How epigenetic memory is passed across generations

"Epigenetic modifications do not affect the DNA sequence of genes,
but change how the DNA is packaged and how genes are expressed.

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If you need a real world   example
that demonstrates class warfare in America

this is it

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How do they deal with dangerous nutjobs in more advanced countries?

Australia won't tolerate nurses who push anti-vax nonsense

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Conservatives have no problems with redistribution
as long as it goes where they want it to go.
Where do they want the wealth to go?
To churches, the military, oil companies, large corporations,
and tax breaks for the rich.

They are only against redistribution
when it is earmarked for the poor, the sick, or the old.

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Here's proof that women can find equality in the Bible:

2 chronicles 15:13
"That whosoever would not seek the LORD God of Israel
should be put to death, whether small or great, whether man or woman.

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Remember the excuse Republicans gave for leaving the Supreme Court one judge short?
They said they were doing it because the American people should choose the next judge.
Now that Trump has fallen far behind Clinton and they realize that they might lose,
do they still think the American people should choose?

No. They do not.
They plan to block nominations for 4 more years.

Keep voting Republican ... the rich sure do appreciate your support.

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How fast can evolution happen in multicellular creatures?

Pretty damn fast

I think the lights will be burning deep into the night at ...
The Discovery Institute

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The One Percent

First, let's do our homework:

Read: "The distribution of wealth"

Watch: "The One Percent" (1:16:29)

Truly one of the greatest living heroes in America today ... Jamie Johnson.

His father, Jimmy Johnson, had the potential,
and even started to make an attempt,
but did not have the courage to follow through.

But all was not lost.
He would have a son, Jamie, who would fulfil that potential;
a son who did have the courage that the father lacked;
a son who would someday influence the world.

Did you notice how economist Milton Friedman blew his cookies (at: 1:05:05),
even though Jamie Johnson was bending over backwards trying to be polite?

Recently I read a story that claimed that in America,
if you earn at least $30,000 per year, you are in the top 1% globally.
Based on per capita income per country as recorded in the World Almanac,
I have no reason to doubt that figure.
So the rich (1%) might argue that the 99% should shut up
and be grateful that we have it as well as we do, here in America.

But what they are not telling you is:
if the rich weren't stealing U.S. taxpayers blind, by legalizing theft,
all Americans could be living much better than they are now.
So their argument is a Red Herring.

The One Percent hasn't only pillaged our country
but is currently spreading like a cancer all over the world.
They create jobs ... but they keep nearly all of the profits for themselves.

Labor practices

But wait - it gets worse.
For those Americans who don't care about what happens far away,
this one might hit closer to home (they charge a small fee to watch).

The Last Mountain (1:35:13)

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There are millions of people who lead active lives, free of back pain.
They do not have magical back genes;
they have learned to use their backs properly.
Some humans are capable of remarkable feats of strength that involve the back.
But if you bend over to lift something heavy, and you fail to bend your legs,
you are likely to injure your back.

So stop blaming evolution ... for your mistakes.

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Nearly 200 countries move to take action on climate change

Finally, the looney climate-deniers are being ignored;
the same way scientists ignore evolution-deniers.

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It's easy to find fault with most of the world's religions.
The list of atrocities connected to Christianity, Islam, etc. seems endless.
The Jain religion, practiced mainly in India, on the other hand,
seems far more benevolent by comparison.

But now, the horror of religion
strikes even the gentle Jain community

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Fox News exposed for what it is ... and for what it isn't.
It is not a news source; it is a propaganda outlet
for the far-right evangelical movement and for ...

the Plutocracy (2:52)

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The ozone layer is making a comeback thanks to human activism

Now if only we could gain the upper hand against the Plutocrats
we might have a chance of accomplishing the same thing with global warming.

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Climate Change Denial

Those congressional bastards who have sold America down the river
for corporate paybacks should be impeached and then imprisoned ...

for the rest of their lives

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Not only was the test of the escape pod successful,
but the booster returned to Earth and landed ... upright.

The video is 1 hour and 1 minute long.
For those of you with ADHD (like me),
the countdown begins at 51 minutes.

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History of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict

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The current status of "spanking"

"On the international front, physical discipline is increasingly being viewed
as a violation of children’s human rights.
The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child
issued a directive in 2006 calling physical punishment
'legalized violence against children'
that should be eliminated in all settings through
'legislative, administrative, social, and educational measures.'

The treaty that established the committee has been supported by 192 countries,
with only the United States and Somalia failing to ratify it.

Somalia? ... Somalia?

Jesus H. Fucking Kee-reist
Is there any limit to how much America can embarrass and humiliate itself?

(I think we can safely go with "No" on that one)

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In a world where we are constantly being bombarded with bad news ...

here's a ray of sunshine

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In most states, religious believers are still allowed ...

to legally kill their kids

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Keep burnin' those fossil fuels boys.

Atmospheric oxygen is rapidly decreasing

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Humans aren't wiping out other species at 100 times the normal rate.
We are wiping them out at 1,000 times the normal rate

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Astronomers map the Milky Way's place in the cosmos
with greater precision than ever before (4:10)

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Deja Vu

Those who fail to learn from history - are doomed to repeat it.

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore booted out of office ... again

Some people just never learn.

If I think of any more cliches ... I'll add them later.

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This week's show:
E = MC2
My response to the claim
that matter and energy are "interconvertible"

Featuring: "Ben Best"

The Science Segment was:
"Mammals almost went extinct with the dinosaurs"

Listen (10:00)
Read (5 pages)

If you would like to participate in a live debate
contact me at ""
to set up the date and time.


God had better hope that Tom Cruise doesn't hear about this.

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The takeover of the Earth's resources by the richest humans is well underway ...
and accelerating (3:52)

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Want another chance to change the world?

Maybe biology isn't really your thing ...

but you get turned on by astronomy?

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The Curse of Progressive Feminism by Pat Condell (7:03)

Main point "Why isn't every woman on Earth fighting this?"

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Want a chance to change the world?
Like to play video games?

Do both simultaneously.

Join the legions at "EteRNA

YOU ... just might be "The One"

(I peaked at #252 before quitting in Sep 2014.
Last time I checked - I had dropped to #331 ...
That's out of about 100,000 players)

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