The largest animals of all-time (3:50)


Kevin McCarthy admits during a Fox News interview with Sean Hannity
that Republicans have been lying about their motivations for investigating Benghazi.
He admits that the real motivation wasn't a search for the truth,
but was nothing more than a smear campaign against Hillary Clinton.

Well ... Duh

McCarthy admits to Republican fraud

Their attacks on Planned Parenthood are just as bankrupt.
So why do they continue to humiliate themselves?

Because their base simply doesn't care.
Truth means nothing to those people.

It will be interesting to see how this affects his chances
of becoming Speaker of the House.
(he is currently the favorite)


Religion rears its ugly head again.

Hindus drag a man from his home and beat him to death

because they "suspected" that he ate beef

Who was the real  culprit?

The guy who got away:
The asshole who sent the mob out to murder in the first place


Catholics take another huge hit

40 million people (the population of California)
now have access to physician-assisted suicide,
meaning that the Church's ability to force suffering on millions
continues to diminish, century by century.

We don't even make dogs suffer for Christ's sake.
It's way past time that we did the same for people.


Advance in "aging" research

From what I can tell,
scientists are working wonders on increasing the life span ...

of flies

If I were self-centered, I might almost conclude
that scientists were waiting until my death ...
before moving on to human trials.


This week's show:

my replies to ...
"Biblical gender"

The Science Segment was:

"Half of U.S. Adults Have Diabetes or Prediabetes"

Listen (19:36)
Read (10 pages)

If you would like to participate in a live debate
contact me at ""
to set up the date and time.


The Koch Brothers blew $400 million
on Romney's failed 2012 presidential race

That hurt them about as much, as buying a defective barbecue ...

would hurt you


Do I support International Blasphemy Day?

Every day of the year


National Geographic was recently bought by Fox News.
Here is a preview of the new first issue ...


Let's take a break from bashing bad guys ... and have some fun.


The psychology behind the anti-vax movement

He put it a whole lot nicer ... than I would have


In our Universe, the conversion of matter into energy is slowing down.
That means that someday, the lights will go out and the heater will go off.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I die before that happens
which is why I'm considering taking up smoking and drinking.

(click on image to read their article)

I sent an email to the researchers
and received replies from Luke Davies and Simon Driver,
researchers at the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research
at the University of Western Australia ...

The heat death of the Universe


As if we needed any more proof that Conservatives only thump their Bibles
to rally the ignorant masses to support their cause (money), this pretty much settles it.

When forced out into the open and made to choose between religion and money

they will go for the money ... every single time

Conservatives are going nuts doing damage control
as the Pope becomes the latest threat to their "profits."

This also clarifies what the true Conservative "cause" really is:
the transfer of wealth from the masses ...

to themselves


Hindus prove that Christianity and Islam aren't the only religions
willing to use violence in order to gain political control
to ensure control over the resources and power.

Hindus riot when Nepal votes to keep government secular


With all the writing I do about horrible human beings,
from politicians to religious leaders to criminals,
it would be pretty hard to single out one guy as the worst.

but THIS guy would certainly make the final cut

Oddly, Martin Shkreli doesn't fall into any of the categories
that I listed above (religious leader, politician, or criminal)
But what this rich, greedy little bastard is doing ...

should  be a crime


In Missouri, the Democratic Governor vetos new Republican laws
but Republicans override his vetos ...

and grant police powers to corporations

They also took away the rights of local citizens to control minimum wages.

It's a good thing Missouri is controlled by Conservatives
who make sure that big government stays out of their personal lives
and protects them from predatory lenders and big corporations.

Let's recap:
So now corporations have freedom of religion just like individuals;
they have freedom of speech just like individuals;
and they have police powers (which individuals do not).

Republicans are in the midst of creating a society that,
if it were a novel about the future ...

would be sold in the "Horror" section.


This 24-second video is really amazing.
You will have to decide for yourselves if it's real or not.

Fish leaps out of African lake and snags a bird in flight

Interesting side note:

Many years ago, a magazine that I trusted "Discover"
ran a story about "Hotheads."
They were carnivorous mole rats who gathered beneath people and animals
who were traversing thin ice in the arctic.
The group could produce enough heat with their heads
(hence the term "Hotheads")
to melt the ice and deliver their dinner to them.

It turned out to be an April Fools prank.
But they didn't bother to note that after the story.
Based on all the incredible things that I've learned about the animal world
(like the bird-catching fish above),
I tended to accept even bizarre stories when they were from reputable sources.

It was quite embarrassing to find out later that I had been fooled.



In the 21st century, the Confederacy is still working children ...

in tobacco fields

I thought they fixed that crap a century ago.

WTF is wrong with those people?


Pope Francis continues to school Christians
on what it means to be a "Christian."

Churches should help the needy
if they want to retain their tax exemptions

At this rate, Conservative Christians will have to assassinate this guy
before too many other Christians start realizing that he is right ...

and he ruins the world's most lucrative, longest running scam


The Civil War ended 150 years ago (militarily);
but the battle for the hearts and minds
of the slave-owner's descendants ...

continues to this day

Damn - evolution sure is a slow process


Classic Emails

I sent the following email to:
Bob Novella at The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe
after listening to his report on ...

the possibility of time travel
(3 pages)

Who knows - maybe this will be the time
when the SGU finally finds the courage
to defend one of their claims ...

but I wouldn't hold my breath


Classic Emails

I sent the following email to my YUC friends
(yechy ultra conservatives):

"What are the chances that you Fox News Fanatics
will actually read what the other side has to say?

Almost zero; as you will prove yourselves ...
by deleting this unread

Obama - Reagan comparison

Out of about 60 YUC recipients,
only one was dumb enough to try his luck and write back ...

I don't think he will make that mistake again (2 pages)


The headline reads ...

"How ISIS justifies the rape of 12-year-old girls"

We don't need to know how they justify it ...

only that they do


Today you get a special treat - it's four-for-one day!

First ...

Kim Davis (the elected homophobic Kentucky clerk)
and The First Amendment

Second ...

Kim Davis (the elected homophobic Kentucky clerk)
has just finished designing her reelection poster

Third, this gem which was put up in ... Kentucky

And fourth, I love this one ...


Can you catch a cold ... from cold weather?


Remember when Republicans were complaining about death panels?

The Medicaid refusal in Republican-controlled states
will result in many thousands of deaths:

Republican leaders turned out to be the death panels.
(and understand, that these are just the deaths;
the numbers don't include the millions who survive
and have to suffer, and live with
devastating, untreated health problems)

Conservatives value political power more than human life.
So keep voting Republican - The Rich certainly do appreciate it.

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