And here is his lovely wife Virginia. They were married in Nebraska in 1987.
This would not have been possible 24 years earlier in 1963.

So, how will Justice Thomas vote on same-sex marriage?

We already know.
The advance of civilization allowed him to marry the one he loved.
But the Conservative Republican motto is:
"I got mine ... screw you"

(These people really are despicable human beings)


The expansion of the Universe must be recalculated.
It's not as fast as previously thought.
That also means that the amount of Dark Energy in the Universe ...

is also less than previously thought

Science: the neverending process of finetuning our view of reality


Americans are fleeing "ghost worship" in droves

It wasn't all that long ago that America was nearly 100% Christian


Christianity is hemorrhaging badly; worldwide; especially among the youth.
If Christianity is to survive, it must regain control of the youth.
The youth represent the future hope of Christianity.

Evangelicals continue their relentless attack on America's youth

Battle Stations!


The ghost of George Bush returns to haunt science
(he infamously blocked stem cell research)

U.S. Will Not Fund Embryo Editing

When Francis Collins was appointed to head the National Institutes of Health, a shudder ran through the scientific community. Collins had successfully guided the human genome project and was rewarded with this plum position at NIH. But many were nervous because of his strong creationist views which he had expressed through his web site Biologos. That site attempted to wed science and faith (an impossible task without the aid of delusion). To assuage fears and remove the appearance of a conflict of interest, Collins resigned from Biologos when he took over the top job at NIH.

Now, something we've all feared might happen, has come to pass. Collins is using his position, along with help from other Evangelicals, to stop "embryo editing" just like George Bush stopped government support of stem cell research. Collins refuses to fund this incredible new technology, but has no problem with the NIH funding bullshit pseudosciences like acupuncture and chiropractic.

Fortunately, China is moving ahead,
and as was the case with stem cell research,
private industry is also proceeding.

The part that really galled me was:
"the journals Science and Nature ...
refused to publish the Chinese study because of the ethical problems."

(I wonder where I've heard something like that before? Oh yeah ...
"the American media ...
refused to publish the Charlie Hebdo cartoons because of ethical problems.

Yeah, that's the ticket - let's all pretend these things don't exist
and maybe they will just go away on their own ...

like global warming


Scientists may have discovered ... The God Gene

Okay, they didn't actually call it that ... but they could have


2 European nations make amends for ancient Christian atrocities

First - Spain

and now - Portugal

As both of these nations are still majority Christian,
they represent the new breed of Christian ...
evolved, modern, progressive Christians

Muslim nations please take note - that's how you do it.

That's right Turkey ... we're lookin at you


Due to the vast distances between stars
(it would take 75,000 years just to get to the nearest star)
I had pretty much resigned myself to the belief that,
though we might send spacecraft to other solar systems,
humans would likely be confined to just our solar system.

However, thanks to recent advances in technology (like EM drive)
the trip might be reduced to about 100 years. So ...

It looks like we may be going to the stars after all


Liberals have begun the attack on the victims of Sunday's terrorist attack

in Garland, Texas (13:48)

I sent this email to Muslim apologists (4 pages)


Two Muslims attempted a terrorist attack in Garland, Texas.
They wounded a security guard,
and then they were sent on their way to see the Prophet ...

Courtesy of the Garland City Police Department

For once Texas ... you made me proud


How do we know that Conservatives are lying
when they holler and scream about abortion?

Because they do things like this ... and give away their game

It's never been about saving fetuses.
They worship a God who bragged about murdering fetuses (Hosea 13:16).
If they were so concerned about abortion
they would be the biggest supporters of contraception in America,
but they're not. So what's really going on?

It always has been, and always will be ...
about religious domination (control)


How we got to Mars (6:33)


Remember George Orwell's classic "1984" featuring "Big Brother?"

Orwell had it dead wrong.
Were it not for "Big Brother" watching,
this cop would have gotten away with murder.


After the pizza joint in Indiana became the focus of national attention
over their refusal to cater gay weddings,
the American Taliban rallied to their defense
and donated nearly a MILLION dollars to them
to show America how bigots will stand together in times of threat.

Seeing how easy it was to separate deluded Ghost Worshipers from their money,
other businesses started following suite and making announcements.

Melissa's Sweetcakes was one such business ...
only they lost in court, and were ordered to pay $135,000 in damages.
So like good little Ghost Worshipers, they set up a GoFundMe page
and waited for all the sucker's money to come rolling in.

So I sent them this email

But their GoFundMe page was taken down
since they were found to be in violation by a court of law.

So guess who came to their rescue?

Ye are known by the company ... thou keeps


Global warming is taking a toll on sea snail shells

And that's only the beginning ...

here's where we are headed


The more science delves into the intelligence of animals ...
the smarter we find that they are.
What's the latest animal to be removed from the moron list?



Canada demonstrates the courage that America doesn't have ...

by ending government-sponsored prayer


How bad are things getting for 99% of the human race?

We are rapidly returning to a primitive social system
in which life is brutal for those who aren't born lucky ...

but Heaven for those who are


Registered quack (Dr. Oz) will fight back to preserve his empire ...

and keep the flow of money from fools ... rolling in

Quote from Oz: "We provide multiple points of view, including mine
which is offered without conflict of interest.
That doesn’t sit well with certain agendas which distort the facts.”

That quote from Oz reminds me of the old story
about the wife who comes home from work, unexpectedly,
and catches her husband in bed, having sex with their hot, young neighbor.
When the wife protests, her husband simply denies that they are having sex.

The wife says "But I just saw you - I mean, I can see you!"

Her husband continues to deny they are having sex.
Confused and befuddled, the wife leaves the room and returns to work.

THAT, my friends ... is Dr. Oz


Muslims and Christians have been killing each other
since Muslims first split from Christianity in the early 7th century.

But the horror of this story distracts from the fact that ...

most ISIS killing - targets their fellow Muslims


We've already seen global warming deniers move the goalposts before.
As the masses slowly begin to figure out that they are being played,
what position will the deniers retreat to next?

Australia gives us a preview


"Solar Sail" to launch in May (1:50)


Classic Emails (1 page)

The Daily KOS couldn't take it. So ...

They banned me

This was no different (nor any more difficult)
than beating up on defenseless Creationists


Here is a petition to remove Scientology's tax-exempt status

Do whatever you think is right (ends 4/22/15)

I have a question:

If the petition succeeds and Scientology loses its tax-exempt status,
do all those Congressmen who took bribes
and then voted to grant Scientology tax-exempt status ...

have to give the money back?


Classic Emails (4 pages)

After one of the top scientists who testifies for the global warming deniers
was discovered to have taken about a million dollars from the oil industry,
I sent the following email to a bunch of global warming deniers:

Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance ... responds

Does it get any better than that?


The world's first "head" transplant has been scheduled for a Russian man


Approximately 25% of Americans are religiously unaffiliated.
How much are they underrepresented in Congress?

They are underrepresented by a factor of ...

more than 100

(instead of 1 - there should be over 130)

If we assume that the "don't know/refuse" members are unaffiliated,
and are simply afraid to say so,
then unaffiliated Americans are "only" underrepresented by a factor of ...

more than 10

(there are only 10 - where there should be more than 130)

But what is most telling, is that 9 out of those 10 are afraid to even admit
that they do NOT belong to a group that worships an invisible magic ghost.

(Let's hope that in the future, humans will look back at this story
and be utterly amazed that the word NOT was in there)

That gives you a pretty good idea
of where America stands in the 21st century;

pretty much the same place
where most of the other backward nations of the world stand.


The Daily KOS promotes GMO pseudoscience, then, laughably,
calls itself a "reality-based" community.

Here is a picture of Kos holding all the scientific evidence he has ... against GMO's

(click on it to read a 1-page email)


They found water IN Mars: there are thousands of glaciers located underground.

I contacted researcher Nanna Karlsson to find out how deep the glaciers were.
She replied "The glaciers are covered by dust that is less than 10 meters thick.
So they are not very far underground."


Classic Emails (1 page)

Winchester, Alabama is no longer part of the United States.

By the power granted unto them (by themselves) the City Council ...

has ceded the city to God

I sent the mayor and council members this email

I waited months but never did get a reply.
I guess they're pretty busy,
what with setting up a whole new town and everything.


Canada shows America ... how it's done

That is what America could be like
if only Conservatives could be removed from power.


In the quest to unravel ancient human history, scientists examine ...

300,000-400,000 year-old DNA


According to the "Traditional Values Coalition"
(that's code for the "Christian Values Lobby") ...

The Boy Scouts of America Betrays Its Own Oath (2 pages)

It's just killing Christian Fundamentalists
that their religious freedom to persecute others
keeps getting taken away from them.
In the backwards Bizarro world in which they live ...

THAT is persecution.

Bizarro World


The tentacles of the Bible Belt
and its vile morality
extend throughout America ...

To wherever Republicans are in power

Think about what you just read:
They want the right to refuse emergency medical aid to gay people.
That is a hundred times worse than what just happened in Indiana.

And wasn't the part about Muslims precious?
(as if they would ever do anything to benefit Muslims)
But this proves that they will use Muslims
if it helps them push through more Christian privilege.

If there is a test for being human ...
These lawmakers, and their supporters, just failed it.

Snopes weighs in: "Partly True - Partly False"

The House Speaker's assertion
that it could not be used as a blanket refusal
relies on the good nature of Christians.
The ACLU's assertions sound much more realistic
based on the proven nature of "some" Christians.

The Founding Fathers would be turning over in their graves
if they saw what religion was doing
to the country that they worked so hard to protect ...

from religious influence


As some recent studies have suggested,
it has now been proven that ...

DNA is not responsible for ALL inherited traits


Kowtowing to Islam continues in the United Kingdom


20 states, and the Federal Government,
have recently passed "religious freedom" laws.
These are NOT religious freedom laws.
We already have a religious freedom law
(it is called The First Amendment).

What these laws really are, are religious privilege laws.
They extend religious freedom (which we already have)
by legalizing religious discrimination.
But you can bet your bottom dollar
that these privileges only apply to Christians.
Let Muslims try to exercise their "sincerely held" beliefs (like Sharia) ...
and watch what happens.

America is rapidly returning to the Dark Ages
when Christianity turned the Western world into a Hell hole.

With that in mind, Florida realized that it had better legalize adultery fast
or half a million of its citizens might find themselves ...

behind bars

If you would like to get a preview of the direction America is heading ...

just google: "Saudi Arabia" or "Iran"


Contrary to what we have always been told ...

Height is not solely determined by genetics


Remember the horror stories about ultra-orthodox Jewish kids
dying from being infected with herpes by penis-sucking rabbis?

Well ...

Orthodox Jewish traditions claim more innocent lives

Ah: religious freedom ...
bringing joy and happiness to all for over 2,000 years now


The people in China walk around in surgical masks
as if they are all on a lunch break from the E.R.

NOW ... they are finally admitting that they may have a problem.

Really? Ya think?


Comedian Bill Maher's anti-science bullshit is completely demolished ...

by a real doctor


Euthanasia opponent dies

The argument isn't over Euthanasia.
The argument is over religious freaks
being allowed to force rational people to suffer.
(sound monotonously familiar?)

If someone like Tippetts wants to drag out her agony
because that's what she believes her invisible ghost wants ...
then more power to her - that is her right.

But they should not have the right to force others to suffer
because of their screwy beliefs.

Canada finally got their religious idiots under control and legalized Euthanasia;

it's long past time, that we in America ... do the same


Thanks to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision of 2010
this is what the 2016 election primaries look like:


Jimmy Kimmel's attack on anti-vax loons
(with the help of some doctors) ...

is hysterical (4:57)

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