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2017 Los Angeles Unified School District Election


The Los Angeles Times has sold out to Trump/Devos
by endorsing candidates who will continue ...

the destruction of our public school system

Thanks in large part to this endorsement,
the Trump/Devos candidates were able to eke out narrow victories.

The Conservative cancer is spreading like an uncontrolled wildfire

In an attempt to appear fair, the article tries to give the impression
that the Trump/DeVos candidates hate Trump.
Whether that is true or false is irrelevant.
What is relevant is that they are promoting
the Trump/DeVos destruction of public education
in one of the largest school systems in the nation.

I sent the following email to the L.A. Times editorial staff:

"I wish someone could explain to me why the L.A. Times editorial board
sold out to the Trump/DeVos agenda by endorsing their candidates.

The excuse I read from the board was that public schools are underperforming.

Well of course they are underperforming.
What else can you expect when millions of dollars are being diverted
from public education into for-profit schools?

Is there any other possible outcome?

Can anyone at the Times explain this sell-out to me and my readers 

No. They did not reply. Maybe I should have said "Please."

This writer makes a great point

I had missed that connection between school choice and segregation.
But considering who is promoting vouchers and charter schools ...

it makes perfect sense

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2016 Presidential Election


Trump's election was made possible mainly by voters in rural areas
and older white voters like those whose remotes are glued to Fox News.

Now there may be a scientific explanation to reveal ...

what the hell is wrong with these people

Ah science - solving mysteries for over 500 years now

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How strong was the Christian support for Donald Trump?

Proving that for Conservative Christians,
God comes in a distant second to ...


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The Republican party tries very hard to convince everyone
that they are not a party of racists.
And then Donald Trump comes along and provides the proof ...
that they are:

Donald Trump's poll numbers skyrocket

Donald Trump was so low in the polls a month ago
that he would have had to work overtime just to crawl into last place.
Then Trump went all Aryan Brotherhood, and now we find him ...
near the top of the heap.

So what made Republicans change their minds overnight?
Was it Trump's economic plan?
Was it his stand on Healthcare?
Did he change his position on gay marriage?

Or did his ranking skyrocket when he smeared Hispanics?

If you need any more proof of the rampant racism
in the Confederacy Republican Party
then you are probably beyond hope.

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Another classic quote from John Fugelsang:

"Donald Trump worked his way up from nothing ... to be born a millionaire."

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At first you might think that this is the stupidest thing you have ever read:
Catholic Chris Christie calls the Pope an Atheist
and a Pope who only pretends to believe in Jesus Christ ...

Let's analyze this one:

Imagine little Christie back in second grade playing during recess.
A couple of kids walk by him and make fun of the "fat little kid."

Since it's true, and he has no defense,
what do nearly all little kids do in that situation?

They say, "I know you are but what am I?" or "So are you!"

They simply "Throw it back" in a childish, pathetic attempt to fight back.

Now fast-forward
The Pope is really nailing all of America's phony Christians for their hypocrisy.
These Christians are found mainly (though not exclusively) in the Republican party.
Christie's bizarre response was nothing more than a man child
resorting to the same tactic that served him so well in second grade:

"I'm not a phony Christian ... you are!"

For Republicans, this is what passes as presidential material

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Who are the dumbest rocks on the beach?

The brightest Republican supporters are equal to
the least-educated Democratic supporters

And Trump supporters are the dumbest of the dumb ...

but most of us already had this one figured out

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Trump and Carson get secret service protection

What the article doesn't tell you is that they need protection from ... Republicans.

Carson is the "token negro" that Republicans run briefly every election
to convince voters that they aren't really a party of racist rednecks
(remember Herman Cain, the Pizza Guy, in 2012?)
But Carson is lasting way longer than they had planned.
They also know that half their party would start another Civil War
before voting for a black man,
so now they have to find a way to make him quietly go away.

Trump was supposed to draw attention away from whomever the Koch Brothers
have selected to be our next president,
(probably Bush, but since my membership in "Americans For Prosperity" has lapsed,
I can't say for sure)
but Trump turned out to be as unpredictable as Sarah Palin
and just as big of an embarrassment, so now they have themselves a problem.

Stay tuned


I must be clairvoyant

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The "token negro" that Republicans run every 4 years
to deflect accusations (which are true) that they are a party of racists,
is hanging around at the top of the list, a lot longer than he was supposed to.

Now Republicans are scrambling to dismantle the Frankenstein they've created
because they know that, as a Republican, an African-American is unelectable:
Democrats wouldn't vote for him because he is completely unqualified,
and most Republicans would die before voting for a black man.

So Republicans are saving Democrats the trouble of bringing Carson down ...

by doing it themselves

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This is all you need to know, to understand why America is in ... deep shit

Understand - we aren't in deep shit because of these two clowns.
We are in deep shit because this proves how easily
the rich can manipulate and control tens of millions of "useful idiots" ...

to do their bidding

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Meet Robert Dear: the new G.O.P. frontrunner ...

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Thanks to the "Citizens United" Supreme Court decision of 2010
this is what the 2016 election primaries look like:

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Here are your 2 GOP front runners: first ...

Ted Cruz displayed his toughness at the GOP debate
and showed just how he would deal with thugs
like Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin ...

And here is the other front runner ...

Donald Trump, refused to appear at the debate
because he too was the victim of "mean" questions.
He claims he would stand up to Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin
but he refuses to be hurt any more by vicious questions from ...

Megyn Kelly

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As I stated when Donald Trump first became a candidate for President,
I believe that the purpose of Donald Trump's candidacy
is to keep pressure off the candidate
that the Koch brothers have chosen to be our next president.
I base this belief on:

1) The 2012 Republican Presidential Race playbook

and these realities:

1) As Trump proves, Republicans don't care much for brown people
(so the 2 Cuban guys are out)

2) Fiorina is the token female they run every election
(remember Bachman?)
to deflect accusations that they are the party against women
(which they are)

3) Carson is the token black guy they run every election
(remember the Pizza Guy in 2012?)
to deflect accusations that they are the party which is home to America's racists
(which they are)

But Republicans didn't anticipate Trump's success and staying power.
When told that it was time to exit, Trump dutifully complied
by telling America that we should murder the family members of Muslims.
That statement was enough, not only to end anyone else's presidential aspirations,
but qualify a person to be put on a 72-hour hold for psychiatric evaluation.

The result: Trump's popularity increased,
proving that his entire base
should be put on a 72-hour hold for psychiatric evaluation.

I can just see Trump, standing in front of the Koch Brothers saying
"I tried! I said the craziest thing I could imagine
in order to get myself disqualified.
It's not my fault that these people are THAT crazy.

As January draws to a close, the Koch brothers need Trump out of the way
so they can start spending the billions they promised to spend
to install our next president.
So they tell Trump, since saying crazy shit doesn't work on crazy people,
what you have to do is insult them right to their faces.
Tell them they are so incredibly stupid,
that you could shoot someone and they would STILL vote for you.

So Donald, once again, tries to eliminate himself (1:06)

The result ... he is now more popular than ever.
The Koch brothers have to be furious since they know
that it is unlikely that anyone as nuts, as Trump presents himself to be,
could win in a general election.

By the way, in the video did you hear the cheers
from the morons who were too stupid to realize
that Trump had just insulted them worse
than any Democrat could ever do?


This video, and the resulting poll numbers showing Trump's rise,
should be taken before the board of the American Psychiatric Association
and used as evidence, to request that a new level
be added to their existing classifications:


I.Q.          Classification
<70                      Moron
<50                  Imbecile
<25                        Idiot
<0                    Trumpet

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After Jeb! Bush dropped out of the race
Republicans desperately searched through the remaining candidates
looking for an electable, semi-presentable white guy
who could replace the 2 Cubans and the race-baiting, reality TV star.

It looks like they may have settled on this guy ...

The rich could care less about issues like gay marriage and abortion.
Those issues cost them nothing.
The rich play the useful idiots  like violins
using trumped-up social issues to distract them, while the rich ...

steal them blind

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There are many ways to compare
two presidential candidates like Clinton and Sanders.
I thought "What would be important to me?"
The feeling I get from the media
is that Clinton is considered to be in the pocket of Big Business
while Sanders is portrayed as the fighter for the masses.
I wanted to know once and for all, was that true or just media hype?

My butt is still burnin' from the greatest transfer of wealth in history
from the masses to the rich ... "The Bailout"

The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008

It was there that I found what I was looking for.
How did Clinton and Sanders vote?
Did they agree on the transfer of trillions of taxpayer dollars to the rich?

Only one of them did

I'll admit that I'm anxious for America to elect its first female president.
And Clinton would be infinitely preferable to any Republican candidate.
But in my mind, Sanders is by far the best candidate to represent America.

It has been said that you get the government you deserve.
But that is not true.
Throughout history people had little say over who was King.
Now, with half the world's nations theoretically "democratic"
it still isn't true: since most elections are pretty evenly divided
(rarely do you see anything over 70%, or even 60%)
that means that only a little over half the people
are getting the government they deserve.

In the case of Sanders, only a small percentage of Americans deserve him
but it looks like they are going to have to settle for far less.

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Ben Carson endorses Donald Trump (2 pages)

This could backfire on Carson if establishment Republicans
are able to defeat the Democratic process and install their "man."
(remember: defeating the Democratic process is a required skill for all GOPers)

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If there is one thing that Republicans are famous for, above all else,
it is fighting with everything they have ... against the democratic process.
(Gerrymandering, voter suppression, etc.)

That's why I find the possibility of an open convention so hysterical.
Republican leaders are now in a desperate position:
their leading candidate (Trump) is likely unelectable in a general election
so they are panicking and are being forced into denying the nomination
to the currently-leading, democratically-chosen candidate of the Republican party ...
by denying Democracy to their OWN people (Republicans).

What's the best choice of words here?
Schadenfreude? Karma? "Reap what ye sow?" or ...

"What goes around, comes around?"

Most of us knew Republicans would never, ever, nominate
either of the 2 Cuban guys;
nor the token woman;
nor the token black;
nor the racist TV reality star.
The only question was ... which rich white guy would they choose?

I was thinking Jeb! (but he dropped out)
That only left Kasich (who isn't very popular either)
So now the only people who know for sure are the Koch Brothers ...
and they ain't talkin


Here's a petition I would gladly sign

After all, if you can get them to wipe themselves out,
wouldn't that pretty much solve most of American's problems?

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Republicans prove yet again that Democracy is their greatest enemy,
and will attack it whenever and wherever it rears its ugly head.
Yet, they don't even bother to try to hide that fact
because they know how incredibly stupid the majority of their base is

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As Trump edges ever closer to the White House, this is worth reading ...

America seems to be going out of its way to prove
that evolution doesn't always move in a positive direction.

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Republicans find a judge who helps them defeat their greatest enemy ...


Using this judge's logic:
If delegates are free to vote their conscience
then the entire process of choosing a candidate
(debates, primaries, etc.)
is all a big waste of time and money.

Oh by the way, in case you had any doubt,
this is a Conservative Southern judge ...

appointed by George H.W. Bush

Ah ... The Bush Family ... the gift that just keeps on giving

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I have to admit that I find it very amusing that the Republican party
(which has done everything in its power to fight democracy
through Gerrymandering, various voter suppression tactics, etc.)
is now battling half of its own party
which is trying to steal the nomination
from the democratically chosen nominee, Donald Trump.
(the irony and karma meters are off the charts)

"schadenfreude" - defined as:
"Malicious enjoyment derived from observing someone else's misfortune."

Opening night at the Republican convention in Cleveland, Ohio

Democracy (next to science, logic, and rational thinking)
is the greatest enemy that Republicans have ever faced.

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This seems too good to be true ...

Trump supporters can't cancel recurring donations

Couldn't have happened to a nicer group of folks.
When I read stories like that one,
I am almost tempted to believe ...

that there really might be a god

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Snopes provides an excellent and detailed explanation regarding ...

Donald Trump's bankruptcies

So Snopes pretty much eliminated that particular attack on Trump.
That only leaves us with about a hundred other avenues to pursue.

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Here is a story verified by Snopes
that you will never hear from the Trump campaign, or on ...

Fox News

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I'm the last guy whom you would expect
to defend a Republican governor like Matt Bevin.
But as much as I hate to do it,
Liberals have forced me to do so.

Governor Bevin is claiming that a Clinton victory
could very well result in bloodshed.

Here is an article containing the text
of the controversial portion of his speech;
and some Liberal commentary

Now, go back and reread Bevin's statements from the point of view
that Bevin claimed was the proper context.

Now, think about it for a moment with an open mind.
Which makes more logical sense ...
That Bevin was inciting insurrection should Clinton be elected?
Or that her election might result in the loss of life of American servicemen?

The author did not accept Bevin's clarification.
It seems clear to me that it was meant exactly how Bevin claimed.
To believe otherwise requires an absurd level of dishonesty.

To me, the dishonesty is coming from the writer
and those Liberals who are trying to twist Bevin's words into something gruesome.

Here is the video of Bevin's speech.
It is 16:38 long, but you can skip to 11:50 to hear the controversial portion.

Governor Bevin's speech
threatening bloodshed if Clinton is elected

Crap like this is why I refuse to identify with an ideology.
This would be the perfect time to post my favorite quote
(which just happens to be by ... me)

"Overcoming ideological thinking,
whether Liberal or Conservative,
is equivalent to giving your brain an enema.


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Remember the excuse Republicans gave for leaving the Supreme Court one judge short?
They said they were doing it because the American people should choose the next judge.
Now that Trump has fallen far behind Clinton and they realize that they might lose,
do they still think the American people should choose?

No. They do not.
They plan to block nominations for 4 more years.

Keep voting Republican ... the rich sure do appreciate your support.

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What many Americans now realize,
is that we are experiencing our greatest wealth inequality ...
since The Great Depression.

But what few Americans seem to realize however,
is that we are also experiencing our greatest intellectual inequality ...

My proof?

Donald J. Trump

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Those who fail to learn from history ... are doomed to repeat it.

The choice ... is yours

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As I have been predicting for well over a year now,
the Conservatives have taken over
total control of the American government for the first time ever.

America meet your new president, Donald J. Trump ...

The only piece of the puzzle that Conservatives were missing
was the presidency of the United States,
and last night Donald Trump captured that piece for them.

Conservatives will now regain control of the Supreme Court
and all important decisions will again be 5-4 votes.
Assuming Ginsberg retires within the next 4 years (she is 83)
Conservatives will increase their stranglehold on the Judicial branch of government.

Conservatives also maintained control of both houses of Congress.

And they have increased their number of state governors from 31 to 33
which represents their strongest control since 1922
(only a few years before The Great Depression).

The Conservative governors were the ones responsible
for the refusal to expand Medicaid;
costing the lives of thousands of Americans every year
(those living in their own states).

When Obama leaves in January,
the last impediment to the pillaging of America will be removed.
The Roaring Twenties from the 20th century will return
as The Roaring Twenties of the 21st century.

How was I able to predict this?

When the Supreme Court decided the Citizens United case in 2010 (5-4),
they turned over control of our political system to the Plutocrats.
The 5 Conservative judges sold our Democracy for 30 pieces of silver.

Thereafter, the House of Representatives fell at the end of 2010,
followed by the Senate in 2014, and finally the Presidency in 2016.

In a nation of predominantly rational thinkers
Conservative money would lose its power to influence.
Our only hope to reverse the pillage which is sure to follow
is to train up the populace and give them the tools to learn to think logically.
This will be much harder to accomplish now that Conservatives control everything.

Conservatives will undoubtedly redouble their efforts to stifle education
by making it even more expensive (thus limiting its access mainly to the wealthy)
and by continuing to transfer as much money as possible out of the public school system
and into Charter and Voucher Schools (code words for religious schools).

America, consider yourself officially screwed
(and the worst part is ... you did it to yourselves)

I think our old buddy H.L. Mencken put it best ...

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If you thought election night was depressing;
and if you thought the appointment of an anti-science moron
to pull the U.S. out of the Paris climate agreement was depressing;
then maybe you should wait awhile before reading this ...

In addition to Obamacare
Medicare is also on the chopping block

Note: "privatization" is a code word for "take away."
(before we had it - it was  privatized)

Steve Benen goes into greater detail and exposes Ryan's ultimate goal.
It is the goal that the Plutocrats (through the Republican party)
have been working towards since 1935 ...

The end of Social Security

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If there is a silver lining in the disaster that was the American presidential election
it is the hilarious fact that Trump, Gingrich, et al, are now laughing in the faces of their supporters.
They are openly ridiculing the Rural Rubes who gave them their votes
by admitting that most of their campaign rhetoric was nothing more than lies to get their votes.
Why would they confess that now?

Because there was one thing Trump said during his campaign that was true:
"I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody
and I wouldn't lose any voters.

He was basically telling them how incredibly stupid they were (and right to their faces)
and they still elected him just like he said they would.
That's why the Trump team knows they can laugh right in their faces like this,
knowing that the Rubes will still be too stupid to realize that they have been played;

No matter how many times this scenario plays out,
the Rubes never figure it out ... and we all pay for it.


Here is a beautiful explanation of what the "Rural Rubes" just did to America ...

and why they did it

Another UPDATE

Do you remember these euphemisms for lying?

"I misspoke," "disinformation," "distortion,"
"fabrication," "inaccuracy," and "misrepresentation."

Here's the latest one "campaign rhetoric "

It doesn't matter how many centuries go by,
the Rural Rubes never figure it out.
They fall for it ... Every. Single. Time.

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Autopsy of the American presidential election

The power of "fake news"

Had this been simply a chaotic, random Facebook event
the fake news would have been nearly evenly divided.
The only reasonable explanation for the great disparity
is that it was intentionally being driven by one side.

So, who is playing the morons?
Who benefits by controlling them?

This quote from the story gives us the answer:

"The trend accelerated as Election Day drew near,
and all but 3 of the 20 top performers
were pro-Trump or anti-Clinton stories.

It's the same group that has always been behind every human disaster ...

The Plutocracy

They have perfected yet another way to control and milk the masses.

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Ben Carson says he's not qualified to serve in Trump's cabinet.
Yet a few months ago, Carson felt he was  qualified
to run for president of the United States of America.

How many of you are buyin' that one?

Trump's cabinet and everyone around him
looks like they just got off the plane from Oslo, Norway.
I've been trapped in snowstorms that weren't as white
as the crowd at a Trump rally.
In 2 weeks, the KKK will be holding a parade in Trump's honor.

You do the math

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The story of Friedrich Trump
(our president's grandfather)
reveals how difficult it is to escape one's DNA.

I just have a few comments about parts of the story ...

"The 1905 decree that banished Donald Trump's grandfather from Germany."

Okay, so the family isn't off to a great start.
Not many people get banished from their own country.
How did he manage such a huge fuckup?

"... done in by his having not performed mandatory military service."

Avoid military service - check.

History would prove that the genes for avoiding service,
did in fact, get passed down to The Donald.

"It wasn't gold, but a restaurant/brothel that brought him riches."

Yep, that certainly would be our Donald. If it were possible to go back in time,
Donald probably would have swindled the business out from under his grandpa,
and then sampled all the merchandise personally, before passing it out.

"The February 1905 decree gave Trump eight weeks
to leave the Kingdom of Bavaria or else face deportation.

So that's why Donald seems so obsessed with immigration.
It's a case of "psychological displacement"
(for example: kicking the dog after your boss fired you)
Donald is attacking the most helpless and vulnerable in America
in a misplaced, twisted sense of justice,
to make himself feel like he got revenge
for his grandpa's expulsion from Germany.

"On July 1, 1905, a three-months-pregnant Elisabeth,
Trump, and their daughter sailed for New York.
That unborn child would be Fred, Donald Trump's father.

America's only regret is that the Trump's didn't wait 7 more years

and book passage on the Titanic

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Are you finally recovering from the devastating presidential election?
Starting to feel better and more hopeful?

Then you had better not read this ...

A billionaire Creationist who said she believes
that education reform will advance God's kingdom,
has found success by transferring tax money away from public education
and into private and religious schools.
Betsy DeVos has been chosen by Trump to head ...

The Department of Education

I thought election night was America's low point.
But every day since - has only gotten worse
as the horror of what the dumbass half of America has brought to all of us
is now becoming apparent.

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Half of Americans are slowly waking up to the reality
that the other half tried to warn them about (7:30)

The dumbass half of America let the wolves back in.
Now we are all going to pay ... big time

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Donald Trump chooses "El Chapo"
to head the Drug Enforcement Administration

After Trump chose a Creationist to lead the Department of Education
and a climate-denier to lead the EPA transition team ...

"El Chapo" isn't all that much of a stretch, is he?

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And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse ...

Trump chooses a leading Obamacare critic for Health Secretary

Price said Trump would deliver a 'real health solution'

Yet, in all this time ... where is it?
In the 6 years of Obamacare,
where is any  promised Republican replacement?

The reason you can't find it is because ... there is none.
It is obvious that they have no intention of replacing it.

"we want a system that is affordable for everybody,
that is accessible for everybody,
that is of the highest quality and provides choices for patients—
all of those things have been destroyed by Obamacare.

Then why, in 6 years, haven't they been able to propose a better plan ... or any plan?

They don't want any of that. They want it gone.
Then they'll start working on their real target ...

Social Security

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Trump continues to "drain the swamp" by appointing to Treasury Secretary,
a former exec who worked 17 years for Goldman Sachs.

As we've been told, those weren't lies - just "campaign rhetoric."

But here is the only part that really matters:

"Mnuchin has said his aim is to cut business taxes "

And then he provides the classic excuse for cutting taxes for the rich:

"to make sure that US corporations are competitive around the world."

Haven't we already made sure?
Aren't we already the richest nation on Earth ... by a mile?
(the answers to those two questions are "yes" and "yes")

And here is the line that we've all come to expect since the election:

"Mnuchin has no government experience."

So he will fit in perfectly.
Come January our government will contain two types of leaders:            
1) unqualified, inexperienced rich people, and                                           
2) plenty of swamp-things who know how to transfer wealth from us ...

to them

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Trump resorts to Socialism and big government to keep campaign promise ...

with the benefits going only to Mike Pence's Indiana

"state incentives were part of the package "

Trump voters are too stupid to even realize
that these jobs aren't being saved by Trump ...
but by taxpayers.

"Carrier's parent company, United Technologies
did not want to jeopardize its government contracts

Translation for Trump voters:
"Extortion works just as well today ... as it ever did "

Trump hasn't even taken office yet and already the signs of the 4th Reich ...

are everywhere

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Trump's picks remain consistent ...

meet Secretary of Defense
James "mad dog" Mattis

"He speaks truth to everyone
and would certainly speak truth
to this new commander in chief.

I see a problem already ...
he and Trump don't even speak the same language.

"It's fun to shoot some people."
"Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet."

Yeah, this guy definitely has the kind of maturity you need
when considering whom to put in charge of the launch codes.

"Mattis would require a special waiver from Congress before being confirmed
because he's been a civilian for less than 7 years.

Well, why start following rules now?

Like I said at the top ... Trump is just being consistent

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I don't see the problem here ...

Petraeus should fit in perfectly with a Trump administration

I would have been more confused and surprised
if Trump had selected his first non-crook.

This guy, Petraeus, should be sharing a cell with Brad/Chelsea Manning.
(Think about that one. The security video would be priceless)

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Trump finally selects one of the most important posts in his cabinet ...

The "Token Negro" post

We all knew this one was coming.
With a cabinet whiter than the sheets at a Klan rally
Trump had to pick one "black guy."
Personally, I was leaning toward an African-American
who was very light-skinned (so as not to offend his other picks),
completely unqualified (so as not to offend his other picks),
and sexy, (to take their minds off her race); someone like ...

Halle Berry

But Carson is the next best choice for the Trump cabinet
which will have to be sent en masse (before the inauguration) to
anti-lynching Rehab to ensure Carson survives his role as "The Token."
How do I know he's the next best choice?

"[Carson] wrote an op-ed last year criticizing an anti-segregation rule
and comparing it unfavorably to federal busing.

Is this guy too perfect, or what?
Criticizing anti-segregation will probably save his life on cabinet family outings;
provided they keep the appropriate distance between themselves and the others ...
especially Steve Bannon.

That quote reminded me of the story about
African-American Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
who voted against gay marriage
while texting his very white  wife at home;
totally oblivious to the fact that advances in human morality
had allowed him to marry the woman he loved,
while he voted to deny that same right to others.

Keep voting Republican ...
the rich sure do appreciate your support

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This will give you a good idea of what we are up against ...

The military-industrial complex
(the enforcement arm of the plutocracy)

Did you notice how they tried to cover it all up
to hide their pillaging of America?

And Trump has made it clear that he plans to pour tons of more money into ...
"rebuilding our military "

We already spend more on the military than the next 7 countries in the world ...


There is no nation on Earth that is even remotely competitive.
Yet Conservatives have convinced the dumbass half of America to fork over even more
so that we can prevent an invasion by the always dangerous ... Equador.

America is being played.
But the warnings from those who understand that,
are being ignored by those who don't.
We have no choice. As Trump's election proves:
We must  find a way to convince the morons to stop being ...


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Trump appoints an arsonist to lead the Fire Department

Scott Pruitt, a climate-denier and the best friend that Big Oil ever had,
tapped by Trump to lead the Environmental Protection Agency

Even election night wasn't this dismal. Why not?

Because we didn't know then, just how bad it was going to get.
But our worst nightmares are all coming true.

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Trump is beginning to look a little like
a fly in the Republican ointment

Let's analyze this one ...

McCarthy said that lowering corporate tax rates
would be a much better way to stop companies leaving the country.

How McCarthy is deceiving you ...
He is not telling you that when tax incentives and other tax loopholes are considered,
America's effective tax rate on corporations is not high at all.

And more importantly, companies aren't leaving because of high taxes,
they are leaving to take advantage of the giant wage gap.
Therefore, lowering corporate taxes won't have any effect on companies leaving

and they know that

"We've got to have a level playing field,
that companies in America can compete
on a level playing field across the world,
and right now we do not have one.

Well that certainly explains why so many countries
are so much wealthier than we are, huh?

By the way Kevin, can you name ... one?

No. You can't. Because you are lying through your teeth.
America is not only the richest nation on Earth,
but the richest by a mile.

"McCarthy said it was healthy for a president to get involved in saving American jobs—
but he believes in the free market, not picking winners and losers.

If Republicans believed in a free market
they would not have passed legislation
that allowed the creation of the biggest monopolies in American history.
Nor would they have opposed legislation that attempted to weaken monopolies
so that smaller businesses could compete.

But they did

This guy McCarthy is the same guy
who just recently lost all credibility as an honest human being
when he admitted that Republicans had manufactured the Benghazi scandal
for the purpose of discrediting Hillary Clinton.
That admission cost him Speaker of the House -
a position he was favored to win.

House Speaker Paul Ryan ... "We can get at the goal here,
which is to keep American businesses American,
build things in America, and sell them overseas—
that can be properly addressed with comprehensive tax reform.

How could that possibly be the Republican goal
when they have done everything in their power
to make moving operations overseas as lucrative as possible?

Understand that when Ryan says "comprehensive tax reform,"
that is a euphemism for lowering taxes on the big corporations and the rich.
That won't bring jobs back.
History has already shown us that it will only drive more jobs away;
something America is going to learn the hard way
now that Republicans have complete control of the government.

"Trump's tariff plan, which is likely to need congressional approval,
may have more fans among Democrats.
Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer said
'Trump won in part by campaigning against
the Republican establishment on many economic issues.
If he wants to get something done for working families in this country,
he'll have to stand up to them when it comes time to govern, too.

If Trump doesn't dance to the tune of the Republican establishment,
he will be impeached faster than Richard Nixon
(except that Trump won't be given the chance to resign).
Democrats do not have the power to save him.
Trump doesn't own Congress - they own him ...

and they are Republican

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Russia actively worked to elect Trump

So what?

Lots of factors combined to make Trump's election possible.
But none of those factors (money, media bias, foreign meddling, etc.)
excuses the fact that Trump is now our president
because nearly half the voters in America
are dumber than a pile of steaming Dog Shit.

THAT'S the problem

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This was simply too good not to share (9:22)

What's the difference between this video
and what comes from the Conservative side?

You'll have a hard time trying to prove that anything he said was ...


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Republicans let Trump know who is really running things:

Hey Trump supporters ... how's that hopey-changey thing workin' out for ya?

(That shows how low I've sunk ... I'm now quoting Sarah Palin)

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Trump appoints one of the key figures responsible for the 2008 recession
to be the new National Economic Council Director.
Meet Goldman Sachs president and COO, Gary Cohn ...

Trump drained the swamp and is now filling it with alligators.

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At this point, America can best be described as being in complete "Free Fall."
Rex Tillerson (Exxon CEO) will be our next Secretary of State.
(4th in line to the presidency)

Big Oil won - and we all lost

And we can thank the legions of Rural Rubes for making this all possible.

Thanks morons ... you really showed us

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Secretary of Energy ... Rick Perry?

"Any of the four would break with recent tradition
of appointing scientists to the post.

Sure ... why appoint a scientist when you can choose between Big Oil men

and a guy with early-onset Alzheimer's

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Republicans said that the American people
should choose the 9th Supreme Court Justice.
Then, right before the election,
when they thought they were going to lose
they decided that the American people
should not choose the 9th Supreme Court Justice.
They vowed to leave the Supreme Court short until they regained power.

Here, let's let Obama explain it ...

And then about half of American voters
turned our government over to the wolves.
They can replace Trump in 4 years.
But the damage that will be done to the judicial branch
will last for decades (picture 9 Scalias)

Here's another Republican "slip of the tongue"

"And with 52 seats in the US Senate,
we are excited for Republicans to confirm
a conservative Supreme Court justice
and begin working with President-elect Trump
to pass an agenda of change for the American people.

Do you see where Republicans screwed up yet again?

The judicial branch is not supposed to work
with the President or Congress to pass any agenda.
Per the Constitution, they are supposed to function
as a check and balance on the other 2 branches
by interpreting  the Constitution.

But thanks Republicans, for making clear,
what the Supreme Court has become ...

the arm of the Republican party that legalizes theft

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The wolves are flooding into the henhouse

It's suppertime!

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John Oliver demonstrates the kind of attitude
that rational people need to develop (29:00)

For warriors ... 2016 could not have been a better year:

Battle Stations!

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Millions of people thought that election night on November 8, 2016
was one of the lowest points in the history of the United States.
But what many people thought was rock bottom - was only the beginning.
Nearly every day since, has brought us a constant flow of depressing news,
as our worst fears are materializing before our eyes.

The government that is being assembled
is nothing less than a pack of ravenous wolves
who are frothing at the mouth in anticipation of January 20, 2017
when they will be released on a rabbit farm ...
with no one left to stand in their way

You Conservatives asked for this.
So now you can just bend over and drop'em.

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The White House is due to be renamed on inauguration day to ...

The Nut House

You did it to yourself America


Trump told Flynn's son ... "You're Fired!"
(but he kept Flynn's old man)

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This is one of the clearest, most accurate descriptions
of what just happened to America ... and why (7:35)

You small town Rubes brought this down upon yourselves.
The damage you have done to America is worse
than the damage any foreign enemy has ever done ...


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Government attacks big business

From the article:

"But it still sends a pretty significant message."

Starting on inauguration day, America will be sending out a new "significant message":

"We've got your back, Big Business.
You no longer have to operate in fear.
Leave those pesky regulations that stifle productivity to us.
Our new government is dedicated to your success.


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Dereliction of Duty?

At this point, it's like throwing another stick into the fire.

The Dumbass half of America is responsible
for the horror that we are all now living through.
This is the price we all pay for allowing half of America
to remain mired in the Middle Ages.
We must find a way to extend rational thinking skills to all Americans.
The price we pay for failure is simply too great to ignore ... as Trump proves.

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Now that the KKK has the permission of our government to run free,
racists are crawling out from under their rocks, even in places like New York,
feeling emboldened to make the most inhuman, nasty slurs imaginable.

Or maybe this guy is just angling for Steve Bannon's job?

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We now have one-party rule and likely will have for a long, long time to come.

Paul Krugman's insightful essay

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And here is what the 2016 election was REALLY about:

Trump might be gone in 4 years
and the same could be true for Conservative control of Congress;
but the real prize was control of the judiciary
which will now be under Conservative control for decades.

And they have a "different" way of interpreting the English language ...
than we do

You might recall this recent example:

Conservative judges didn't just rule
that corporations contained  people
but that they actually are  people.

English words will mean whatever Conservative judges say the words mean.
And as the corporation example just proved,
Conservative judges will decide that the words mean ...

whatever the rich need the words to mean

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Russian diplomats expelled in retaliation for election tampering

No one is claiming that the Russians committed any voter fraud
in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

What they are claiming is that Russian hackers
(with support from the highest levels of Russian government)
made information available to Americans that favored Trump over Clinton.

First, there was nothing in this leak of information
that contained any evidence of criminal activity
nor anything that would cause a rational person concern over Clinton's candidacy.

Second, 66 million Americans were not swayed
by any information contained in the leaks.
Anyone who was swayed by the mild information made public,
was either Republican, or leaning Trump, or an idiot.
(those 3 categories are not mutually exclusive - there is plenty of overlap)

Third, Russians didn't do anything
that wasn't already being done by Trump and Republicans.
In fact, Trump was urging them on, to do just what they did.

Fourth, America is the last country on Earth
that has the right to whine about meddling in other nation's affairs.
The irony meter exploded on that one.
Remember the recent embarrassment
when we were caught spying on our own allies, like Germany?

Obama has made America look like a bunch of hypocritical, whiny babies.
Actually, Obama simply exposed the fact ...
that we are a bunch of hypocritical whiny babies.
Except for Republicans.
They aren't whining or complaining because they are too busy
licking the asses of their new best friends ... the Russians.

Any bets on how long that honeymoon will last?

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Our Democracy was lost in 2010 in the 'Citizens United' Supreme Court case.
The Plutocrats know that Democracy has the power to regain control
if they do not maintain an iron-fisted control over the government.
Plutocrats also know that one of the keys to maintaining that control is ...

control of the press (13:13)

We are sooooooo screwed

Thanks Rural Rubes ... you really showed us

And now, a related story ...

The Conservative octopus begins to spread its tentacles thoughout the media

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The hungry wolves are all lining up at the gates
anxiously awaiting the arrival of Inauguration Day
when they will be unleashed into the rabbit farm
(which no longer has a black guy with a shotgun to defend it).

Republicans make no attempt to hide their plans.
They have made it clear that they plan to transfer as much wealth as they possibly can
from the wallets of the masses into the offshore accounts of the rich.

They are not going to let this rare opportunity
(total control of the government)
pass them by without taking full advantage.

The North Carolina power grab was just the beginning
of their attempts to cement the new totalitarian state ...

you won't believe what the wolves are doing now


Realizing that they were giving away their game a little too early
Republicans have backed off their plan to gut the Ethics Office ...

for now

The wolves got a little too anxious and had to be restrained.
But rest assured, they'll bide their time until the spotlight is pointed elsewhere ...

and then it's suppertime

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To all you millions of old people
who thought that Trump was your savior,
you were correct: he is saving you ...

to be used as "fresh meat" for the rich guys

Congratulations all you old folks ... you really showed us

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Trump is repaying his debts (out of character, I know)

Prosperity Gospel preacher to deliver invocation at inauguration

Is she the perfect choice for this administration, or what?

And the goobers just keep lining up for their fleecing

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It turns out that the political polls, predicting the election, weren't so wrong after all.
Going into the election, Clinton held about at 2-point lead over Trump on average.
How much did Clinton win the popular vote by?

About 2 points

Where they miscalculated was in predicting
the electoral results in swing states.

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Pharma-Bro Martin Shkreli dissed by a girl he has a crush on

Is anyone surprised that the most hated man in America
has tickets to Trump's inauguration?

Perhaps the only thug missing from the event is O.J. Simpson;
and if he were white ... he'd probably be in the front row.

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If you were intentionally trying to assemble
the worst government in U.S. history,
could you come up with anything worse ...

than what Trump has done in the last 2 months?

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Republicans played the Rubes like violins.
But no matter how many times they do it ...

the Rubes never figure it out

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You asked for this America

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2014 Midterm Elections

Here's an interesting appraisal of the Midterm elections ...

from a Republican journalist


However, the journalist underestimated the power of the rich.
Without rational thinking skills, many people (regardless of education), are just ...

Sitting Ducks

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In 2014 Republicans won the most seats in state legislatures
that they have had since 1928 ...

the year before the Great Depression

The remaining safety nets that were put in place by FDR
are the only thing preventing us from experiencing the horror
that our grandparents went through ...
and Republicans are fighting to remove those as well.

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Since I've been rather lucky with my predictions lately,
I think I will try to push my luck.

Predictions after Tuesday's disastrous Midterm elections
(for the rich: just change that adjective to "glorious")

Obama WILL BE impeached.
Republicans hate him personally with a psychopathic passion. Like Clinton (another man whom they could not beat), they know they don't have the votes to successfully remove him from office, but that's okay because, like Clinton, their purpose is only to blackmark his legacy for all of history (childish I know, but then again, that's exactly what most Conservatives are).

This will also aid them in their takeover of the only prize left, that they do not own ... the presidency. They control the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court, most state legislatures, and most state governor's houses. They will send unpassable bills to Obama forcing him to use his veto power, and then grandstand in front of the American people claiming that Obama and Democrats refuse to work with them.

If they succeed in completing their takeover by winning the presidency in 2016:

Dodd-Frank will be reversed and the tax cuts that were extended to all but the wealthy, will be re-extended to the wealthy.

More tax loopholes will be opened for corporations, big banks, and Wall Street
until our tax code looks like Swiss cheese.

Conservatives will fill all the judicial nominations, that they blocked under Obama, with Conservative judges who have no intention of objectively interpreting the law, but will instead, force the Conservative agenda on Americans. We have already seen this happen many times recently under the 'Roberts' Court.

And by the way, the Conservative agenda is ... whatever "The Rich" want.

Yes America - we are screwed.
And in what has to be the greatest example of prophecy I've ever seen,
Abraham Lincoln was right ...
we did it to ourselves.

"America will never be destroyed from outside.
If we falter and lose our freedoms,
it will be because we destroyed ourselves."


I am happy to say that my prediction was wrong.
Amazingly, Obama was neither impeached nor assassinated.
That was a greater miracle than anything Jesus ever pulled off.

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In the culture war that has been tearing America apart since the Civil War, I consider Texas to be Ground Zero. Texas has come a long way since the days when its citizens were willing to kill and die for, the right to keep human slaves. Lyndon Johnson (D-TX) was known as the "Civil Rights President" and Texas recently had a Democrat as governor (a woman no less).

But the Confederacy has fought back hard, and now has control over this vast and powerful state. They have nearly eliminated abortions which will send women back into the alleys; they have refused the Medicaid expansion which will cost the lives of thousands of Texans; they have discussed succession (Perry); they attempted to crash the American economy (Cruz); and they constantly attack education through their control of school boards.

Nothing boils my onions more than seeing these Confederate bastards bullying decent, honest people; so I sent the following video to Democrats in Texas who were running for governor, the Senate, and the House. I offered free use of the video, but I'm not aware of anyone actually using it (54 seconds).

The 2014 Midterm Elections

The defenders in Texas who are fighting to modernize the state by removing this Confederate cancer, remind me of the vastly outnumbered and outgunned heroes of the Alamo. But just like at the Alamo ... reinforcements are pouring in.

Here's my message to Confederate pricks ...
"You ain't gettin' Texas"

They may hold on a little longer, but forces are mounting against them. We defeated them, militarily, 150 years ago ...

It's high time we finished the job

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Could any of these Founding Fathers get elected in America in the 21st century?

John Adams
"As I understand the Christian religion, it was, and is, a revelation.
But how has it happened that millions of fables, tales, legends,
have been blended with both Jewish and Christian revelation
that have made them the most bloody religion that ever existed? 

James Madison
"What influence in fact have Christian ecclesiastical establishments had on civil society?
In many instances they have been upholding the thrones of political tyrrany.
In no instance have they been seen as the guardians of the liberties of the people.
Rulers who wished to subvert the public liberty
have found in the clergy convenient auxiliaries.
A just government, instituted to secure and perpetuate liberty,
does not need the clergy.

Thomas Jefferson
"The Christian god can easily be pictured
as virtually the same god as the many ancient gods of past civilizations.
The Christian god is a three headed monster; cruel, vengeful and capricious.
If one wishes to know more of this raging, three headed beast-like god,
one only needs to look at the caliber of people who say they serve him.
They are always of two classes: fools and hypocrites.

Adams and Madison would be beaten worse than Walter Mondale (13 electoral votes in 1984)
and the third (Jefferson) would be burned at the stake.

Here is a quote from a sermon preached by
Episcopal minister Doctor Bird Wilson in New York in 1831:

The founders of our nation were nearly all Infidels,
and that of the presidents who had thus far been elected
[Washington; Adams; Jefferson; Madison; Monroe; Adams; Jackson]
not a one had professed a belief in Christianity ....
Among all our presidents from Washington downward,
not one was a professor of religion, at least not of more than Unitarianism.

What's odd is that, as the country gets less religious,
Christians have gained more power than ever before.
Were the Reverend still here today,
he would be thrilled by the change in American government.
Judging by the quote above, if Jefferson were alive today,

I don't think he would share the Reverend's joy

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2012 Presidential Election

The Koch Brothers blew $400 million
on Romney's failed 2012 presidential race

That hurt them about as much, as buying a defective barbecue ...

would hurt you

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Welcome to the G.O.P. (1:24)

I love the ending when they flip the last letter of G.O.P. upside down.

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Romney said he is not worried about the "very poor" because they have a "safety net." Romney said he was worried about middle class Americans.

Romney Talks About the "Poor" and the "Middle Class'

Here's my question Mitt: "If middle class Americans become poor, according to you they will have a safety net, so ... why are you worried about them? Using your logic(?) once they become poor you won't worry about them anymore, so what exactly is it about middle class Americans that has you worried?

If I could be so bold as to hazard a guess, I would say you are worried that middle class Americans (the majority) may not want to vote for a member of the upper 1% (that would be the upper 1% that has stripped America of its wealth).

permanent link
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When was Romney's religion attacked the most viciously, and by whom?
By Conservative Christians during the nomination process.

Now who is attacking our Christian president over his religion?
That's right. The same far-right Christian assholes.

These people act like cannibals - devouring their own.
Well, the Bible did say that God would punish those who refused to obey Him
by causing family members to eat each other.
Since "these people" always seem to do the opposite
of what Jesus instructed them to do ...
I would admit that this cannibalization
might be the first real evidence for the existence of the Christian god.

And here is one of the biggest assholes in the country:
His University fired him over his immoral, unchristian conduct.
His wife is divorcing him over his sordid affair.
His "documentary" and book are filled with easily disproven lies
and believed only by the most gullible Americans.

So naturally he is a hero and role model for the Christian far-right.

Dinesh slandering Obama (1:48)

If we asked D'Souza's wife which person is more pathological
towards traditional Christian morals,
I'd bet my grandmother's ashes she would admit that it is not Obama,
but her ex-"can't keep it in my pants" husband.

I would like to dedicate the following song to Dinesh D'Souza (1:42)

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Clint Eastwood got skewered for his "empty chair" routine. Actually, it might have been funny if the GOP had chosen someone much younger and funnier. But the Dems put the GOP to shame by demonstrating their ability to humiliate themselves. Watch this:

First - when someone says they are going to "suspend the rules," giant alarm bells should be going off everywhere. People only do that when they are up to no good, and need to break the rules to get away with something.

Second - there is a very good reason why God wasn't in the platform: it's because He doesn't belong there. That's why He's not in the Constitution either. Republicans scream "God" constantly because they are rallying the nation's bottom-dwellers; those who substitute piety for intelligence.

Third - the reason they attached God to their real objective, support for Israel, was because they assumed that no one would vote against God, thereby insuring inclusion of support for Israel which would allow them to pander to fence-sitting GOP voters.

Fourth - when the voice vote came out even (not even close to two-thirds), Villaraigosa should have either declared the amendment defeated (the proper thing to do), or, if he was determined to ram it through anyway, he should have resorted to a vote that could have been counted. By repeating the voice vote, did he really believe people were going to be pressured into changing their beliefs on the spot? The only thing it accomplished was that it turned the voting into a shouting match. So the third vote was still even ... only much louder.

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Is Obama a Muslim or a Christian?

It's hard to believe that people in the 21st century can still be this stupid.

permanent link
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Will Santorum allow his personal religious beliefs to affect how he governs as President?
Let's let him tell us.

Birth Control
(also notice the 'voting' and 'comments' that follow the article)

I think this statement answers that question:
As president, he would confront "the dangers of contraception" and religious groups who think it's OK.

permanent link
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If I could be a reporter at a GOP debate,
I would give everything I own to be allowed to ask just this one question:

"Congresswoman Bachmann, as a devout Christian,
how do you justify challenging for the GOP nomination
when Governor Perry has already indicated
that God has chosen him to run for President?"

(and then I would walk outside, and wait to be stoned to death by crowds of angry Christians).

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Every once in a great while, a story comes along
that is so unbelievable that you think it must be a gag.
I only wish this were a gag (4:24)

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After a massive prayer rally for rain and jobs,

God answers governor Rick Perry ...

"UH .......... NO."

Texas Wildfire Update (August 31, 2011)

According to the Texas Forest Service, the State of Texas is "fighting its worst fire season in the state's history." Since the fire season began in November of 2010, firefighters have responded to 20,155 fires that have burned 3,529,261 acres. This number is certain to rise as these various late-August fires continue to grow, spurred on by the drought-parched fuels and autumn winds.

Perry got tens of thousands to pray to God for water and God answered by setting the state of Texas on fire. I get the distinct impression that God may not love Perry half as much as Perry seems to think he does.

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