Please read this brief introduction before continuing on to the essays

Having claimed to be a defender of science,
you might rightly wonder why I now attack some popular scientific theories.

A scientific consensus exists in many subjects
including evolution and human-caused global warming, just to name a couple.
Nonscientists often call these subjects "controversial." They are not.
These are manufactured controversies originating from the side that lost.
Rather than be honest and accept their defeat,
the losers have chosen dishonesty and self-humiliation.
Welcome to the world of the tin foil hat.

I do not possess the arrogance of evolution-deniers and other pseudoscientists
who attempt to overrule the scientific consensus
by asserting that their unsupported beliefs are true.
But where a scientific consensus does not exist, as in the following theories,
it is not arrogance to side with one group of scientists over another ...

it is one's right

INDEX (10 features)

1. Philosophy: The True Dichotomy of Reality
    Their claim: There are 2 states of reality: physical and spiritual
    My claim:     There are at least 2 states of reality ... but "spiritual" ain't one of'em
    Go to: The Nature Of Reality

2. Physics:       The Theory of Time
    Their claim: Time travel is possible
    My claim:     Not when time is properly understood
    Go to: The Theory Of Time

3. Relativity:    E=MC2
    Their claim: Matter and Energy are interconvertible
    My claim:     There exists no evidence to support that claim
    Go to: Relativity: E=MC2

4. Quantum Mechanics: "Many Worlds" interpretation
    Their claim:                   Identical universes created instantly by wave function collapse
    My claim:                       Jesus is easier to swallow
    Go to: The Many Worlds Interpretation Of Quantum Mechanics

5. Chemistry/Biology: The Boundary Between Life and Non-life
    Their claim:              The boundary differs depending on whom you ask
    My claim:                  The boundary exists only in the human mind
    Go to: The Boundary Between Life And Nonlife

6. Neuroscience: Free Will
    Their claim:     Free Will is an illusion
    My claim:         It is the best explanation for the observable facts
    Go to: Free Will vs. Determinism

7. Astronomy: Sound in Space
    Their claim: No sound in space
    My claim:     Depends on how far away you are
    Go to: Sound In Space

8. Cosmology: Expansion of the universe
    Their claim: The expansion will continue to accelerate
    My claim:     History is not on your side
    Go to: Expansion Of The Universe

9. Mathematics: Infinity
    Their claim:    2 x infinity is the same size as infinity
    My claim:        That claim can be proven false
    Go to: Infinity

10. Mathematics: Neo's Square Root Method
       My claim:       Accurate to within 1 digit ... in the fourth decimal place
       Go to: Neo's Square Root Method


The Theory of Time (4 pages)

Had these scientists (who believe that time travel is possible)
understood what time actually is, it might have saved them ...

a ton of embarrassment

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Many people, including scientists and teachers,
misunderstand Einstein's famous equation E=MC2.

The formula gives the relationship  between mass and energy.
It does not  mean that mass and energy can be converted back and forth.
The same is true of matter and energy: they do not convert back and forth.
They are not different forms of the same "stuff."

Here is a video which will explain the science in detail by answering the question:
Why does a hydrogen atom weigh less than the sum of the masses ...

of the proton and the electron which make it up? (10:23)

And here is supporting documentation from ...

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

I understand how common this misconception is
because I too once operated under the same misunderstanding.
Being able to admit I was wrong allowed me to grow intellectually.

But here are 2 examples of what happens to those
whose egos stand in the way of their ability to learn
(in other words ... people who refuse to admit when they are wrong)

Classic Emails

Ben Best (3 pages)

Marcin Kucharczyk (4 pages)

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"Many Worlds"

There are dozens of "interpretations" of Quantum Mechanics.
The two most popular competing interpretations are
the "Copenhagen" interpretation and the "Many Worlds" interpretation.
The most fundamental difference between the two ...

is how they interpret wave function collapse

You may either listen to a podcast or read the show on a word.docx

Listen to the podcast (25:33)

Or read the show on a word.docx (11 pages)

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The boundary between life and nonlife

In this video, Aron Ra asks What is the meaning of the word "life?"  (11:17)

So where is the boundary between life and non-life?

One of the biggest discoveries to come from the Miller-Urey experiments
was that the supposed boundary between life and non-life is non-existent ...
the existence of matter is best described as a continuum.

The boundary has been arbitrarily assigned by humans,
creating a false dichotomy for our convenience.
That is one reason why scientists have such a difficult time agreeing
on exactly what constitutes "a living thing."

Stars evolve over time and eventually begin to produce heavier elements.
Matter sometimes evolves in a way that leads to the existence of living things.
The Miller experiments proved that, given the right conditions,
chemical elements can evolve into organic molecules:
the building blocks of what we call "living things."

Invoking Occam's razor, there is simply no necessity
to create an arbitrary boundary that does not exist in nature,
but only in the minds of humans.

An analogy that may be helpful, is human evolution from ape-like mammals.
At no point did an ape-like mammal suddenly become a human.
Only when one looks back over great distances of time
can one see that evolution has occurred.

Therefore the term "abiogenesis" should be understood to be
an arbitrary boundary created for our convenience.
(e.g. to separate the fields of chemistry and biology)

In reality there is simply ... evolution.

(Yes, for those of you who read my book, it's true that I made the same mistake.
When I get around to rewriting it, I will have a lot of editing to do)

To learn more about the origins of life (abiogenesis)

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Free Will v. Determinism (1 page)

From the Christian perspective:

Show #176 - JW Wartick expounds on Molinism and Free Will

Listen to the podcast (28:25)

Or read the show on a word.docx (12 pages)

From a purely scientific perspective:

Show #167 - Sam Harris (part 1 of 2)

Listen to the podcast (41:45)

Or read the show on a word.docx (16 pages)

Show #168 - Sam Harris (part 2 of 2)

Listen to the podcast (40:49)

Or read the show on a word.docx (16 pages)

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No Sound in Space? Because it's a vacuum?

A sound wave is a pressure wave that travels
by vibrating molecules through compression or rarefaction.
Since there are molecules in space,
there is nothing to prevent sound from traveling through it.
Depending on the density of the molecules,
sound will attenuate over distance just as it does on Earth.

In the picture above, the closer you get to the supernova,
the denser the distribution of molecules becomes,
and the louder the sound will be.
Supernovae explode ... in outer space.

To study this misconception in further detail you can research ...

The evidence that there is no true vacuum in our universe

and ...

The evidence proving that there is sound in space

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