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Taliban to begin destroying drug-producing farms

I never thought I would live to see the day
when I agreed with anything the Taliban did ...
but they finally got one thing right.

UPDATE 11/24/22

Happy Thanksgiving!

While you are enjoying your turkey dinner,
behold the most unhappy place on Earth ...

Taliban-controlled Afghanistan

A country of 40 million people ...
controlled by a small group of religious nutjobs.

UPDATE 4/27/23

The United Nations Security Council
finally finds something they can all agree on ...

The Taliban needs to end its war on women

Remind me ... what century are we in again?

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Former Bolivian president Jeanine Anez ("Bible Lady")

Anez uses the "Trump defense" (electoral fraud)

to defend against sedition charges

Notice how God keeps abandoning his chosen leaders?
It's amazing that Ghost Worshippers can never figure it out.

UPDATE 8/23/21

Anez attempts suicide in prison

This is what should have happened to Trump after his numerous acts of treason.

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Bolivian president Evo Morales

America likely forced out, socialist  Bolivian president Evo Morales

The masses have no idea how to defend themselves against the Oligarchs.
Socialism is being defeated all over the world (falling like a row of dominoes).

More details - this time it wasn't the oil but the natural gas.

The Trump of Bolivia strikes!

And another domino falls in the relentless onslaught of the worldwide Oligarchy.
Whenever you see someone with a Bible in one hand and waving a Flag in the other ...


Here is an in-depth look at the career of ...

Evo Morales (9:12)

As usual, even the good guys ... are far from perfect.

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Brazil becomes the next domino to fall to the worldwide march into fascism
as a very profitable (for the rich) world war looms menacingly on the horizon.

Bolsonaro (Brazil's "Trump") wins primary and is favored to get elected president

UPDATE 1/3/19

Jair Bolsonaro is the new president of Brazil

like Trump in January 2017, Bolsonaro ...

wastes no time in attacking the people

Dear people of Brazil:
If you are not among the wealthy, you are in for a long, bumpy ride.
But the rich sure do appreciate ... YOUR SUPPORT!

After all, you are the ones who made it all possible.

UPDATE 8/23/19

Regarding the Amazon fires ...

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro tells the world to butt out

Everywhere we look in the world in the 21st century ...
all we see are Trump clones coming into power.

UPDATE 11/11/19

Bolsonaro ("the Trump of Brazil")
tries to distract world from the truth about ...

the Amazon forest fires

This guy is more like Trump ... than Trump is.

UPDATE 12/17/19

Rise of the prosperity-gospel evangelicals in Brazil

This is the corrupt group of loons who helped to boost Bolsonaro into power.
Oligarchs are riding the coat tails of religious idiots to victory all over the world.
If humans don't learn to fight back, and soon,
we will get to experience the Middle Ages ...


UPDATE 3/26/20

Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro is called "The Trump Of Brazil" and for good reason.
First, like Trump, he tried to downplay the Pandemic,
and now he lives down to his name by plagiarizing Trump's excuse ...

Get back to work!

Human life means nothing to the Oligarchy.
Their ONLY concern in life is ...


UPDATE 6/7/20

Bolsonaro stops publishing Corona death data as Brazilian deaths skyrocket

UPDATE 2/26/21

This is one of the big reasons why they call Bolsonaro ...

"The Trump Of Brazil"

UPDATE 3/5/21

As Brazilian deaths skyrocket, Bolsonaro tells the people to quit whining

This man has truly earned the title "The Trump of Brazil"

UPDATE ... one week later
Brazil smashes daily record for COVID deaths ... again

(it sounds to me like Brazilians had a pretty good reason for "whining")

UPDATE ... another week later
Brazil smashes daily record for COVID deaths ... again

The U.S. got rid of Trump and we're doing much much better.
Brazilians need to get rid of this killer; and the sooner ... the better.

UPDATE 9/7/21

Bolsonaro begins laying the groundwork for stealing the 2022 election ...

He even brought in Trump's team to help with the planning

The Oligarchy only suffered a temporary stumble
when Trump failed to take over America.
Throughout the rest of the world,
they are having tremendous success.
Democracy appears to be on its last legs.

And still ... the hive remains defenseless

UPDATE 10/26/22

One week before Brazil's presidential election,
Bolsonaro's base (his supporters and allies)
are doing their best imitation of America's "Maga Morons."
This is why Bolsonaro is known as "The Trump of Brazil."

Same playbook - just different actors.

Politician throws hand grenades at police

The polls show Bolsonaro slightly behind.
I won't be at all surprised if Brazil's fascists
are able to do what America's fascists came close to doing ...

steal the election

UPDATE 10/28/22

Fascists increase the violence in a desperate attempt to remain in power:

Worker's Party ally assasinated 2 days before the election

Bolsonaro isn't called "The Trump of Brazil" ... for nothing.

UPDATE 11/1/22

Jair Bolsonaro, president of Brazil has been defeated.

The "Trump of Brazil" (Jair Bolsonaro) is attempting to do what Trump failed to do ...

overturn his election defeat

Like Trump, Bolsonaro is relying on violent mobs of brainwashed subhumans
to overthrow his country's democracy so he can retain power.
Get used to this ... it is now an integral part of the Oligarchy's worldwide playbook.

UPDATE 11/22/22

As predicted, the "Trump of Brazil" ...

attempts to overturn his election defeat

UPDATE 11/25/22

pro-Bolsonaro supporters are escalating the violence

Bolsonaro is showing Trump how to do it (for next time).
Soon, they will be calling Trump ... "The Bolsonaro of America"

UPDATE 12/13/22

Brazil's MBGA (their MAGA) now resorting to force to overturn Bolosonaro's defeat

It's hard to believe that so many 21st century humans
could be as stupid and easily controlled
as the brainwashed zombies
whom the Oligarchs use to remain in control.

But that is the reality that we find ourselves in.
The multitude of morons must somehow be "awakened."
(that's why the Oligarchs now use "woke" to mock their enemies)

UPDATE 12/31/22

He finally heads for Florida to join Trump.

If Putin does attack the U.S. with atomic weapons
the best place to be is in Florida.
I guarantee Putin won't endanger his fellow Oligarchs
whom he will need after the war.

UPDATE 1/8/23

Bolsonaro's supporters storm the capital ...

one week after Bolsonaro joined Trump in Florida

Now you can see why Bolsonaro is called the "Trump of Brazil."

UPDATE 1/30/23

Bolsonaro seeks to extend refuge in the U.S.

This is why you always take with a grain of salt,
anything that comes out of the mouth of an attorney ...

"Bolsonaro has devoted 34 years of his life to public service
and wants to take some time off.

My question ... Then why did he just run for reelection?

UPDATE 1/24/23

The horror of what Bolsonaro did to Brazil's poorest people
should be a warning to America of what future awaits us ...

under Republican control

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Liz Truss becomes Prime Minister of the U.K. and IMMEDIATELY ...

cuts taxes for the rich (10:27)

UPDATE 10/1/22

The speed of the greed was too shocking even for Brits,
so just as American Conservatives had to do to Trump on many occasions,
Brits forced the rich to back off ...

for now

And for her next trick, Liz Truss shows the U.K. who is REALLY in charge
by telling the new King (Charles) to knock off the climate change nonsense ...

it's bad for business

And like an obedient little King,
Charles tucks his tail between his legs ...

and quietly submits

UPDATE 10/13/22

Truss keeps kicking the dog

UPDATE 10/14/22

Truss does a "180" on tax cuts

UPDATE 10/18/22

Ultra-conservatives do a 180 on Truss!

UPDATE 10/20/22

Truss should not have promised the Big Boys the moon (tax breaks) and then taken it back ...

they force her out in record time

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Brexit: on 6/23/16 Britain will vote on ...

whether to remain in the European Union or leave it

For those of you who would like a primer on British politics

UPDATE 5/18/19

Stephen Frye presents the argument ...

against Brexit (11:14)

Pat Condell now gives the counterargument ...

for Brexit (10:23)

UPDATE 10/19/19

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

He has been called "The Trump of England"
and now he lives up I mean down to that moniker ...

If he doesn't get his way, he will refuse to obey the law

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Mimicking Trump, Alberta's oil barons
try to free themselves from government control ...
so they can make more money:

Wexit (Western secession from Canada)

It's truly amazing how stupid the masses are.

Trump has shown the world just how just how easy it is to control them.
Now, these greedy Oligarchs don't even bother trying to hide it anymore.
They brazenly grab every penny they see
and somehow manage to convince the dumbass half of the population
to help them by acting as a buffer against the half that understands what is happening.

UPDATE 11/9/19

Wexit picking up steam fast

UPDATE 2/7/22

The Oligarchy in Canada is mimicking Trump ...

in an attempt to free the country from Liberal control

And as in America, they choose their supporters
from the very bottom of the intellectual barrel.

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Canada shows America how secular governments are supposed to run:

Half of the new cabinet members in Canada
avoid mentioning God in their oaths

If that happened in America,
by next week most of them would be recalled, impeached, or ...


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America is feeling threatened by Chinese progress
and is attacking the Chinese for doing ...

exactly what we do

But apparently, it's okay when we do all those same things.

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How China has transformed itself
from an impoverished nation into a wealthy one ...

in record time (listen: the first 15 minutes only)

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China tightens control over the people ...

no effininate men allowed in the media

Sounds a lot like Orwell's dystopia, doesn't it?

But it gets worse ... 2 months later I see this:

Freedom of Speech is now a fantasy in China

The lights of Democracy that once shined so brightly
are rapidly being extinguished all over the world
as the Oligarchy regains control over humanity.

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China lost a valuable week at the beginning of the pandemic ...

then after that, the U.S. squandered nearly 2 more MONTHS

These mistakes will cost an incalculable number of lives.

UPDATE 12/28/20

This story casts serious doubt on the veracity of Corona information coming out of ...


Maybe that's why their numbers are so unusually low?
Or not. It's hard to draw a conclusion when we are not allowed access to reliable information.
But this jailing certainly throws a lot of doubt into the reliability of Chinese reporting.

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Trump said he would shrink the trade deficit with China.
So, after a year in office, how's he doing?

The deficit just hit a record high

Nothing new to see here folks ... move along.

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Remember all those Conservatives who bragged about
how economically superior our Capitalism was to Communism?

Well, they ain't braggin' now

Actually, America is as much Socialist as it is Capitalist. We are a hybrid economy.
Nor is China a communist economy - it is a capitalist economy.
And with 4 times the population, it's about time China took its place at the top.

China and India owe a lot of their success to the greed of American Oligarchs
who use their cheap labor and tax evasion advantages to enrich themselves
at the expense of dumbass Americans who keep reelecting Oligarchic pimps.

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As I have been warning for quite some time now,
all over the world Fascism continues to rear its ugly head
as the Oligarchs return the world to the age of kings ...

Now you can add China to the list

UPDATE 3/3/18

Xi Jinping is now the Emperor of China

China to Kill Term Limits for Xi Jinping

Fascism and Dictatorships continue to rise unabated, worldwide, in a replay of the 1930's ...

and we all know how well that turned out

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Hypocrisy is an interesting word.
It applies when someone criticizes someone else
for doing something that they themselves are guilty of having done.

The U.S. arms Taiwan (an island just off the coast of China)

Remember how America responded to Russia
when Russia tried to arm an island sitting right off the coast of America?

Our superior military might forced Russia to back down in 1962.
But our superior military strength now allows us to do
the exact same thing to China that Russia tried to do to us.


This is not about "right vs. wrong"
This is about "might makes right"

RELATED 3/12/21

Trump gave us a preview of what is coming to America;
while China provides the reality of ... what is just around the corner

Beijing is destroying Hong Kong's democracy

UPDATE 5/27/21

Only "Patriots" are now allowed to vote in Hong Kong;
and by "Patriots" they don't mean people loyal to Hong Kong, but to ...

the Chinese Communist Party in Beijing

America came so close to this in 2020.
But we are not out of the woods yet.
We got a temporary reprieve
but those 74 million brainwashed seditious Trump supporters ...

are still out there

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Thousands of dead fish wash up near a chemical blast site in China

From the article:
"there's plenty of public anger
at how the well-connected owners of the hazardous-chemicals warehouse
were able to flout regulations,
reports the AP, which went through public documents
to discover that the majority owner of Ruihai International Logistics
sits on the board of directors of a company controlled by the State Council,
which is investigating the disaster.
(The warehouse was holding 70 times more sodium cyanide than it was allowed to)

Reading about the connections of the owners to politicians,
combined with their illegal activities,
shows that "The Powerful Predators" are the same ...

no matter where on Earth you go

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Trump reintroduces Cubans to starvation

America's Oligarchs are brutalizing people all over the world ... for money.
And no where on the planet are there more victims than ...

in the U.S.

UPDATE 11/14/23

UN votes almost unanimously to condemn US for Cuban embargo

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After 7 deaths, protesters get bankers to accept less profit

This quote gives away the underlying reality of the situation ...

"Under the agreement, Moreno will withdraw the
International Monetary Fund-backed package known as Decree 883
that included a sharp rise in fuel costs.

In addition to reducing the pillaging
they are also beginning to fight back ...

"Other indigenous demands included higher taxes on the wealthy ...."

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Egyptian leader, Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

el-Sisi attempts to mimic Xi Jinping by removing term-limits

All over the world, Democracy is in full retreat

UPDATE 2/13/19

el-Sisi closes in on dictatorship ...

and he will have 15 years to figure out ... how to extend that

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El Salvador


Meet El Salvador's "elected dictator" Nayib Bukele

He is actually bringing progress to one of the world's deadliest countries

Contrary to the article's claim,
this is not an argument against democracy itself
since the Oligarchy's control over every country on Earth
prevents the existence of a true democracy.


He won

Most important quote in that story ...

"El Salvador’s constitution explicitly bars reelection to consecutive presidential terms."

We see this happening all over the world
as the Oligarchy battles to regain lost ground.

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This is French President Emmanuel Macron

Macron showed his true colors
by raising the retirement age from 62 to 64 ...

bypassing parliament in order to help the rich

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France is now dealing with the French version of ...

Donald Trump

Everywhere on Earth that we turn,
all we see are democracies being crushed.
The spread of fascism is a malignant cancer ...
and we saw how that turned out last time (WW2).

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And we thought female genital mutilation was bad -
wait till you get a load of this ...

Mass female feticide renewed in one district in India

Sick, barbaric savages.
They are too stupid to realize how bad they are making things ...

for their sons

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In 2012, Sanal Edamaruku was charged by Catholics with blasphemy
for exposing their "weeping statue of Christ" as nothing more than a fraud,
rigged up with hidden plumbing.

So who did the government charge? The Catholics?

No. Sanal had to move to Finland to evade arrest for "hurting religious feelings."
He has been living in exile and was unable to return for his mother's funeral.

So India, in an attempt to prove how consistent they are in defending the rights of criminals,
filed a criminal complaint which included the reporter who exposed the data breach
that publicized (for sale) the personal information ...

of more than a BILLION Indians

WTF India?

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India boots religion out of politics

If that happened in America, there would be no more Republican Party.

UPDATE 8/6/20

Above = one step forward.
Below = two steps back.

In India, the Oligarchy (under Prime Minister Modi)
is working to eliminate 2 of its greatest enemies ...

democracy and secularism

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Farron Cousins video (5:28) exposing the phony U.S. claims about ...

Iran attacking oil tankers

I've come to expect this level of deception when it comes to the U.S. and oil.
What disappoints me far more is that ABC (not Fox)
ran with the story that the U.S. has video proof of Iran placing mines
and yet didn't even mention anything that was stated in the video above.

The Oligarchs have turned our entire news system
into one big Fox "News" propaganda machine.
The purpose of Fox is to be so far to the right and extreme in their views,
that other news organizations "seem" liberal by comparison.
That allows them to push the lie that we have a liberal mainstream media.

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After the U.N. ruled against the U.S. over Iran
the Trump administration responded by terminating a 1955 treaty with Iran.

Under Trump, "The Rule of Law" has become a joke (starting with the Emoluments Clause).
Now, whenever things don't go our way, we take our toys and go away, using the excuse ...

National Sovereignty!

But when you hear the excuse "In the interests of national security" ...
that's when you know that people are going to get hurt.

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Whenever you find great evil in the world,
turn around and look over your shoulder and it's a sure bet ...

that Big Oil will be standing right behind you

More details from Wikipedia

Why Iran hates America (4:31)

UPDATE 10/12/23

CIA admits that it was behind the coup that toppled ...

a democratically-elected government


Former Iranian president Banisadr dies at 88.
He was unable to stop the treachery
when the Ghost Worshippers took over the country in 1981 ...

and Iran became a theocracy

After disposing of America's puppet (The Shah)
Iran was on the right track, and then ...

out of the frying pan and into the fire

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War with Hamas destroys the lives of countless innocent victims ...

which is pretty much true of all modern warfare (Ukraine comes to mind)

This outstanding article focuses on the minds of those
who ignore the insanity and inhumanity of war, and instead,
resort to finding rationalizations for defending "their team."

Remember when armies would meet on the battlefield and duke it out?
At some point, warfare changed,
and now most victims are found among the masses of civilians
(Hiroshima comes to mind).

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The fascist theocracy in Israel gains strength ...

as Netanyahu reassumes power

All over the world, everywhere we look,
we see Fascism continuing to destroy Democracy
as the Oligarchs reverse centuries of progress by the masses
and regain the power and control they once had.

UPDATE 4/22/23

As Israel's 75th birthday approaches
the people are fighting back against the Fascists ...

who are attempting to destroy their democracy

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The next 2 videos should be seen in the following order:

Palestine (10:07)

The Jews (6:05)

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The rise of Fascism worldwide continues at a frantic pace ...

this time in Italy

We are reliving the 1930's ... and we all know how that turned out.

UPDATE 9/26/22

The Fascists take control of Italy

You don't know how badly that I wish ... I had been wrong.

UPDATE 4/5/23

Fascists legislate huge fines for using English

Quote from Italian scholars

"following fascist footsteps, specifically those of Benito Mussolini,
whose linguistic reclamation project led to six-month jail sentences
for those who used foreign words.

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Who are the ones most to blame for the tragedy in Benghazi?

The ones who have been screaming the loudest and pointing fingers at others

Here is the money quote from the article:

"But it's a bit rich to complain about a lack of US security personnel
at diplomatic missions on the one hand,
while actively working to cut the budget
to pay for US security personnel at diplomatic missions on the other.

It's not just a bit rich - it is intentionally dishonest.
It is exactly what little kids do after they've been caught ...

with their hand in the cookie jar

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In Mexico, people wait in long lines to get oxygen refills ...

for their Covid-stricken family and friends

Meanwhile the rich are living better than ever.
Notice at the end of the article where it reported that
prices for oxygen refills have now ... doubled.

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Civilian leader of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi

The Oligarchs in Myanmar pull off what Trump and the "My Pillow Guy" could not ...

a military coup

And Democracy takes another huge blow
as the Oligarchy continues to tighten its grip on civilization, worldwide.

And the most powerful country of all (the U.S.) is barely hanging in there by a thread
as the Oligarchy came the closest it has ever come to destroying Democracy in America in 2020
thanks to the betrayal of America by an entire political party and nearly half the voting population.

I would be willing to bet that Trump already has a team enroute to Myanmar
to get advice from their Oligarchs on how they pulled it off.

UPDATE 8/1/21

General Hlaing promotes himself to Prime Minister

UPDATE 12/6/21

In Myanmar, Aung Kyi has been sentenced to 4 years in prison ...

and more trials against her are planned

America came so close to following this path in 2021.
If Trump had been able to convince the generals (he tried - but failed),
Myanmar's story could have been our story.
Since the American Oligarchy still controls the minds
of nearly half of America's adults
their next attempt ... might end differently.

UPDATE 7/25/22

The iron fist of worldwide fascism continues to pound away at Democracy ...

political opponents (proponents of Democracy) to be executed

The message is clear:
"We are in charge - keep your damn mouths shut ... or we will kill you too."

UPDATE 1/31/24

3 years of civil war has been disastrous for the people ...

and they are still under the thumb of the military

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New Zealand


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

New Zealand becomes the first country to reopen after controlling Covid-19

That's how you do it Sports Fans: People first - Big Business last.
And as an additional bonus ... Big Business also does better.

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North Korea


In North Korea, a video smuggler is sentenced to execution by firing squad.
Kids who watched the video got 5 years of hard labor in prison ...

and another kid got life

Enjoy your Thanksgiving.
Tomorrow we need to get back to business
cleaning up this godforsaken hell hole.

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North Korea ...

Trumpism on steroids

"... his troops chanted 'Let’s defend Kim Jong Un with our lives!'
Flag-waving spectators, unmasked
despite a fervent domestic campaign to fend off the coronavirus, cheered ....

So what's the difference again
between these North Korean Brainwashed Zombies
and our good old American Maga Brainwashed Zombies?

It's almost as if,
no matter how far back you go in time
or wherever you go in the world
the Oligarchs seem to be able to mass produce them from the same mold.

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The Panama Papers brought down several government leaders.
But some, like Putin, were too powerful to be affected.
Within weeks, the story of the century
was quashed by Oligarchs and the media went silent.
In Pakistan, The Panama Papers exposed the corruption of Prime Minister Sharif.
The Supreme Court found him guilty and removed him from office.
How did the Oligarchs fight back?

His wife ran and won his old office ...

which means he is back in power and free to plunder the country once again

Remember, these are Muslims. They don't think women should be educated or even allowed to drive.
Yet when power and control is at stake, look how quickly they ditch their religious beliefs.
Maybe now you'll be able to understand why American Evangelicals rallied behind Trump.
Whether Christian or Muslim, Conservatives will ditch their phony religious bullshit in a heartbeat
if they think it will get them control over the resources.

Until the masses develop the rational thinking skills necessary to defend themselves,
they will continue to be controlled by the Oligarchs.

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Between Covid and the Oligarchy ... Peru is on its knees

Congress dissolves the Presidency

Just when the nation is getting destroyed by Covid worse than any nation on Earth
the Oligarchy seizes the opportunity to force Democracy into full retreat.

UPDATE 1/20/23

The Presidency dissolves Congress

Democracy continues to be slaughtered worldwide
as the various Oligarchies regain control over the masses.

Since 2,500 years ago when Democracy first appeared in Greece,
Oligarchs have been fighting back with everything they've got ...

and they are winning

The 1% has controlled the other 99% for 10,000 years
ever since humans first transitioned from hunter-gatherers
into tribes and then into ever larger societies.
And the Oligarchs have done so by primarily relying on one tactic:
the most successful military tactic in world history ...


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Democracy in Poland is in serious trouble
as the government brings its Supreme Court ...

under its direct control

Fascism is rising all over the world as Democracy takes hit after hit.
The people have the power, but not the know-how, to stop it.

The same thing has been happening in the U.S.
The Plutocracy blocked a record number of judicial appointments
during Obama's presidency (more than all the previous 43 presidents combined)
and are now appointing ultra-conservative, ultra-young judges at a record-setting rate.

UPDATE 7/21/17

European Union may sanction Poland

(that is - if they can pressure Hungary to quit supporting "Democracide")

UPDATE 7/24/17

President Duda vetoes judicial takeover

UPDATE 12/18/19

In Poland, Oligarchs are taking control over the judiciary ...

just like in the U.S.

Oligarchs take over judiciaries
for one purpose and one purpose only ...

to legalize theft

Democracy is falling like dominoes ... all over the world.

UPDATE 2/19/24

Poland's brush with fascism occurred about the same time as America's
and ended almost the same way ...

Voters throw fascists out in 2024

And just like what happened in America,
the fascists did everything they could to stay in power.
And just like in America, the names they choose for themselves
are the exact opposite of what they actually represent.

Here are a few quotes from the article:

"The former leadership are refusing to give up our headquarters
and up until recently were refusing to leave the building ....

"After 8 years of government under the far-right nationalist Law and Justice party,
Polish voters turned up in record numbers in a historic October election
that heralded a new, liberal government under the leadership of Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

"They could reach to a certain section of the society
that was crucial for maintaining the support for this particular party.
So they were, on the one hand, an instrument of party propaganda.
But they were ... an instrument of fueling polarization in Poland.

This is eerily similar to what America recently went through.
But don't relax, fascists will be fascists - and they never give up.

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Russia's dictator, Vladimir Putin is following the same script as Stalin ...

as Ukraine invasion looms

UPDATE 2/24/22

Why Ukraine — and Russia's aggression against it — matters to Americans

(be sure and read the link near the end of the article about the "Russian Oligarchy")

Quick summary (quote taken from near the end of the article) ...

" In his characteristic manner, Putin claims, grotesquely, that
Russia must make war on Ukraine because it threatens Russia,
when his real ambition is imperial restoration
and his real fear is that a neighbor’s exemplary democratic success
would undermine his own kleptocratic rule.

RELATED 3/4/22

This post is for all you phony conservative "Christians."
You know: the kind of "Christian" who worships Republican Jesus
(that's Jesus with an AR-15 in one hand and his stock portfolio in the other).
Many of you are supporting the Russian invasion of Ukraine
and claiming that Putin is an agent for God.

Notice the percentage of Ukrainians who are Christian (almost 90%)

Now compare that to the percentage of Russians who are Christian (less than 50%)

It's entertaining, in a sick way, that you phonies believe your invisible friend
would side against a country that devoutly worships him
by siding with a country that has a minority of believers.

As your hero Trump can attest to: Facts ...

are a bitch

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Russia is preparing to eliminate a human rights organization ...

that exposes inconvenient truths

Democracy is in full retreat ... worldwide.

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Republicans have to be green with envy
as Russians show them how it's done ...

Retirement age skyrockets for both men and women

All of the progress made in the 20th century is slowly being wiped away by ...

the Oligarchs

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If you don't fully understand what the big deal is about Trump and Russia ...

this should make things a lot clearer

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President of Russia, Vladimir Putin

The Putin dictatorship has now been officially established

Now that the Oligarchs have figured out how to control Democracy
(by manipulating the gullible half of the population with simple brainwashing techniques)
the cancer of Fascism is returning with a vengeance.
Democracy is in full retreat all over the world.

There simply aren't enough warriors in the hive to mount a counter-attack.

RELATED (from 2017)

We've all heard the phrase "playing the Hitler card."
It is used when a person tries to make a comparison,
between someone they don't like ... and Adolf Hitler;
That's because Hitler is the epitome of evil.
He is the standard, against whom, all others are judged.
Here is someone who deserves the comparison ... Vladimir Putin

The Russian-Georgian War

Georgia under Russian occupation

The Russian-Ukraine War: Crimea annexed (stolen)

Lots of people are dying because of this maniacal thieving bastard (google: Panama Papers).
But if he isn't stopped soon, that may be just a drop in the bucket.
Here is another arch villain that compares similarly to Putin ...

Joseph Stalin

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Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, has been the Prime Minister of Somoa for the past ...

22 years

He's pulling a "Trump" and refuses to leave office after election defeat

Trumpism is like a virulent cancer spreading throughout the planet.
Everywhere you turn, fascists are destroying, or trying to overturn Democracy.
That is because Democracy is the greatest enemy the Oligarchs have ever faced.

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Saudi Arabia


These are two of the world's most powerful Oligarchs.

Trump thanks Saudi Arabia for low oil prices ...

after letting it off the hook for Khashoggi murder

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Probably the best "pledge of allegiance" on the planet ...

"We, the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language, or religion,
to build a democratic society based on justice and equality
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.

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South Africa


This is how you deal with a pandemic (5:01)

So how well has this paid off for South Africa?

Or you can be like the U.S. and let the Oligarchs run it
and live  I mean die with the consequences.

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Sri Lanka


Tax cuts destroy the Sri Lankan economy

At the end of the article, notice how the Big Boys roll out their usual excuses?
But the "economists" (the ones who actually know what's happening) spill the beans.

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Islamic extremists in Sudan still control the military
and they have instigated a coup ...

to regain power and get control over the people

Donald Trump has probably sent Don Jr. over to pick up some "coup tips";
and while Junior is there ... he can kill a few more elephants.

They call that a "two-fer"

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No domestic Covid cases in 7 months

This shows what can be done
when a country isn't burdened with
tens of millions of brainwashed cult members ...
led by a pathological liar.

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Thailand's military maintains control over Thailand
despite fierce resistance from the people of Thailand ...

who want their democracy back

So why is international support so weak?

Because most of the world's governments
are now under Oligarchy control
and the last thing they want to see is ...

democracy succeed

Here in America (the supposed bastion of democracy)
we came within a hair's breadth of losing our democracy in 2021;
and we are still perilously close to losing it even now,
as the forces of fascism continue their relentless attack.

UPDATE 7/20/23

Military prevents democratic transition

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Democracy takes yet another huge hit ...

as the government is overthrown in Tunisia

All over the world democracy is falling like a row of dominoes.
Under Trump, the U.S. came closer than it ever has in its history
to joining the other fallen democracies. We barely survived ...

but for how long?

UPDATE 1/14/23

The new, replacement Oligarch continues to tighten the noose on Democracy

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Erdogan, like so many other recent world leaders, is consolidating power ...

and driving another nail in the coffin of Democracy

One thing that always gives fascists away,
is that you never see them with just one flag;
they are always awash  in flags.

UPDATE 6/24/18

Dictatorship proceeding ... according to plan

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United States


So, how many countries have U.S. military bases?

The answer is 70 ...

to protect our "interests"

If you open up the query "How many countries is the US military in?"
you will see that number more than double.

The world's largest Christian nation is by far the most violent on Earth.
We are the only country in the world in an almost constant state of war.
I'm sure Jesus would be so proud of how well we followed his teachings.

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The U.S. Military-Industrial Complex spends almost as much on militarization
as the next 9 biggest spenders ... COMBINED!

Over 1/3 of the world's spending on warfare comes from Christian America.
Maybe that's why Jesus's country is the only one in the world that is always in a state of war?

After all, what's the point in spending all that money ...

if you're not going to use it to kill people and take their stuff?

Here is the breakdown of the spending

The true cost of our "national security"

Here is a list of wars  involving the most Christian nation on Earth.
You know, the nation that has the 10 Commandments posted everywhere
containing the commandment ... "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

Jesus must be so proud.

What would happen to any American president who tried to stop them?

Here are the words that I predict you would hear:
"In the interests of national security,
we have been forced to remove this president from power.

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Fascism continues to sprout around the world (including in the U.S.).
With sabers rattling and threats abounding ...

does the world show any sign of becoming an advanced intelligent civilization?

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty was designed
so that the nuclear nations could maintain their advantage.
They show no willingness to give up that advantage.
There is only one way this can end.
Either we find a way to stop the insanity ...

or the inevitable will do it for us


they voted

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John Bolton admits U.S. interference in foreign governments.

He admits to attempted coup in Venezuela in 2019 (it failed)

Iran and Venezuela. Hmmm. What do they have in common?
Well, for one thing, out of about 200 countries on Earth,
they are the richest 2 in oil.

Coinky Dink?

Only if you were born yesterday.

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Venezuela's president ... Nicolas Maduro

U.N. finds grounds to authorize a further investigation into "crimes against humanity" ...

committed by the Maduro regime

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President Maduro of Venezuela has been indicted by U.S.

This is what happens to a foreign nation
when they refuse to allow American oil tycoons

to keep stealing their oil (just ask Iran)

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Guaido plans to privatize Venezuela's oil
(transfer its wealth from the people to the rich)
That's why America "named" him president of Venezuela

Excellent background report on what has been happening in Venezuela ... and why

This is a carbon-copy of CIA activity in Iran in 1951.

UPDATE 8/6/19

Trump freezes Maduro government's assets; while Guaido jumps for joy

My responses to the above article (3 pages)

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Conservatives try to blame Venezuela's problems on Socialism.
Here's what's really goin' on ...

Wherever people are dying in large numbers and being stripped of their wealth,
you can be sure that you will find a group of oil tycoons playing poker in a nearby hotel.

And here is a stunning take-down of ...

John Oliver's misrepresentation of the Venezuelan crisis by Mike Prysner (46:37)


Big Oil and the Trump administration flex their muscle
by trying to shut down dissent wherever they find it.
The video above is now preceeded by a warning.
You must dismiss the warning in order to view the video. It reads:

"The following content has been identified by the YouTube community
as inappropriate or offensive to some audiences.
Viewer discretion is advised.

Was it all that sex? All the violence and obscenities? Who was offended?

(I'm going with the Koch Brothers on that one)

UPDATE - 9/8/18
Trump was seeking war with Venezuela

UPDATE 1/28/19

America's reason for instigating a coup in Venezuela is explained by Farron Cousins (5:05):

Spoiler alert ... it's the oil

Here's Bolton's admission ... in his own words

Countless people will die and many other lives will be destroyed;
all so that the rich ... can get richer.

UPDATE 2/21/19

America is preparing to invade Venezuela.

Thom Hartmann - Richard Wolff video (11:59)

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