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Conservative Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts
tries to come up with an excuse to protect
the anti-democratic practice of gerrymandering.

After all, without it, Republicans would not be in power

Money quote from the article:

"he worried that the court itself would be seen as partisan
if it started striking down voting districts.
That would "cause very serious harm to the status and integrity
of the decisions of this court in the eyes of the country.

Roberts, it's a little late for that.
Only the most naive Americans could fail to see
that the slew of 5-4 decisions right down party lines proves
that you Conservatives are nothing more than political hacks ... in robes.

Oh, and Roberts, don't think you fooled everyone with your spin about a "partisan court"
when what you were really obfuscating, is the fact that Conservative judges are planning to justify
an anti-democratic practice to maintain power for those who put them in robes.

UPDATE 10/13/17

Like Trump and his cronies, Roberts goes on the attack against science

Roberts, and other Conservatives, owe their jobs to their political benefactors.
Gerrymandering has been instrumental in maintaining the Conservative control of government.
Roberts is giving you a preview of the kinds of justifications
that he and other judges plan to use to maintain that control.

Democracy always has been, still is, and will always be
one of the greatest enemies that Plutocrats have;
and they will continue to do everything in their power to defeat it.

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The 2016 presidential election had something more important at stake than a brief 4-year presidency:
control of the third branch of government (the judiciary) for the foreseeable future.

That control is already paying big dividends

Nice goin' rural America ... you sure showed us.

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Bob McDonnell's corruption reversal by the Supreme Court ...

is now a get-out-of-jail-free card for all the crooks

By the time Trump finishes packing the courts
we might as well just stop printing the Penal Code
since we won't be using it anymore.

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Another voter suppression law bites the dust

I got this from the comments following the story:

"This is not about voter ID.
It's about voter suppression which Republicans have taken to a new level.
For years, black congregations would vote together after Sunday services.
To stop that, NC did away with Sunday voting.
Many minorities were taking mass transportation to vote.
To stop that, Republicans moved the voting away from transportation lines (buses/trains).
Most minority voters voted before work.
To stop that, Republicans did away with early voting.
Older residents got robo calls telling them the voting location had suddenly changed.
No, it had not.
Other calls told them the dates had changed.
No, it had not.
College kids were voting on campus.
So Republicans stopped on campus voting
and also told them they could not use their college IDs to vote anymore.
We have all seen the photos of long lines stretched around the block, waiting to vote.
That's because other locations with shade were closed during the elections.
Older residents who were waiting and waiting
sometimes had someone step in for them so they could sit and rest.
Nope ... Republicans said no-can-do. They said that could cause fights.
And on and on and on.

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Want to know why Trump and his cronies chose Neil Gorsuch
to replace Scalia on the Supreme Court?

Here's why

"Before graduating, Gorsuch appended a seemingly unbecoming quote
from ex-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to his yearbook photo:

'The illegal we do immediately, the unconstitutional takes a little longer' 

Is this guy perfect, or what?

Here's another excerpt which shows that Gorsuch actually thought
that Kissinger's statement was morally acceptable:

"while lauding President Ronald Reagan
for secretly funding the right-wing Contras group in Nicaragua
despite Congress prohibiting such a move.

Before Trump was even inaugurated,
Republicans tried to take over the Ethics Committee and bring it under their control,
giving their game away prematurely.
Embarrassingly, they had to walk it back
and will have to wait until attention is centered elsewhere
before actually taking control of the committee.

I told you that the presidency wasn't the main prize.
The main prize in the 2016 election
was control of the Supreme Court for the next few decades.
Gorsuch is the youngest nominee in a quarter century and not by accident.
When judge Ginsburg croaks or retires,
Conservatives will secure domination for the foreseeable future.
Only the most naive among us believe that "Conservative" justices are impartial
and place integrity and honesty over party loyalty.
Their job is to interpret the Constitution
the way the rich need them to interpret the Constitution.
That's why corporations no longer simply contain people ...
but actually ARE people.

Hang on America - every single day since election night,
without let up, the news has only gotten worse.
The plundering has already begun and it is only going to get worse.

You asked for this America


Trump's immigration ban has been halted by the 9th Circuit Court.
Trump is vowing to appeal "See you in court! "
(Weren't we already in court? And didn't Trump lose?)

Anyway, now you should be able to understand what I told you before:
The big prize in this election wasn't the presidency for the next 4 years ...
it was control of the Supreme Court over the next few decades.

Since a divided Supreme Court would leave the 9th Circuit Court decision intact,
Republicans must rush Gorsuch through the process as quickly as possible;
hopefully in time to sit for this case.

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Here is one reason (out of many)
why Republicans refused to allow Democrats to replace Scalia:

GM heading to Supreme Court to avoid lawsuits

Republicans work for the rich ... and ONLY for the rich.
If this decision is 5-4 down party lines (not really a difficult prediction)
you'll see why they refused to give up control of the Supreme Court.

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A couple of days ago
Judge Scalia voted to block the Earth's attempt
to defend itself against global warming.
He protected the profits of the rich
at the expense of the rest of humanity.

Yesterday, Jesus called him home.
(Translation: Scalia got called on the carpet)

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One Conservative judge (Roberts) allowed Americans to keep Obamacare
and another (Kennedy) let them have Gay Marriage
in return for ... the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)
and this decision from the Supreme Court ...

Another 5-4 Supreme Court decision
protecting the profits of ... The Plutocrats

You are being played Americans.
The Plutocrats are throwing you bones
while they keep all the juicy red meat for themselves.

So it has always been ...
so it is ...
and so it shall always be ...

as long as we allow it

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Supreme Court upholds Arizona's independent redistricting commission

Another 5-4 decision.
Another case of Conservatives attempting to destroy Democracy and take over the government.

Check out how the justices voted: straight down party lines ... except for one.

The 4 Liberal justices attempted to save Democracy.
4 of the Conservative judges voted to allow gerrymandering to continue
which would ensure Conservative control for years to come.
Only one man switched sides.
One man had the courage and integrity to stand up for Democracy
against his Conservative masters.

That man was Justice Anthony Kennedy

All the Conservative justices are really being paid to do,
is to come up with rationalizations
to justify what the rich want them to do.
It really is that simple.

America has no idea how close it came to disaster.
If (I mean "When") the Conservatives win the presidency next year,
and gain complete control of government,
they will replace, at least Liberal Judge Ginsburg, and maybe others,
with judges whom they can count on
to "interpret" the Constitution the way The Plutocrats want them to interpret it.

Then we will really be screwed

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Retired Supreme Court Judge John Paul Stevens ...

offers 6 upgrades to our Constitution

It's hard to believe that Stevens was a Republican.
My, how times have changed.

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The Conservatives on the Supreme Court no longer even bother
to make a pretense of upholding their oaths.
They simply defecate with impunity
on our Constitution and on our Democratic principles.

Their 5-4 decision this time, proves that the Conservative justices
will continue to use their power
to defeat Democracy whenever it rears its ugly head.

They are "judges" in name only ...
in the same way that North Korea is a "Democratic People's Republic."

Early voting in Ohio blocked by Republicans and Conservative justices

Until the thinking half of the country
can convince the non-thinking half of the country ... to start thinking;
we will continue to slide further into the abyss.

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In our Supreme Court, cases are now routinely, 5-4 decisions
in which the Conservative majority, in order to promote their ideology,
simply justify their desired outcome with embarrassingly flimsy rationalizations.
These judges have desecrated their sworn oaths;
trading in their integrity for political gain.
Our most cherished Constitutional concepts have been shredded in the process.

This Federal judge is a Conservative Christian Republican,
appointed to the bench by George W. Bush in 2002.
Click on his picture if you want to see a model ...
of what every judge in America should aspire to.

They don't come any better than this man.

If there is a Heaven ...
this Christian can walk through the gates with his head held high and proud.

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Remember my recent post where I said
that nearly all Supreme Court decisions these days
break down along party lines?

Well, they did it again.
The Conservative judges no longer even bother
to make a pretense of upholding the Constitution.
They are there to promote the Conservative agenda,
which includes Christian religious domination;
and they simply find any excuse to do so.

Open the word doc and let's look at the flimsy "reasons" they gave
for defecating on our Constitution ... again (4 pages)

Prayer now legal before government meetings

Now you know why Conservatives blocked all of Obama's judicial nominations.

2 updates:

American Humanists fight back

Huffington Post's excellent analysis, of the hit, America just took

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This is taken from US Supreme Court Chief Justice Taney's opinion
in the 1857 Dred Scott decision, in which Taney stated that slaves were:
"so far inferior that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect."

As much as we hate to admit it,
even our highest judges can be pig-ass ignorant.

Want a more modern example?

Bill Maher on Justice Scalia (4:27)

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The Lower Courts


If you recall, I warned you that the Conservative takeover of America in 2016
gave them a much bigger prize than just the Presidency for one term.

Remember how Conservatives blocked more of Obama's judicial nominees
than all of the other presidents in history ... combined?
That was the real prize: control of the judiciary for decades to come.
As we have seen over and over, Conservative judges interpret law
the way the Plutocrats NEED it to be interpreted.
One example (out of many) - Corporations are now people.
Trump is loading the judiciary with unusually young, ultra-conservative judges;
and Americans will pay the price for that electoral mistake in 2016 ...

for a long, long time to come

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In a slap to the face of the March for Science
Attorney General Jeff Sessions refuses to renew ...

The Charter For The National Commission on Forensic Science

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Judge Roy Moore will probably go down
as the worst judge in U.S. history.
He's already been removed from office once,
and it looks like he wants to prove that he can do it again.

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Remember when I said that people are finally starting to understand
that Supreme Court judges are not objective interpreters of the Constitution
but rather, nothing more than political hacks in robes?

Well ... here's the proof

If judges were thought to be fair and honest arbiters of the law
then why would it matter which party made the choice?

(hint: it wouldn't)

The only reason why this is so important
is because both parties know that,
despite the occasional maverick who disappoints,
that their choice will most likely remain loyal to them
in the vast majority of important cases.

For those of you who still don't see the picture clearly ...

this should help

This quote from the article made it especially clear:
"I think most corporations facing class actions
regarded Justice Scalia as a friend.
He has been a thoroughly consistent vote
on their side of the equation.

And here is whom Scalia would have helped win their case:
"Dow was found liable in 2013 by a Kansas jury of
allegedly conspiring to fix prices for polyurethane,
an industrial chemical used in everything
from packaging to car interiors.

No - they weren't found liable of allegedly  conspiring to fix prices;
they were found liable of conspiring to fix prices.
(who slipped that in there, Fox News?)

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While the media went nuts
over an insignificant primary in New Hampshire,
the really huge story that they ignored
was that the Conservative majority on the Supreme Court
continued to protect the profits of the rich
at the expense of everyone else (that would be us).

Obama's coal emission regulation to fight global warming has been blocked

For years now the vast majority of Supreme Court decisions have been 5-4.
That would not be possible if the judges were objectively interpreting the law.
The only explanation that makes sense
is that one group of judges are nothing more than ...

political puppets for the rich

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Oil Baron convicted in deaths of 29 miners.

But it was only a misdemeanor

Is this going to be the new way we treat our Oil tycoons?
Is this how we show our gratitude to the "job creators?" (29 new jobs)

We must stop interferring with Oil execs and let them do their job.
Safety Regulations, as we all know, will only slow down production,
and most importantly ...

antagonize the shareholders

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Conservatives are always screaming
that Liberals are trying to take away our 2nd Amendment rights.

One of the reasons they try to distract Americans with that lie
is to cover their attempts to take away our rights, granted by ...

the 14th Amendment

That Amendment is a hundred times more important than the 2nd Amendment
and has been a thorn in the side of Conservatives ever since it became law.

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On 9/11 we were attacked from abroad.

12 years later we face a much bigger and more dangerous enemy ...
the one from within.

The 1%

In 2010 The Plutocrats administered the Coup de grace to American Democracy

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission

We now officially live in a Plutocracy (rule by the rich).
What are the chances that we can reverse it?
You would be better off investing ...

in a lottery ticket

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