Why are so many Brits fighting for ISIS? (2:22)

This story adds powerful evidence to the claim that many British mosques are teaching hate and violence. If these "warriors" (killers) had not gone to the Middle East, then Britain itself would have borne the brunt of their hatred. But before passing judgment on Muslims, make sure you understand that this is what many Christians were like for almost 2,000 years. Fundamentalist religion is a cancer that must be eradicated if our civilization is to survive.


This week's show was:

"Evolution is Anti-American"

Featuring: Michael Anthony Peroutka

The Science Segment was:

"Nearsighted people are smarter"

Listen (15:53)
Read (7 pages)

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Scientists close in on virus' ability to defeat the immune system


So what is income inequality's toll on the Middle Class?

About $18,000 a year

The Koch brothers thank you for your support


According to two of the hosts of "The Atheist Experience" cable TV show,
religion is "not" a mental disorder.

Let's see what Mr. Webster has to say about that (5 pages)


How do tall trees get water up to the top?

Tree biology (7:23)


Christian Anti-Abortion protesters
confronted by verses from their own bible,
leave quietly in disgrace (2:48)

I agree with everything the Atheist said, so obviousIy I disagree with the position of the Christians. But these Christians were peacefully protesting. If this Atheist wants to bring about change in society, he would do better to focus on violent bigots like those who bomb clinics and murder doctors and staff workers (like "Operation Save America") rather than peaceful Americans simply exercising the First Amendment rights that we all demand for ourselves.

In fact, I am currently visiting Planned Parenthood clinics in the Los Angeles area, searching for protesters like the ones I have read about; protesters who threaten women and scream obscenities at them. So far I have found none. I may have to travel to where they are ... but I will find them.


I've reported Alzheimer's breakthroughs before ...

but nothing like this one


This incident proves that we need to require standards
for people intending to run for Congress

Climate change denier attacks scientist (2 pages)


"Dust That Sings" by philhellenes (12:37)


In his video, Aron Ra asks "What is the meaning of the word 'life'?"


So where is the boundary between life and non-life?

One of the biggest discoveries to come from the Miller-Urey experiments
was that the supposed boundary between life and non-life is non-existent ...
the existence of matter is best described as a continuum.

The boundary has been arbitrarily assigned by humans, creating a false dichotomy for our convenience. That is one reason why scientists have such a difficult time agreeing on exactly what constitutes "a living thing."

Stars evolve over time and eventually begin to produce heavier elements. Matter sometimes evolves in a way that leads to the existence of living things. The Miller experiments proved that, given the right conditions, chemical elements can evolve into organic molecules: the building blocks of what we call "living things."

Invoking Occam's razor, there is simply no necessity to create an arbitrary boundary that does not exist in nature, but only in the minds of humans.

An analogy is human evolution from ape-like mammals. At no point did an ape-like mammal suddenly become a human. Only when one looks back over great distances of time can one see that evolution has occurred.

Therefore the term "abiogenesis" should be discarded.

There is simply ... evolution.

(Yes, for those of you who read my book, it's true that I made the same mistake.
When I get around to rewriting it, I will have a lot of editing to do)


Classic Emails (2 pages)

I Sent this email to Flip Benham of Operation Save America

Response to your "About" page

Yes, this is the same group of misfits who used to be called "Operation Rescue." After all the murders and bombings, they thought they could give themselves a makeover by changing their name to something really patriotic like "Operation Save America."

But no matter how fancy you dress up a pig ... it's still a pig.


Let's take a break and watch some standup with Jim Jefferies (9:52)


Scientists achieve a milestone in the race to harness nuclear fusion


Sam Harris on the morality of God (3:45)


Should you take vitamin supplements?

With 2/3's of Americans classified as either fat or obese,
vitamin deficiencies are extremely rare.
That means that fat folks (the middle 1/3) ... are the norm.


The scientific connection between religion and brain damage (4:21)


After reading the story, now you can ...

watch this snake in action (5:00)


Afterlife (9:45)


The old TV game show "Let's Make A Deal" hosted by Monty Hall, presented a contestant with 3 doors. Behind one door was a fabulous prize. Behind the other two doors were worthless consolation prizes. After a contestant selected a door (say #1), Monty would then reveal what was behind one of the two unchosen doors (say #2). The door Monty opened would always contain a worthless consolation prize. Monty would then ask the contestant "Before I open the door you selected (#1), do you want to switch your door for the one remaining door (#3), or do you want to keep your door?" The contestant would then either switch doors (#1 for #3) or keep their door, and then Monty would open the door that the contestant had chosen.

Should the contestant switch doors or keep the original one? Intuition convinces most people that, regardless of the removal of one door, you now have a choice between 2 doors, giving them a 50% chance of winning. Most contestants will keep the original door to avoid the regret, in case they lose, that would result from mistrusting their original intuition.

The truth is that the odds are 2-1 in favor of switching doors!

If the explanations you have read for the "Monty Hall" problem seem confusing,
try this one that I designed:

1) 1/3 of the time you will initially choose the winning door while 2/3 of the time you will initially choose a losing door.

2) The only way to win if you keep your door is if you chose the winning door initially:
this happens 1/3 of the time.

3) The only way to win if you switch doors is if you chose a losing door initially:
this happens 2/3 of the time.

So you double your chances of winning ... by switching doors.

(This is an excellent example of Bayes' Theorem, which, when translated into English, states that prior events must be taken into consideration when computing future probabilities)


Bart Ehrman discusses "Is the Bible reliable?" (14:47)


First ever evidence of a comet striking Earth


Betty Bowers on Abortion in the Bible (4:06)


One reason behind the Christian anti-vax movement in the U.S. (1 page)


The Arkansas state constitution says:
“No person who denies the being of a God shall hold any office
in the civil departments of the state; nor be competent to stand trial.”

So, only if you have invisible, imaginary friends
are you considered sane enough to stand trial?

I think we've found that planet described in old Superman comic books,
called Bizzaro World, where everything was completely ass backwards.

It's called Earth; and it's capital is located in Arkansas.

I swear to all that's visible, if aliens visited Earth right now ...
they would institutionalize the vast majority of Earth's inhabitants.


Here's one birdbrain who is a lot smarter than some human birdbrains.


The Thinking Atheist visits the Creation Museum in Kentucky (13:22)


Christian woman annihilates pro-life argument


1 Corinthians 11:14
"Doth not even nature itself teach you, that,
if a man have long hair, it is a shame unto him?"

That's where we got the phrase
"Do as I say ... not as I do."


The psychology behind irrational thinking


Christian girl finds out that her imaginary friends aren't real.

"But they told me I could live forever"

So when people ask "What's the harm?"

Here's just one more piece of evidence to throw on the pile.


Scientists find plenty of easily accessible water on Mars

One obstacle down ... thousands to go
(but that one was huge)


Child brides: 21st century shame (2:52)


This is the story of a very smart man.
It is also an example of what can happen to a very smart man
when he allows his ego to experience "cosmic inflation."

Eliezer Yudkowsky

When you have a scientific consensus backing you up:
you have every right to dig in and defend science.

But when you don't:
strutting around like a lovesick peacock ...
may not be the best strategy


Blasphemy laws threaten freedom of speech worldwide (8:58)

Now you know what Christian life was like for centuries, before they got dragged, kicking and screaming, out of the Dark Ages. Islam is waaay overdue.


Imagine an intelligent alien with a brain that is distributed throughout its many arms. Well that alien lives right here on Earth ... right now.


The Christian God is either impotent or evil by Sam Harris (10:06)

Even if God exists, He is either impotent or evil.
That's what I call ... a Lose-Lose.


So how did the Bush tax cuts work out for America
when we look back and do the math?

You need to read this to get the full effect of what was done to us


So was God ever married?
and if so, how did that marriage work out?

Aholah and Aholibah

Do you really think this guy, God, is in a position to be giving marital advice?


Jamy Ian Swiss explains how villians can look at themselves in the mirror (8:08)


Spanish town of Castrillo Matajudios votes to change its name

The next time you hear someone talk about "Judeo-Christian" values, as if those two are best friends, be sure to tell them about this story which represents the true history of Judeo-Christian relations.


Astronomers discover densest galaxy


Creeping Sharia in Britain

Total, complete control over every aspect of a person's life ... that defines religion.


Remember how the Supreme Court assured us that the Hobby Lobby decision was a narrow decision that did not mean that religious ideology would be allowed to run wild?

Well ... they lied.

And amazingly, they weren't proven to be liars by others,
but by contradicting their own position written only days earlier.

Justice Sotomayor opens up a can of whoop ass

At this point, they don't even bother with appearances anymore. They simply push their religious beliefs on everyone else, in smirking defiance of our Constitution.

"Constitution? We don't need no stinking Constitution."

Corporations are people and Jesus is Lord ... so says the Supreme Court.

Am I upset?

You must be kidding. I could not have been born at a better time; and there is no place on Earth I would rather be than at ground zero (Christian America). I live for combat - I could not be happier.

Battle Stations!


Physicist Sean Carroll on time travel (1:06:03)
I recommend you watch the whole video - it's very interesting.
See if you can spot any errors.

When Carroll talked about a party on Alpha Centauri
I'm sure he meant to say "a party on a planet orbiting Alpha Centauri."

I think we can give him a break on that one.

But the more serious disagreement I have with his lecture is this:
Beginning after the 29-minute mark and lasting for about 15 minutes, Carroll explains Einstein's theory. He presents a diagram showing someone entering a black hole, following the curved path of his light cone, and then meeting up with his past self (the one who entered the black hole).

The problem with this theory is that, if you meet your past self, then the atoms that make you "you" would have to be in two places at the same time. The laws of physics do not allow atoms to have this property. In Carroll's imaginary scenario, whatever you are looking at - it cannot be you. It may be something that looks like you ... but it cannot be you.

The argument that even if you aren't the same person, you still could have traveled back in time also fails because to do so would require that every particle in the Universe be in exactly the same position as it was at the time you entered the black hole, and obviously, that is impossible.

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