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Younger people are less likely to be strickly heterosexual

Give this study to your friends who support the pseudoscientific theory
that people are "born gay" - and watch their heads begin sparking
as they desperately search for rationalizations to 'splain away the results.

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For those of you who still accept the claim
that people are born either gay or straight ...

you might want to listen to Bill Nye on this one (3:08)

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Classic Emails (3 pages)

Is being gay is a choice?

Neither the author of the video "Counter Arguments"
nor those on the CC list responded ... as usual.



Classic Emails (4 pages)

Some folks just never learn

"Mr. Counter Arguments" tries his luck again

When he realized his mistake and tried to cover it up by suggesting
that I view "all his content" (videos),
he failed to remember that he did not delete his original video
in which he took the position that "Gays are born that way."
(it was still part of his "content")
So even if I had watched all his content, as he ridiculously suggested,
I would have been left confused by the fact
that his content now contained videos
which both supported the pseudoscientific belief that gays are born gay,
and another video which contradicted that one
by admitting that science does not, in fact, support that position.

Looking into a mind like his (Mr. Counterarguments)
is like finding a brown paper bag in a dumpster, opening it up,
and seeing hundreds of squirming maggots.

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Remember when Christian bigots were going nuts
every time that their anti-gay antics were compared
to their failed opposition to interracial marriage?

Remember when they tried to claim that it wasn't the same thing?

Well, it turns out that it is - and they proved it for us ...

Sometimes these morons make it soooooooooo ...


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Christian bigots pay off like a broken Vegas slot machine ...

just like church has trained them to do for thousands of years

The world's longest-running scam is still going strong

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Classic Emails (1 page each)

After the pizza joint in Indiana became the focus of national attention
over their refusal to cater gay weddings,
the American Taliban rallied to their defense
and donated nearly a MILLION dollars to them
to show America how bigots will stand together in times of threat.

Seeing how easy it was to separate deluded Ghost Worshipers from their money,
other businesses started following suite and making announcements.

Melissa's Sweetcakes was one such business ...
only they lost in court, and were ordered to pay $135,000 in damages.
So like good little Ghost Worshipers, they set up a GoFundMe page
and waited for all the sucker's money to come rolling in.

So I sent them this email

But their GoFundMe page was taken down
since they were found to be in violation by a court of law.

So guess who came to their rescue?

Ye are known by the company ... thou keeps

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Classic emails (2 pages)

The "About" page of Christian bigot, Matt Barber

For some odd reason, Matt never did respond to my email.
Nor did any of the dozen or so Ghost Worshipers whom I included on the CC list.
Oh well, I guess my lonely quest to make new friends will just have continue elsewhere.

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Tea Party Christians (filled with the Holy Spirit)
demonstrate “Gay Conversion Therapy”

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Homosexuality once again illegal in India

So why this step backward into the Middle Ages?
I think this quote from the article says it all:

"The High court ruled in Naz's favor.
But the decision came under fire from Christian, Hindu and Muslim groups,
who filed an appeal to the Supreme Court.

Yep, it's the same old story:
superstitious Ghost Worshipers dictating their hideous morals onto society.

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Ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel

No matter where you find them in the world; whether in Israel, the U.S., or elsewhere,
ultra-Orthodox Jews are just like their fundamentalist counterparts in Christianity and Islam ...

they are the scum of the Earth

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Christians prove themselves no different than radical Muslims.
They have been hating and killing for 2,000 years - why stop now?

This time, we take you to Russia for Christian reaction to a peaceful gay march

Anywhere you go on Earth, the people least like Jesus, are always ... Christians.

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So who is going to get violent if gay marriage is legalized in France?
Christians - provoked by guys like that piece of human feces in the little red hat.
Christian violence rarely originates with Christians themselves,
but rather with clergy who use their positions of influence to manipulate their flocks,
who then force their beliefs on others.

This is far more easily seen in modern-day radical Islam.
Christian leaders have been watching closely,
and they can see just how successful Muslims,
who resort to the time-tested stategy of violence, have been.
A stategy most modern Christians have abandoned.

But little red hat man gives us a pretty good picture
of what Christianity was like for centuries
before modern humans dragged them out of the Middle Ages, kicking and screaming.

So it has always been ... So it shall always be

(until we learn to fight back)

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Conservative Christians often refer to biblical families.
But since none of them have ever actually opened a Bible
they are unaware of what a biblical family really looks like.

Shall we show them?

Abdon - Judges 12:14
Abijah - 2 Chronicles 13:21
Abraham - Genesis 16:1, 16:3, 25:1
Ahab - 1 Kings 20:3
Ahasuerus - Esther 1:9
Ashur - 1 Chronicles 4:5
Belshazzar - Daniel 5:2
Benhadad - 1 Kings 20:3
Caleb - 1 Chronicles 2:18-19, 2:46, 2:48
David - 1 Samuel 18:27, 19:11-18, 25:39, 25:43-44, 2 Samuel 3:3-5, 3:13-14,
David (more) - 5:13, 6:20-23, 12:7-8, 12:24, 15:16, 16:21-23, 1 Chronicles 14:3
Eliphaz - Genesis 36:11-12
Elkanah - 1 Samuel 1:2
Esau - Genesis 26:34, 28:9
Ezra - 1 Chronicles 4:17-18
Gideon - Judges 8:30
Heman - 1 Chronicles 25:4
Hosea - Hosea 1:3, 3:1
Ibzan - Judges 12:9
Issachar - 1 Chronicles 7:4, Numbers 1:29
Jacob - Genesis 29:23, 29:28, 30:4, 30:9
Jair - Judges 10:4
Jehoiachin - 2 Kings 24:15
Jehoram - 2 Chronicles 21:14
Jerahmeel - 1 Chronicles 2:26
Joash - 2 Chronicles 24:3
Lamech - Genesis 4:19
Machir - 1 Chronicles 7:15-16
Manasseh - 1 Chronicles 7:14
Mered - 1 Chronicles 4:17-19
Moses - Exodus 2:21, 18:1-6, Numbers 12:1
Nahor - Genesis 22:20-24
Rehoboam - 2 Chronicles 11:18-23
Saul - 1 Samuel 14:50, 2 Samuel 3:7
Shaharaim - 1 Chronicles 8:8
Simeon - Genesis 46:10, Exodus 6:15
Solomon - 1 Kings 11:3
Zedekiah - Jeremiah 38:23
Ziba - 2 Samuel 9:10

Question for Conservative Christians, if you have read your Bibles ... how did you miss all those verses?

As a matter of fact, biblical families are illegal in modern America.
If you want to enjoy God's definition of marriage (polygamy)
then you should move to either Saudi Arabia ... or Utah.
If you choose Utah, it is customary to propose as soon as possible after puberty (not yours - hers).
If you choose Saudi Arabia, you don't need to wait that long.

Here's a great picture showing Christians and how much they've learned from Jesus
by coming out in force to support Chic-fil-A and their anti-gay owner Dan Cathy.
Do you believe they all just happened to get hungry for chicken at the same time?
Or do you think they were following the directions of their religious leaders?

(Hint: I'd go with the second one)

Can't you just picture Jesus standing in line with all those bigots
and trashing homosexuals while waiting for His order of extra crispy?

No, I can't either

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The Reverand Billy Graham, at age 93, decides to go out with one last act of bigotry

North Carolina to Vote on a State Constitutional Amendment to Ban Gay Marriage

Jesus must be ... so proud

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Later, I wrote to the IFI again:
Congratulations are once again in order for the Illinois Family Institute
who have managed to land on the Southern Poverty Law Center's list of "Hate Groups" yet again.

Illinois Hate Groups (2 pages)

I'm sure that if Jesus exists, He must be beaming with pride.
Message to the Illinois Family Institute: on Judgment Day,
don't be shocked to discover that you'll be spending eternity ... with me.

I then followed with another email. Here is the result of those emails:

The Illinois Family Institute Throws in the Towel (4 pages)

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The Illinois Family Institute wants to help you with your medical insurance

Health Insurance

Then later ...

I sent the following email to Laurie Higgins at the Illinois Family Institute

Long time no hear.
I thought you might be worried about me
so I just thought I would drop you this little email
to let you know all is well.
Just happened to catch these stories on the wire:

Washington State Votes to Allow Gay Marriage

New Jersey Votes to Allow Gay Marriage

For the First Time ... Majority of Americans Favor Gay Marriage
(this one even has a neat little chart showing just how successful all your efforts have been)

My first thought was "I wonder why Jesus is doing so badly?"
Then I remembered that Jesus never said anything bad about gay people.
In fact, in many verses he encourages us to love everyone ... even our enemies.

So, what I should have wondered was "Why is His father doing so badly?"
He certainly has a strong hatred towards them.
He called them "abominations"
and the penalty, as I recall, was capital punishment ...
and not the "humane" kind.

If Atheists are as few in number as Christians claim,
then they couldn't be affecting the results very much.
Since this country is populated mostly by Christians (about 75%),
it is obvious that most Christians have chosen Jesus over His father.

Maybe you and your little band of Westboro rejects should think that one over.

Yours in Christ,


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This is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a conservative Catholic.
And here is his lovely wife Virginia. They were married in Nebraska in 1987.
This would not have been possible 24 years earlier in 1963.

So, how will Justice Thomas vote on same-sex marriage?

We already know.
The advance of civilization allowed him to marry the one he loved.
But the Conservative Republican motto is:
"I got mine ... screw you"

(These people really are despicable human beings)

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Gay Defenders


Man convicted for attempting a mass terrorist attack
against the Christian organization "The Family Research Council."

He was carrying a note which said "With God all things are possible"

Even other Christians want to kill those bastards.

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This is pure genius (2:52)

Nearly 60% of Americans now support equality for gay people.
Only 4% of Americans identify as Atheists.
So who are these Americans who are turning America into a modern, progressive society?
Muslims? Hindus? Agnostics? Jews?

In America, there is only one possible answer ... Christians.

It is Christians who are rejecting the evil monster in the Old Testament
and turning instead to the teachings of Jesus.
They are the ones who have made possible this huge advancement in human rights in America.

Now. If only they can civilize the "Old Testament" Christians (Conservative Christians),
we can finally start to make headway towards a modern society;
one that lives up to the principles enshrined in our Constitution.

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The religious objection to gay marriage
(on the grounds that it cannot result in childbirth)
may soon have to be discarded.

Two-dad babies may soon become a reality

Then they will be forced to object on truthful grounds:
that they are simply hate-filled bigots
whose discrimination is based on ancient, violent scriptures
written by ancient, violent people.

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This story is directed at all the bigoted Christian hate groups and politicians
who attack gay people under the guise of "saving the American family."

Most Babies Born to Young Mothers, Are Born ... Out of Wedlock

In fact, the way the trend is going, gay people may be the only group
that actually perpetuates the institution of marriage.
So you groups who are so fond of using the word "family" in your names
are actually fighting against those who are trying hardest to maintain a family structure.
This proves that it isn't the family you are trying to preserve;
you have only coopted the word 'family' for its emotional value.
Your true motivation is simply hatred of homosexuality
based on ancient manuscripts written by ignorant sheep-shaggers.

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