Eating fish provides pregnant women a better chance of producing

mentally healthy babies


When Europeans invaded the New World
tens of millions of natives were slaughtered;
not so much by the Conquistadores, as by plagues.

So why didn't the Europeans get decimated by American germs?


Why does a hydrogen atom weigh less
than the sum of the masses
of the proton and the electron which make it up?

Let's find out (10:23)

Here is supporting documentation from ...

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab


Where and when did dogs evolve from wolves?

Overwhelming evidence now says Southeast Asia about 33,000 years ago

But the global spread of domestication didn't begin until about 15,000 years ago


Another embarrassment for Ayn Rand's Objectivists ...

Even dogs demonstrate altruism

How humiliating is that - when even dogs outperform you in a test of ...

being human


How smart are parrots?

Not only do they use tools - they share them (contains video - 2:31)


More bad news for Determinists

Neuroscientists locate important decision-making area in the brain

Here is the money quote from near the end of the article:

"This research adds to studies showing that
by manipulating the length of time that a viewer observes a product,
the viewer’s value assessment can change
without the viewer necessarily being aware of this effect.

If free will is an illusion as Determinists claim
how do they explain ... the change of mind?


What a dolphin sees using its sonar ...

The article failed to state how the dolphin's vision adds to the total image.
(perhaps that would explain the missing 8%?)


Have you ever met a person who can barely feel pain?
How about a mouse?

Researchers discover key to eliminating chronic pain


GMO's ... explained (11:25)


Natural gas may, or may not, be better for the environment than coal.

It all depends on how it's handled


The oldest animal has been definitively determined.
And the winner is ... the sea sponge

And the Silver goes to ... the comb jellies


Scientists discover that interferons
are not our first line of defense against viruses and bacteria ...

but our second


A new GMO: genetically modified ... mosquitoes


I know how smart parrots and macaws are ... but pigeons?


Genes ... explained (4:56)


Why Planck length is the shortest length

I sent the following email to Fermi Lab asking for clarification

I enjoyed the article, but I have a question about this part:
"When you scatter a particle of light off another particle - say an atom -
the atom's gravitational attraction to the light particle
causes an intrinsic uncertainty in the atom's location.
Mead used the uncertainty principle
and the gravitational effect of the photon ...

I don't understand how there can be gravitational attraction
to a particle that does not have mass,
nor how a massless photon can exert a gravitational effect.
Can you explain?

I received the following reply (1 page) ...

I also found this great explanation


Universal constants - the most basic units of measurement


Dinosaur extinction

Whatever the reason - we should thank our lucky stars


Check out this guy:

Good: He/She can live forever
Bad: He/She defecates through its mouth
Info: He/She is the simplest animal with a nervous system


For those of you who don't believe that viruses should be classified as life

"Life" is merely one direction that the evolution of matter can take.
There is no boundary line between life and nonlife,
other than the arbitrary one created by humans for our convenience.


Water has memory. Has Homeopathy has been vindicated?

not quite


Using viruses to deliver payloads to targeted cells to fight cancer ...

is getting closer and closer


How the cancer of Alternative Medicine metastasized in the U.S. (14:44)

How much would you give to be able to examine Senator Harkins'
offshore secret bank accounts?

Maybe this will give you an idea
why candidates will spend millions of dollars to win a job ...

that only pays thousands


A primer on cellular respiration by Aron Ra (8:57)


Relativity explained by Michael Stevens "Vsauce" (12:22)


Okay, because it is so tiny, maybe you weren't all that impressed
when I told you about an animal that could theoretically live forever
(the hydra)

But how about one that could live forever, and ...

grow to the size of a whale!


As if sharks weren't dangerous enough ...

they're even far worse than we imagined


Nathan Wolfe's T.E.D. talk on "Biological Dark Matter" (7:03)


T-Rex had the most powerful bite of any animal in history


The Large Hadron Collider makes second huge discovery ...

The Pentaquark


How much should you sleep?


Researchers now understand the world's #1 killer much better

Heart attacks and strokes caused by atherosclerosis


The Jetsons" are here (2:08)


Why do toilets drain clockwise or counterclockwise ...

depending on which hemisphere you are in?

The Coriolis Effect (8:01)

Hint: when they tell you to "unsync" - then pause one of the videos
(it doesn't matter which one; just pause one so you can hear the other)


Chemical evolution (9:14)


Scientists discover amazing "eye" ...

in a single-celled organism


Researchers find the first direct experimental evidence
for how primordial proteins developed the ability
to accelerate the central chemical reaction necessary to synthesize proteins ...

and thus allow life to arise


Colorectal cancer reversed in rats


Methylation reprograms our epigentic switches ...

and can be passed on to our offspring


Your viral history can now be read from a single drop of your blood

I sent an email to one of the scientists, Jim Keeley, and asked him:

I have a question about the article:
What is the difference between these 2 sentences from the article?

"VirScan works by screening the blood for antibodies
against any of the 206 species of viruses known to infect humans."

"As a group, the bacteriophage displayed all of the protein sequences found
in the more than 1,000 known strains of human viruses.

What is the difference between strains of human viruses
and species of viuses known to infect humans?

Are there strains of human viruses that don't "infect" humans?
Or, are there multiple strains within a "species" of virus?

Thank you for your patience with my ignorance.

His reply affirmed my second guess:

"There can be multiple subtypes (strains) of viruses in a viral species.
So while there are 206 species, most of those species have multiple strains;
hence the "1,000 known" number.


Bacteria used to make concrete ... self-healing (4:17)


The hypothesized "RNA world" was probably preceded by the ...

Peptide - RNA world


Is anything faster than light?

In the case of the electrons and the sound waves,
they weren't actually moving faster;
they were just taking a shorter path to a destination.
And in the case of cosmic expansion, neither matter nor energy is actually "travelling."

But it is true that the electrons and sound waves did get to the finish line first,
and cosmic expansion ... is just cool


New theory (aging not due to mutation - but to epigenetic changes)

has been proven in the lab

My prediction:
a glycine elixer which greatly extends the human life span
will become available to the public ...

about a week after I die


Yet another candidate for "The Fountain of Youth"

Above: Images of cells in the brain's hippocampus show that the growth factor TGF-beta1 (stained red) is barely present in young tissue but ubiquitous in old tissue, where it suppresses stem cell regeneration and contributes to inflammation and aging.


Even lowly rats show more empathy than Objectivists and Libertarians.

Altruistic rats

How embarrassing is that?


Scientists may have found a missing link between archaea and us


Exercises that reduced snoring problems


Researchers find way to predict cancer

It almost sounds like cancer is the body's response to telomeres that are aging too fast. By stalling the destruction of telomeres for a few years, it buys the victim time; but eventually the cancer itself overtakes the victim.


Ever wonder how bombardier beetles do it?

No, I didn't mean "do IT" - I meant do it (you know, shoot stuff)


Strong evidence links the lava flows which created the Deccan Traps in India ...

with the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs

This 1-2 punch turned Earth into a hellhole from which no dinosaur survived


What is the real #1 killer in the world today?

People unable to access life-saving surgeries

I don't see that one on the C.D.C.'s list of top causes of death


The evolution from inorganic elements to organic chemical molecules
has been shown to be feasible in the environment of ...

undersea hydrothermal vents


Huge asthma breakthrough


Genetic clues to brighter brains past the age of 45

Even the top of that ocean is under 95 miles of ice.
The pressure must be enormous.
If there is any life in that ocean - it must be pretty bad-ass


Scientists discover the largest structure ever found in the universe ...

A "void" 1.3 billion light years across


Richard Dawkins explains "The Baldwin Effect" (6:07)


As if it weren't already difficult enough to study the distant past
now we find out that we also have to contend with ...

bone-eating worms


Time to rewrite the textbooks and ...

restock the blood supply

"It's in the hemoglobin protein itself,
which has the ability to deliver
the nitric oxide together with oxygen ...
When the mechanism that releases nitric oxide
from the amino acid binding site in the hemoglobin is working,
the blood vessels dilate and allow oxygen-rich red blood cells
to flow into the tissue."


Sad story about inbreeding here in the U.S.
Yeah ... it's the Mormons

More details about the disease


Guess what they found

We are NOT alone ... probably

Even the top of that ocean is under 95 miles of ice.
The pressure must be enormous.
If there is any life in that ocean - it must be pretty bad-ass


Organic molecules have been discovered in a nascent solar system
indicating that the elements of life are universal.

We are NOT alone ... probably

Even the top of that ocean is under 95 miles of ice.
The pressure must be enormous.
If there is any life in that ocean - it must be pretty bad-ass


The current impact theory of lunar formation just got a lot stronger

Even the top of that ocean is under 95 miles of ice.
The pressure must be enormous.
If there is any life in that ocean - it must be pretty bad-ass


The end of humans using animals for their meat ...

is just beginning to come into view

Now for a reality check: When their livelihood was threatened ...
Remember how the tobacco companies responded in the 1980's?
Remember how the oil, coal, and power companies responded in the 2000's?
Remember all the stories about drug traffickers protecting their business?

There is no limit to the depths that people will stoop to ...

to keep the money rolling in


Scientists are learning how to control gene enhancers and promoters ...

our epigenetics


Adolescent binge drinkers screw themselves up for life.

But hope may be on the way - hope that may undo the damage


I condescendingly ridiculed those animal species in which
all the females are owned by only a few top males.

then I read this

Damn ... reality is sure humbling


The largest moon in our solar system, Ganymede (orbits Jupiter)
has a gigantic subsurface ocean.

Even the top of that ocean is under 95 miles of ice.
The pressure must be enormous.
If there is any life in that ocean - it must be pretty bad-ass


anti-venom synthesized from opossum protein


Type 1 Diabetes is now on the endangered species list


Do fish drink water?


Researchers discover the mechanics of wound-healing


Even worms have free will


Scientists attack the aging process from yet another angle


Scientists have learned that crows
are among the smartest creatures in the animal kingdom.
(I would dare to add: smarter than some people)

Now we have evidence that they possess a strong moral sense ...

(I would dare to add: more than many people)


It's been a pretty rough day for the late, great, biologist Stephen Jay Gould

First, his famous theory of punctuated equilibrium takes a hit

Then ... it takes another


Scientists create nucleic acid precursors


Results from the first, large, scientific study of penis size

No. There is no special reason why I posted that study.
It's just another little tidbit of scientific data to add to your memory.


WHO advises people to be aware of activities that may aggravate hearing loss


Get off your ass

Notice that scoring over 100 didn't make all that much difference,
compared to those who also scored positive, but less than 100 (1%).
But, dropping below and going negative made a HUGE difference.
So one conclusion is: you don't have to run marathons to be fit and healthy ...

Just get off your ass


Memories can now be read from the brains of dead rats


For the first time ever, scientists create a photograph of light ...

as both a wave and a particle


Scientists discover super antibody to target tumor cells. Where did they find it?

In the camel


Evidence found for the closest encounter ever
between a star and our solar system.

It occurred about 70,000 years ago


Finally, a court rules that Gay-Conversion Therapy ...

is a fraud


Classic Emails (3 pages)

What exactly is the Canadian Institute for Applied Astronomy?

It's a web site for astrology kooks


Scientists develop a method to store data error-free ...

for a million years


Do plants feel pain?

Well, they do respond to being eaten by trying to defend themselves


Sexual encounter produces offspring ... after 60 million years apart


First stars formed 13.25 billion years ago


Scientists crack viral code


Oceans receive what percentage of continental water from rivers?


Is this a ray of hope for anti-evolutionists?

Nah. Just another defeat in a long line of neverending defeats.


Time to get smarter (7:54)


Over-the-counter sleep aids linked to dementia


Scientists develop biological safety lock for genetically modified organisms


The title sounds like Astrology nonsense,
but it is actually some pretty good science

Solar activity at birth predicted infant survival and women's fertility


Astronomers develop powerful method ...

for determining the age of stars


Basic atomic theory: how atoms bond (2:23)


Are Creationists giving you a hard time over "A universe from nothing?"

Need some Appeals to Authority ... who really ARE authorities?

Well, try these guys


Twinkle, twinkle little star


All aboard for a 41-second flight at night aboard the International Space Station
down the coast of Italy and over to the Nile River in Egypt


Classic Emails (2 pages)

N.Y. Times writer believes people with pedophilia ...

have no choice

I sent her this response


The theory that high oxygen levels were responsible for gigantism in dinosaurs

seems highly unlikely now


A common medicine has been found to extend life 15%


NOAA establishes ‘tipping points’ for sea level rise related flooding


Move over meteor theory. Evidence suggests that eruptions that lasted a million years were also responsible for the extinction event 66 million years ago.


Scientists discover a fish that lives below 8,000 meters (a new world record)

Watch it swim (3:00)


And another myth bites the dust

eating carrots to improve vision


This double-arm amputee is not someone ...

whom you would want to armwrestle (4:32)


Yes. It is that time again ...
time to check your gag reflex and make sure it is working properly.



and another theory bites the dust


The "vacuum" of space is just filled with ... stuff


The most abundant mineral on Earth accounts for 38% of its volume

and now we have a name for it


And the discoveries of science just keep getting weirder and weirder

Evolution ... in reverse


A war that has been raging for 40 million years


The secrets of avian evolution yield to the onslaught of science


How electric eels attack prey


Converting solar energy to electricity reaches new record ... 40%


Both the aging process and traumatic brain injuries ...

damage the brain's ability to rid itself of waste


Vaccine for breast cancer shows promise


Click full screen, then sit back and relax for 3:50
while Carl Sagan takes your mind on a fantastic journey


After "The Great Dying" (252 million years ago)
life may have recovered sooner than we thought


Scientists see, for the first time, DNA being damaged by oxidative stress.


DNA survives being launched into space on the exterior of a rocket
and the extreme conditions of a fiery re-entry ...

and still delivers genetic information to cells

This experiment gives a big boost to the theory known as "Panspermia."
It doesn't prove that life came from outer space ... only that it is possible.


We don't hear a whole lot about the AIDS epidemic anymore.

So - how's it going?

They're dying because they can't afford treatment

I got the distinct impression that the author was downplaying
the reason why people aren't getting treated.
It is obvious that dying people would seek help if they could afford it.
This article might as well have been written by Fox News.


I thought humans were the only creatures depraved enough
to attempt to have sex outside of their biological class.

But apparently ... we are not alone in our depravity


The mass ratio of protons to electrons has remained constant.


Common descent: one-way lungs also found in iguanas


So many studies come out
urging me to take up drinking.

That advice is now being re-evaluated

and they weren't the only ones ...

questioning the benefits of moderate drinking


Mutations in the KRAS protein successfully targeted by RNA

resulting in huge reductions in tumor size and metastasis


Another gift from the Koch Brothers


School lunches offer better average nutrition than packed lunches


Cigar smoking rates have doubled

How smart is that?


Well-known blood pressure drug may reverse the effects of diabetes


Dopamine cells (from embryonic stem cells)
transplanted to the brain to fight Parkinson's

But placebo worked just as well

Why does everything have to be so difficult?


The evolution of multicellularity

How utterly embarrassing for humans:
even single cells figured it out ... but we can't


Astronomers catch exploding nova in early stages

Did you catch the minor error in the story?

20 A.U. (astronomical units: the distance from the Sun to the Earth)
only puts the explosion out to the orbit of Uranus ... not Neptune.


How the brain chooses to remember or forget


Dietary supplements are designed to relieve you of one thing,
and one thing only ...

that annoying wad of cash in your wallet


When solar activity decreases (as during a solar "minimum"),
cosmic ray activity increases; making space travel during that time ...

far more dangerous

This is yet another way that our sun protects us.


hearing restored in lab mice


If you consume "energy drinks" ...

you should probably read this


Temperatures on Mercury can exceed 800 degrees (over 400 C).
Guess what scientists found?

Powerful evidence of water ice (4:51)


Even army ants have predators


First evidence that reptiles can learn through imitation


Bird's wings are the result of an evolutionary reversal from dinosaur arms


The evolutionary arms race doesn't just exist between species.

It exists inside ... each of us


How to improve your teenager's life ...

let them sleep


Coffee is used by millions of people to "get them going"

Here's what the science says


By varying the signal of epidural electrical stimulation
researchers have greatly extended the ability of paralyzed rats and humans ...

to walk again


Excellent article explaining the evidence for evolution


How epigenetic memory is passed across generations

"Epigenetic modifications do not affect the DNA sequence of genes,
but change how the DNA is packaged and how genes are expressed."


How fast can evolution happen in multicellular creatures?

Pretty damn fast

I think the lights will be burning deep into the night at ... The Discovery Institute.


Stop blaming evolution for your bad back

There are millions of people who lead active lives free of back pain. They do not have magical back genes; they have learned to use their backs properly. Some humans are capable of remarkable feats of strength that involve the back. If you bend over to lift something heavy, and you fail to bend your legs, you are likely to injure your back.

Stop blaming evolution ... for your mistakes.


The ozone layer is making a comeback thanks to human activism

Now if only we could gain the upper hand against the "Powerful Predators,"
we might have a chance of accomplishing the same thing with global warming.


Astronomers map the Milky Way's place in the cosmos
with greater precision than ever before (4:10)


If only Lord Kelvin could have squeezed out an extra 107 years of life ...

he could have lived to see his theory vindicated


Want another chance to change the world?

You can be part of a global effort to clean this sewer up.

Who's with me?


So just how big did dinosaurs get?
Here's one that weighed more than a dozen elephants (4:16)


Here is a method I developed for computing square roots


Humans aren't wiping out other species at 100 times the normal rate.
We are wiping them out at 1,000 times the normal rate


Our place in the Universe has finally been mapped out.



Want a chance to change the world? Like to play video games?

Do both simultaneously.

Join the legions at "EteRNA

YOU ... just might be "The One"


Moronic anti-science Republican idiots and brain-dead anti-vaxxers continue to be responsible for thousands of American deaths.

Behind AIDS, HPV is the second most deadly sexually transmitted disease


Okay, before you read this next story, make sure you don't have a sexy, makeout session planned with your significant other, for as long as it takes you ... to forget something.

Face mites - we've all got'em ... millions of'em


Mystery solved ...

'Sailing Stones' of Death Valley seen in action for the first time


Pseudoscience: Lemmings commit mass suicide by drowning.

Those Disney pricks should have been pushed off the cliff


The war against polio isn't over yet.

Polio virus mutates, defeating vaccines.


Darwin didn't see this one coming:

evidence that speciation can take place within a single colony


I didn't realize that global warming was on hiatus.

But here is the explanation for why it is


The severe drought in the western United States means that
the equivalent of a 4" deep lake over the entire western U.S. ... is missing.

With all that weight missing, guess what the land is doing?


In the 1950's, tobacco companies tried to keep
the money rolling in as long as possible (3:49)

Big oil is currently engaged in a fight for its survival,
and it uses the same strategy ... lying to a gullible public.


"Cancer cells ... yeah, I'm talkin' to you!"

"You're goin' down!"


Earth's earliest animals


Neil DeGrasse Tyson tells anti-GMO freaks to "chill out"


Homo Floresiensis demoted from separate human species to

a human with Downs Syndrome


What makes tattoos permanent? (4:24)

Still feel like getting a tattoo?


Computer screens that eliminate the need for glasses.

What will they think of next? (5:28)


Okay - let's take a break from battling bad guys

and watch this cool illusion (1:45)


Have low-back pain? Think Tylenol is the answer?

Think again


Creationists jumped on the interpretation by some ENCODE scientists that most of our DNA was functional. But as always, their joy was short-lived when other scientists pointed out that their hope was based on a vague interpretation of the word "functional."

Now scientists clarify DNA functionality

and it didn't go too well for Creationists


The Earth appears to be entering its 6th global extinction event.
Guess who the culprit is this time?

Made that one too easy, didn't I?


Are you a "Night Owl" ... or a "Morning Person?"


Mars and Phobos: Dance of Death (1:29)


How lung cancer cells are able to metastasize


Here's the skinny on UV radiation


Good rule of thumb:
When deciding on whether to take the advice of scientists or salesmen ...

I would go with the scientists


So ... in addition to being indebted to green algae for giving us plants

We also owe sex to green algae

There are some debts ... that we will just never be able to repay


Which is the major culprit in the obesity epidemic ...

Lack of exercise ... or diet?


Here's a preview of what it will be like if we destroy our ozone layer


How did Tibetans evolve the ability to survive at low-oxygen elevations?

Their ancestors "partied" with a different species of human


When your immune system jumps into action against an invader,
a sleeping virus (like herpes) just may take advantage of the commotion ...

and begin replicating again


Scientists detect smallest force ever measured

42 yoctonewtons


How far out does the sun's atmosphere extend?

would you believe ... 5 million miles?


Deaths from prescribed painkillers ...

outnumber heroin and cocaine combined


Antibiotic-resistant superbugs are threatening humanity

Science to the rescue


What else do spiders catch and eat?

Would you believe ... fish?


All you couch potatoes out there ...

Atten - hut!


Human-chimpanzee split pushed back to 13 million years which conflicts with the fossil record. Have Creationists won?

John Hawks to the rescue


Don't rely on sunscreen alone


How ulcer-causing bacteria evade our immune systems


What will those wacky scientists think of next?


It took 65 years, but the Turing Challenge has finally been passed by a robot


Remember when Determinists (like Sam Harris)
tried to hijack the Libet Experiment
and interpret it so that it supported their view of reality?

That we are nothing more than biological robots with no free will?

well ... science is fighting back


Katydids in South America have lost the ability to fly
but have evolved the highest pitch call in nature.

The story didn't interest me as much as the picture (google: pareidolia).
It reminded me of the movie "The Fly"


Creationists would rather commit hara-kiri than admit that humans evolved from apelike mammals. After reading the story below, I think it might be the chimps who are offended ...

at being compared to humans

And I don't even want to try to imagine
how bad the chimps would have humiliated Creationists.


Bromine is essential for all animal life


Lunar origin issue has been resolved by using instruments with ...

better resolution


Extinction of the world's megafauna in recent history
has often been blamed on climate change.
So who is really to blame?

Yep, the usual suspects ... humans


Actor Michael Douglas blamed his throat cancer,
not on his heavy drinking and smoking ...
but on oral sex.

So what are the facts?

While it can't be said for certain,
the odds weigh heavily in favor of the drinking and smoking.


The "Stop Codon" is interpreted differently by some forms of life


Animals just want to have fun ... just like people


Measles virus has been engineered to fight bone marrow cancer

It worked


Largest dinosaur ever discovered weighed as much as ... 14 elephants


How safe is water-pipe smoking?

Not as safe as advertised

5/16/ videos

Why an octopus doesn't tie itself into knots


Climate change debate (4:26)


A life leading nowhere Somewhere to go ... the direction has been chosen

Those who find a purpose in life ... live longer


Breastfeeding helps children grow friendly gut bacteria

Sorry ... no picture this time


Plastic that repairs itself


New neurons may help erase old memories


Environmentally-friendly bioplastic created from shrimp shells


Those wacky scientists. Now they've gone and expanded the genetic code ...
just when I finally got the five bases memorized.


Carl Woese, a scientist few have ever heard of, is to biology ...
what Einstein is to physics.

16SrRNA gene led Woese to the discovery of our ancestors ... the Archaea


World History ... in one paragraph

One tribe (or country) arm themselves with flags in one hand and holy books in the other before dispersing into a neighboring tribe to kill them and take their stuff. The other tribe might be innocent in many cases, but eventually, when they become strong enough, they will do the same to others. The motivators of this constant mayhem are the sole beneficiaries of it ... the Powerful Predators in each society.

From this one paragraph, the remainder of world history can be derived.


In less than 1 minute, John Cleese explains Fox News

Truly stupid people lack the intelligence to comprehend
that they are truly stupid people (0:58)


The Power Balance Bracelet (5:47)


I don't usually do predictions. But here is one:

One of the greatest advances in human civilization will occur
when scientists finally develop a completely accurate lie detector.
When lying becomes impossible, the instantaneous progress will be



Why has history been filled with so many bad leaders?
Why do so many incompetent sycophants bypass you at work?

Rarely does any society choose to promote "leaders."
Most often, leaders are chosen from among ...

the most loyal followers


"One of the great insanities of war is that,
such huge numbers of humans are made to kill each other
based on the desires of so few,
and which resulted from the failures ... of those few."



Admitting defeat (2 pages)


If you are in the mood to read one of the worst ass-whoopins in history,
see what happens when some dude tried to tangle with ...

Isaac Asimov


Here is a very, very informative video
and well worth your time (35:43)

David Prothero shows and tells us,
what we are up against

Going deeper (2 pages)


Ignore the title that they gave this article.
It wasn't meant to be taken literally.
(at least I don't think it was)

The article is actually pretty funny

Men are idiots; and idiots do stupid things

But just something to think about:
In our politically-correct society
if you replaced the word "men" with "women"
do you still think people would have laughed?


If a biological weapon were dispersed in the atmosphere
that rendered the human race incapable of telling a lie,
within minutes the entire world would become so quiet ...

you could hear an ant fart

neo, 2015


The current status of "spanking"

"On the international front, physical discipline is increasingly being viewed as a violation of children’s human rights. The United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child issued a directive in 2006 calling physical punishment “legalized violence against children” that should be eliminated in all settings through “legislative, administrative, social and educational measures.” The treaty that established the committee has been supported by 192 countries, with only the United States and Somalia failing to ratify it."

Somalia? ... Somalia?

Jesus Fucking H. Kee-rice
Is there any limit to how much America can embarrass and humiliate itself?

(I think we can safely go with "No" on that one)


Critical Thinking - Shifting the Burden of Proof

In debates over the existence of God, Theists often attempt to shift the burden of proof because ... it is a burden they cannot meet. Their strategy relies on convincing the audience that the Atheist's rejection of God is, in itself, a claim ... it is not.

The best analogy I have ever heard that demolishes this strategy came from Tracie Harris on The Atheist Experience. Her explanation goes like this:

If I come up to you and claim that there is an even number of blades of grass in my lawn, would you believe me?

The Theist would naturally ask "did you count them?"

The reply is "No. I have no proof, I just believe there is an even number of blades."

The Theist would then have no basis upon which to accept Tracie's claim and is forced to answer "Then no, I don't believe you."

Tracie then tells the Theist that his rejection of her claim is a counterclaim and that he now has the burden to prove that there are an odd number of blades.

He replies that he didn't say there were an odd number of blades, he only said that he didn't believe, based only upon her belief, that there were an even number of blades.

The Theist made her argument for her.


'Alternative Medicine' is a name coined by con artists to add legitimacy to their fraudulent practices. It is for the same reason that religious believers call their invisible ghosts ... gods.

The old name for Alternative Medicine was accurate enough ... quackery.


An analogy for living is a plane that takes off (birth) and soars to great heights, occasionally hit pockets of turbulence, and diving dangerously close to the ground, all the while taking shrapnel. All planes eventually crash (death). It's how you flew that determines whether or not your life was a success.


Ignorance vs. Stupidity

There is no shame in ignorance because ignorance is simply "not knowing."
All humans are guilty of that. Ignorance can be fixed by education.

Stupidity, on the other hand, is deserving of ridicule
because it is a refusal to remedy ignorance;
not because of a lack of knowledge,
but because of the amazing depths of dishonesty
to which stupid people are willing to descend
in order to defend their beliefs.

neo, 2016


The value of your life is directly proportional to the value you place, upon the lives of others.

neo, 2016


The state of American education is dismal.

Here is one example

If nearly 10% of recent college grads believe that she's on the Supreme Court,
I would hate to find out how high the percentage is among the rest of the population.

This one is even more depressing

If 10% believe Judge Judy sits on the Supreme Court
and 25% believe the Sun circles the Earth,
then we need to desperately hope ...
that these two groups include the same people


Who is America's greatest enemy?

This should give you an idea

It's hard to believe that those people are the same species as other humans.

But it is important to understand that they do not work against America alone.
The "Powerful Predators"
(the elite who transfer the wealth of the masses to themselves)
are the ones who are pulling their strings.


Income inequality hurts us in many ways.

American IQ's suffer more than countries that are more socialistic

And the dumber Americans get,
the more easily they can be controlled by the rich;
as we see on the news nearly every day.

It is a vicious cycle


Bill Maher explains what is meant by the term ...

Ammosexuals (5:13)


Here's the difference between Conservatives (usually Republicans)
and Progressives (usually Democrats):

While it is true that both are beholden to Big Money,
after the Democrats have taken most of what people have,
they will leave them in the street,
but then they will feel bad for the poor, the sick, the elderly, etc.,
and they will throw them some crumbs and a coat;
while Republicans on the other hand,
after they have taken most of what people had,
will just walk away and leave them there to die.

neo, 2016


I took the following quote off an article written by someone
who goes by the moniker "one pissed off liberal"
and who describes himself thusly:

"I am a 60's survivor, Woodstock alumnus, a human rights/anti-death penalty/anti-war/prison reform/anti-drug war activist, an artist/poet/writer, a dharma bum, a freedom-fighter and an original Southern hippie."

And here is the quote from "One Pissed-Off Liberal"

"The biggest and cruelest scam pulled on us by the rich and powerful is illegitimate war for profit. Wars serve a series of important purposes for the rich and powerful. They provide an opportunity to take from others by force of arms while creating a lucrative market for armaments and war materiel on both sides of the 'conflict.' Wars also create huge lending opportunities for central banks. It is a highly efficient way of extracting wealth from the national coffers, that is to say, from the people, and depositing it in the pockets of the well-connected few. Wars also keep the common people fighting and killing each other and not those who have imposed such horrid conditions for nefarious, selfish and Machiavellian gain."


Why can't Americans have nice things?
Why are our roads crumbling?
Our schools closing?
Hospitals going out of business?
Jobs going overseas?

Why can't the world's richest country
elevate the lifestyle of its citizens
to that of other advanced nations?

Because of these guys


I took this quote off of an obscure comment thread ...

"Every time we have a mass shooting,
how about showing pictures of all the NRA bribe takers in congress ...
instead of the shooters?"

If we truly had a Liberal mainstream media
you would see similar sentiments everywhere in the news.

If we had a Conservative media controlled by the rich
you would only find comments like that in ...

obscure comment threads


Political polarization in America skyrocketed with the ...

deregulation of television news in 1996


Classic Emails (3 pages)

My replies to ...

Ta-Nehisi Coates' case for reparations


Was Edith Wilson America's first female president?

You'll have to decide yourself, on that one.

But what never ceases to amaze me
is how utterly non-proactive humans are.
I mean, how could you NOT provide for a mechanism
to run the country in case the president became disabled?
What did they say to themselves?

"Oh that'll never happen"


Classic West-Wing Episode where the President ...

completely humiliates homophobic Christian bigot (3:54)


Is there a viable alternative to the economic extremes of Capitalism and Communism?

I'm glad you asked

Actually, that was far more than merely a "viable alternative":
that was one hell of a concept.
If actuated, that system could bring
10,000 years of domination by The Powerful Predators ...

to an end


Confederates refuse to admit that they were fighting to defend slavery.
That proves that at least they now know that they were morally wrong.

send this video to your Conservative friends
who are still "in denial" (5:51)


America since the 1980's can best be described by a popular board game

Have you ever played "Monopoly?"

Lots of players start off with equal chances to win.
But eventually only one survives ...

That would be the one who took everyone else's money.


George McGovern (D) was defeated by Richard Nixon (R) in 1972.
McGovern (pictured) admited that Nixon's "Southern Strategy" was the key.

Here is McGovern describing the "Southern Strategy":

“What is the Southern Strategy? It is this. It says to the South:
Let the poor stay poor, let your economy trail the nation,
forget about decent homes and medical care for all your people,
choose officials who will oppose every effort to benefit the many
at the expense of the few—and in return,
we will try to overlook the rights of the black man ...."

Not only did that work in 1972; it is still working ... today


For those of you who accept the claim
that people are either born gay or straight ...

you might want to listen to Bill Nye on this one (3:01)


I would love to see this guy

Confronted by this guy


Will everyone please bow your heads
while I read from the book of Galatians, chapter 5:

5:2 Behold, I Paul say unto you,
that if ye be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing

5:3 For I testify again to every man that is circumcised,
that he is a debtor to do the whole law.

5:4 Christ is become of no effect unto you,
whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace.

Hey, don't look at me; those were Paul's words ... not mine


John Fugelsang and the "Confederate" flag

He was far easier on them than I would have been.
But I have to admit ... that was pretty damn good


What is hate speech?

It is the greatest modern assault ever launched
against freedom of speech (5:47)


Classic Emails (4 pages)

What Liberals claim to believe ... and my replies to those beliefs


Probably the best "pledge of allegiance" on the planet ...

We, the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people,

regardless of race, language or religion,

to build a democratic society based on justice and equality

so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation.


In an effort to modernize American education and make it more relevant,
here is the new curriculum for political science majors at all major Universities:

New undergrad required courses:
Hiding money obtained from fundraising
Avoiding taxes resulting from fundraising
Remaining anonymous in conflict of interest cases
Avoiding direct questions from the press
Avoiding direct questions from your spouse
Kissing Babies
Kissing Ass

New Graduate-level courses include:
Advanced fundraising techniques (or how to cultivate The Rich)
Advanced avoidance techniques when dealing with the press
Hiding Affairs
Hiding Bodies
When and how to "Lawyer Up"
Fundraising while incarcerated
Tax loopholes for the imprisoned
Restarting your career


Comedian Jim Jefferies on Americans ... and their guns (16:04)


Stephen Pinker on Freedom of Speech (9:49)


The Powerful Predators also control most of our judicial system

I like her remedies: "Let’s start with nonpartisan elections, the public financing of judicial campaigns ... and merit-based selection of judges, a system that can include nonpartisan screening commissions, gubernatorial appointment, and retention elections ...."


George Carlin sets the record straight on Conservative icon - Ronald Reagan


700 more lynching victims have been added to the list of horrors
that humans are capable of - and these are all American.
(and most occurred in the 20th century)

And no Conservatives, that doesn't make me anti-American,
but it does make me one of those who is going to change ...
the America you've created


Republican "Fearmongering"

Republicans make the same claim of fearmongering about Democrats and Global Warming. So both sides play upon the fears of the people.

The difference is that Democrats are warning of a very real danger, while Republicans are using their warnings (of things that are not real dangers, like gay marriage) to distract the public from the fact that they are lifting their wallets.


Why do Americans vote against their own self-interests?

(2 pages)


Who is America's greatest enemy? (3 pages)


Here is one of the reasons why America is in the shape it's in:

because the standards for lawmakers are lower than they are for cosmetologists;
and the only requirement they do have is that you have imaginary friends.

Do we really need any other reasons?


Ayn Rand: 30 years after her death ... and she is still a national embarrassment;
except to selfish, greedy Conservatives who still worship her like a God.


Question ...

"We have waited for "Trickle Down Economics" to trickle down for over 30 years. But be patient. The same people who brought you trickle down economics are also the same people who, on a daily basis, bring you Jesus ... and they've been waiting for Him for almost 2,000 years.

Any bets on which one will arrive first?"


"Women who vote Republican
remind me of Muslim women
who march in support of Sharia Law:
women so stupid that allowing them
any carnal pleasure beyond oral sex ...
should be a felony,
as our species simply cannot afford the risk
of allowing them to breed."



Economic Inequality ... straight from the horse's mouth (20:26)


Are you confused as to why the most devout Christians are in the Republican party when their faith would lead you to believe that they should be Democrats?

The "New Atheism" (scroll halfway down to "demographics")

Here's the pertinent part:
"According to evolutionary psychologist Nigel Barber, atheism blossoms in places where most people feel economically secure, particularly in the social democracies of Europe, as there is less uncertainty about the future with extensive social safety nets and better health care resulting in a greater quality of life and higher life expectancy. By contrast, in underdeveloped countries, there are virtually no atheists."

When I read that I could almost feel the heat from the light bulb that came on in my head. That's why Republican Christians ignore the accusations, which correctly point out, that they are acting in direct contradiction to everything Jesus ever stood for.

They are Old Testament Christians who believe that their continued domination depends on stopping the rise of Atheism. If that means defecating on the Bible ... they are willing to do that. They are working together with "The Powerful Predators" for a common purpose - to maintain control over the people and the resources.

Both groups (devout Christians and the Powerful Predators) thrive as long as they can keep the people poor and ignorant, and therefore, under control. That explains why they fight so strongly against those things that benefit society the most, such as education, health care, and financial security.

New Testament Christians (those who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ) are mostly found in the Democratic party.


The science of human "race" (43:17)


Here is a short video of the Koch twins (David and Bill) settling their differences.

What every kid needs to learn:
how to punch your twin brother in the back of the head while he is down.

A recipe for destroying children

Our country has paid a terrible price for the failure of Fred Koch ...
to raise his kids


Here is a man who never should have been allowed ... to breed.

Frederick Koch

Now that I think about it, I would like to amend my previous statement.
It was Frederick Koch's father who never should have been allowed to breed.


Have you ever wondered why Conservatives (The Confederacy + Ghost Worshipers)
hate the "gubbermint" so much?

Now you know why.

The Civil War and the enforcing of integration by Federal troops,
has forced them to stop their barbaric practices (slavery and murder);
and they have never forgiven America for that interference.


Pat Condell on the Muslim suppression of free speech in Britain (6:07)

A Society Of Cowards


Would you like to find out if the Koch Brothers really believe
that global warming is a hoax?

Simply ask them to spend one-millionth of their fortune to purchase a ski resort.
I'll wager my sister's gold-embroidered snuff box ...

they won't do it


The U.S. Military-Industrial Complex

The U.S. spends as much on militarization as the next highest 10 countries ... COMBINED!
And that's a good thing too. If we actually spent our money on education, health care, science, technology, and other things that we need, we might run the risk of being invaded and conquered ... by Equador.

Over 40% of the world's spending on warfare ... is from Christian America.
Maybe that's why Jesus's country is the only one in the world that's always at war?

After all, what's the point in spending all that money
if you're not going to use it to kill people?

Here is the breakdown of the spending

Here is a list of wars since WW2 involving the most Christian nation on Earth ...


Jesus must be so proud.

What would happen to any American president who tried to stop them?

Here are the exact words you would hear:
"In the interests of national security,
we have been forced to remove this president from power."

(Hey, this psychic stuff isn't so hard after all ...
especially when you have loads of historical facts to draw upon)


Carl Sagan's warning is not only coming true,
but he even accurately predicted ... the culprits


On Obama being a Muslim:

I doubt that you can name one Muslim in the entire world
who attends a Christian church ... for 20 years


The American Tea Party


The American political Civil War

Our most dangerous enemies nearly always come ...

from within


Historical income tax rates for the top 1%



Conservatives have no problems with redistribution as long as it goes where they want it to go. Where do they want the wealth to go? To churches, the military, oil companies and other large corporations, and tax breaks for the rich (the tax rate on the top 1% went from about 80% down to 30% in only one generation).

They are only against redistribution when it is earmarked for the poor, the sick, or the aged.


Gay marriage threatens the institution of marriage!



Fox News exposed for what it is ... and for what it isn't
It is not a news source; it is a propaganda outlet for the far-right evangelical movement and for ... the Powerful Predators (2:52)


The One Percent

First, let's do our homework:

The distribution of wealth

The One Percent (1:16:29)

Truly one of the greatest living heroes in America ... Jamie Johnson. His father, Jimmy Johnson, had the potential, and even started to make an attempt, but did not have the courage to follow through. But all was not lost. He had a son, Jamie, who would fulfil that dream. A son who did have the courage that the father lacked. A son who would affect the world.

Did you notice how economist Milton Friedman blew his cookies, despite how Johnson bent over backwards trying to be polite? (at: 1:05:05).

Recently I read (but don't have the link) to a story that claimed that in America, if you earn at least $30,000 per year, YOU are in the top 1% globally. Based on per capita income per country as recorded in the World Almanac, I have no reason to doubt that figure. So the rich (1%) might argue that the 99% should shut up and be grateful that we have it as well as we do. But if they weren't stealing U.S. taxpayers blind, all Americans could be living much better than they are now. Their argument is a Red Herring (provide link?)

The One Percent hasn't only demolished our great country (in one generation) but is currently spreading like a cancer all over the world. They create jobs ... but they keep nearly all of the profits for themselves.

Labor practices

But wait - it gets worse. For those Americans who don't care about what happens far away, this one might hit closer to home.

The Last Mountain (1:35:13)
(they charge a small fee to watch)


History of the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict


The takeover of the Earth's resources by the richest humans is well underway ...
and accelerating (3:52)


The Curse of Progressive Feminism by Pat Condell (7:03)

Main point "Why isn't every woman on Earth fighting this?"


The history of women's rights in early America (13:11)


In 1987 chiropractors (and other quacks) won a big victory over the American Medical Association, ushering in an era of unprecedented quackery. The public was now left to fend for itself. While this sounds bad, it could be turned into a blessing in disguise if it forces the masses to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to defend themselves from frauds.

Battle Stations!


Pat Condell responds to a group of university students who shouted down a speaker, with whom they did not agree (4:43)

It doesn't matter what the speaker was discussing. Those who use physical force to restrict freedom of speech must be stopped ... at all costs.


We've all heard the phrase "playing the Hitler card." It is used when a person tries to make a comparison, of someone they don't like, to Adolf Hitler because Hitler is the epitome of evil. We hear it used quite often. But oddly, I haven't heard it used for someone who actually does seem to be the embodiment of old Adolf ... Vladimir Putin.

Russian-Georgian War

Russian-Ukraine War

Lots of people are dying because of this maniacal bastard.
But if he isn't stopped soon, that may be just a drop in the bucket.


There are people that are so stupid
that they simply should not be allowed to breed, like ...

29% of Louisiana Republicans

In the spirit of "In the pursuit of happiness"
I agree that they should be allowed to have sex, but ...

they should be sterilized first


Why do the rich underpay their employees so badly?
Because they know that the taxpayers will be forced to foot the bill ...

that THEY should be paying


One of the greatest fictional ass whoopins of all time (5:14)


For those of you who might be having difficulty recognizing evil,
this documentary about the Koch Brothers should make things clearer (55:56)


Classic emails (1 page)

Another video promoting the pseudoscientific notion
that gays do not have the freedom to choose

Nope. He never did respond,
nor did anyone on the CC list ever come to his aid.


Salman Rushdie nails the Liberal's defense of Islam perfectly ...

It is fear ... disguised as respect

In other words, Liberal defenders of Islam
are gutless cowards trying to save face,
while attacking those who do have the courage
to stand up against the scourge of radical Islam.

Anyone can talk about "stoning"
but this short excerpt (6:52) from the movie "The Stoning of Soraya M"
brings the word to life in a way you will never forget.

Watch it only if you have the courage

If you've ever wondered why I fight ...

Now you know


After the Charlie Hebdo massacres ...

the French people's opinions of Muslims actually rose

As you may have noticed in the poll,
the same thing happened in the United States after 9/11.
But notice that Muslim approval ratings
in most U.S. groups only rose about 10%.
But among Conservative Republicans
approval increased a whopping 29%.

Why would the most xenophobic group of Americans
be the most likely to bond with their abusers?

Stockholm syndrome

Stockholm syndrome is the coping mechanism preferred by cowards.

Remember that scientific study
that showed that the Conservative mind
is more easily manipulated by fear?

Well ... add another piece of evidence to the pile.

Now you have a scientifically-based theory supported by actual events
that explains how Conservatives are able to control most Republicans:

they rely on fear


Guess which country leads the world in mass shootings?

Hint: it's the largest Christian nation on Earth

But I don't think this is a religious issue as much as it is a "Conservative" issue.
They are the ones who are responsible for creating this Hellhole ...

in which we all have to live


Scientists now know when climate change first began to reveal itself.
It first appeared in the tropics where there is less temperature variance


As long as the ultra-rich can continue to convince Americans
to keep government weak and ineffective,
they will continue to bask on the decks of their yachts
and dine on caviar and champagne;
while the rest of us save half of our McDonald's Happy Meal ...
for tomorrow night


Sometimes, the greatest political insights come from the world of comedy.
George Carlin wasn't just ahead of everyone else on religion, but politics as well;
and he used his fame, knowledge, and skills, to try to help the rest of us.

The New World Order (3:40)


George Carlin on abortion (8:59)


If you could read one article that could give you the equivalent
of a Masters Degree in Political Science ... would you read it?

Well, here it is


The dumbing-down of America ...

who's doing it and why


This video gives a great explanation
for understanding how Liberals have misused the word ...

"Islamophobia" (13:59)

The author is obviously not anti-Liberal,
but merely points out exactly how they are going wrong in this case.

This author, Amir Taheri, puts Liberals in their place ... with historical facts



This is what is possible in advanced countries
unburdened by the likes of Scalia, Thomas, and Alito

Australia creates buffer zones around abortion clinics

You know, buffer zones ...

like the one they have around the U.S. Supreme Court


The Pope calls out the NRA and the U.S. military-industrial complex ...

"They aren't Christians ... they are hypocrites"


Wealth inequality not only includes income and property ...
but retirement benefits as well


"Labor Day in the United States is a public holiday
celebrated on the first Monday in September.
It honors the American labor movement
and the contributions that workers have made
to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of their country.

So I guess it's safe to assume that you Conservatives are going to do everything in your power to eliminate Labor Day once you win the Presidency in November ... am I right?

Hey, I've got an idea - why don't you replace it with ...

"The One Percent Day"

and move it to April 15 to celebrate the day that everyone else has to pay taxes.


Conservatives are always screaming
that Liberals are trying to take away our second Amendment rights.

One of the reasons they try to distract Americans with that lie
is to cover their attempts to take away our rights, granted by ...

the 14th Amendment

That Amendment is a hundred times more important than the Second Amendment
and has been a thorn in the side of Conservatives ever since it became law.


You've heard it from me,
but to avoid the appearance of an "Appeal to Authority" ...
now you can also hear it from Stephen Hawking

(Hopefully - you got the sarcasm)


The War on Science

Who's behind the War on Science?

The same suspects as the last 10,000 years ...
The Powerful Predators (the ultra rich and their enablers)


As the rich continue to hold their foot on the gas pedal
while civilization races toward a planetwide disaster,
scientists develop a system for reducing the co2 in the atmosphere
(contains a video - 7:21)


More Conservative hypocrisy


Robert Reich dispells 7 lies spread by The Powerful Predators (2:46)


The "Human Development Index" is a metric
composed of life expectancy, education, and income.
It is published yearly by the United Nations,
and is used to rank the world's nations.

The Human Development Index

I found it odd that America, which ranks in the 30's in both life expectancy and education could come out #5. The only explanation would be the superior economic condition of America. When America's riches are added in, we moved almost to the top.

But that is very misleading. If you continue reading the article you come to the "Human Development Index" ... adjusted for economic inequality.

When the vast inequality of America is factored in, we come in between Poland and Hungary at number 28. For the richest nation on Earth ...

that ain't too impressive


I don't normally make predictions,
at least, not since my membership
in the "Psychic Channelers of America" expired;
but here is what I am predicting Conservatives will do
once they gain total control over U.S. government in 2016.
They will finally have the power to accomplish
what they have been trying to do for over 150 years ...

Officially declare America a "Christian Nation"

Even ultra-conservative icon Barry Goldwater feared them,
and correctly predicted the trap America was falling into ...


The world's first successful penis transplant

Does this mean that circumcision is now okay?

Why don't you ask the guy from South Africa?


Classic Emails (2 pages)

I sent the following question out to numerous anti-abortion groups
but addressed it to the director of Operation Save America, Rusty Thomas;
and like any lucky fisherman ...

I hooked a live one


Under the umbrella of "Hate Speech"
Facebook shuts down freedom of speech
to appease Muslim complainers.

But if Muslims and Christians post horrible things about rational people,
telling us that we are evil and will be tortured forever ... and deserve it,
does Facebook have a problem with that?

As long as you are a part of a large, violent, majority
with a long history of bloodshed and murder,
you are free to exercise your "freedoms."

But if you aren't a member,
and do so much as dare to speak the truth ...
then THAT is "Hate Speech."

Could we live in a wackier reality?

Don't answer that (I don't think I want to know)


Yes America, our Conservative politicians are more pandering
than are those politicians of other countries.

acceptance of evolution among politicians


Until enough voters develop rational thinking skills,
The Powerful Predators will continue to control the masses.


Unemployment is a major cause of suicides worldwide

Hip Hip Hooray for unfettered Capitalism.

Hip Hip Hooray for the top 85 families
who own as much as the bottom 3 billion people.

And ... Hip Hip Hooray for mortuaries


You are never going to believe this ...

Which state has the highest vaccination rate?

Remember this link?

Where shall I begin the list of cliches?
"Every dog has its day"
"Around every dark cloud there is a silver lining"
"There's a speck of light in the darkest night"

Okay, I made that last one up: but you get the point ...
Congratulations Mississippi!


Explanation for the global warming slowdown


Fox News retains its title as the most dishonest of all major news sources

and ... they're getting worse


"I Helped Start the Religious Right:
Here's How We Tried to Undermine Secular America -- and Build a Theocracy"
By Frank Schaeffer

Christian home-schooling is at the core of the project

The fact that I am having such a difficult time trying to decide
whether to file this under politics or religion,
should be a big hint as to just how closely the two are entertwined
(which was the main point of Schaeffer's article)

When you hear the phrase "straight from the horse's mouth"
Frank Schaeffer is whom they are referring to.
This guy knows more about what he is talking about
than any of us ever will.

(that doesn't mean his conclusions are infallible;
but it does mean that you had better have
all your ducks lined up before you decide to take him on)


Time for some more humble pie ... for me.

In a previous post I had written this (which I have since deleted):
"Now you see the insidiousness of the decision by the Roberts Supreme Court to grant personhood to corporations. They have now extended that decision to include, not only freedom of speech, but also to grant religious freedom to corporations - freedoms originally designed for humans."

I made the fatal error of not properly researching the topic before opening my pie hole.

The 14th Amendment

I, and many others according to the article, do not agree with the concept. But it doesn't matter what I think. What matters is what the law says, and how it is interpreted.

Until the law is changed, or the Supreme Court interprets Chief Justice Waite's Dictum differently, corporations enjoy the protection of the 14th Amendment ... just like people.


Fox News is the flagship of the Conservative empire of Rupert Murdoch

This video is as relevant today - as it was over a decade ago (1:17:11)

Which means that we have made little progress against
the most destructive brainwashing propaganda machine in American history.


Bad Christian arguments:
We were created in God's image.

Then how come we are not invisible?

Their argument has the facts completely backwards (as always).
Actually, God was created in our image ...


Bad Christian arguments:
The only way to eternal life is through Jesus Christ.

Not true. The "hydra" can survive forever ... as long as it can outrun its predators.


Bad Christian arguments:
Quoting "any" scripture.

You want to quote scripture?
You must have suicidal tendencies. You've only got 10% of the Bible that you can quote from ... I've got the other 90%.


Bad Christian arguments:
The Bible is not a book of fairy tales.

So then, you believe in unicorns? (Psalms 22:21)
That snakes that can talk? (Genesis 3:1)
You believe in argumentative donkeys? (Numbers 22)
Firebreathing flying dragons? (Job 41:19 & Isaiah 30:6)
Zombies? (Matthew 27:52)
People who can live inside of a fish? (Jonah 1:17)
That the sun went backwards? (Isaiah 38:8)
That the sun froze in the sky for an entire day? (Joshua 10:13)

Neither the fairy tales of Hans Christian Anderson nor the Grimm Brothers
could hold a candle to the fairy tales in the Bible;
not only in their absurdity, but also in their gruesomeness.


Bad Christian arguments:
Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Actually it IS evidence of absence (it's just not 'proof' of absence).


Bad Christian arguments:
When Atheists reject religion, they too are making a claim:
that there is no God.

(this is the logical fallacy known as trying to "Switch the Burden of Proof")

Two neighbors approach me on my porch. The first claims that there are an odd number of blades of grass in my lawn. I ask him how he knows, did he count them?

He answers "No." He just says that he believes it.

I reject his claim based on the lack of evidence. He then claims that I am claiming that there are an even number. But I am not claiming that because I have no idea whether there are an odd or even number of blades of grass in my lawn. So a rejection of someone's bullshit is not a counterclaim.

The reason they want to assert that it is, is because, since they cannot prove their claim, their only hope is to switch the burden of proof and try to get me to prove they are wrong. But it is not my responsibility to prove they are wrong. The burden is on them to prove they are right (according to the laws of logic). Until they do, a rejection of their claim is the only rational position, and does not constitute a counter claim.

Suppose another neighbor approaches and claims that I have an even number of blades in my lawn. Like the first neighbor, he offers no proof, and admits that it is only his belief. To be consistent, I would have to reject his claim. He would then claim that I am saying that there are an odd number of blades of grass. However, that fails because I have already stated (to the first neighbor) that I did not believe that the lawn has an odd number of blades.


Bad Christian arguments:
Jesus died for our sins.

That may be true. But according to Mark 14:35-36 ...

He didn't want to


Bad Christian arguments:
The "Kalam" Cosmological Argument (everything has a cause).

Not only is that premise unproven, but by claiming God has no cause ... they disprove their own claim. They are then forced to try to salvage their sinking argument by resorting to the logical fallacy of 'Special Pleading'.

Game ... Set ... and Match.


Bad Christian arguments:
There are no contradictions in the Bible.

Here's what you do:
Quote a particularly horrifying Bible verse (they're not hard to find).
They will then provide the contradiction for you
(does it get any better than that?)

Actually it can:
after they provide the contradiction, accuse them of blasphemy.

This picture was recovered from the Pacific Ocean
after it was spotted dropping from the sky.
It appears as though someone in Heaven had a hidden cellphone camera,
and was lucky enough to be present when Jesus got called on the carpet
over all the contradictions in the Bible.

A note found with the picture stated
that The Old Man seemed particularly pissed off, over Jesus telling people:
"Ye have heard that it hath been said,
An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth:
But I say unto you, That ...."

That's where the note ended.
It is unknown what punishment The Old Man may have given to His Son.
But we all remember what He did to Jesus ... the last time He got pissed.


Bad Christian arguments:
God is beyond comprehension.

And yet, they miraculously find
that they are able to comprehend God ... when defending Him.

But I will tell you what I don't comprehend about their God ...

how He could create a world like this

If our world were created - then it could only have been done so ...

by an evil monster


Bad Christian arguments:
I didn't come from no monkey!

It's actually a lot worse than that


Bad Christian arguments:
The Christian God is the intelligent designer of all things (4:04)

Well, if that's true, then I think He has some explaining to do


Bad Christian arguments:
The beautiful design of our world proves that there is an intelligent designer (4:58)


Bad Christian arguments:
When challenged by Apologists with the question, "Were you there?"
My answer is exactly the same as the one they would give, if I asked them, "Were you at the Crucifixion?"

The difference is, I have evidence for my beliefs ... they don't.


Bad Christian arguments:
"But there are no transitional species"

Where are all the transitional species?

Show us transitional species. If you can't ... then God did it

If humans keep breeding this dog much longer ... it'll be a snake

(Gee, I wonder where all the transitional species are?)


Bad Christian arguments:
Christian apologists whose arguments abuse logic (25:00)

I now realize how silly my title, above, was.
It implies that there exists Christian arguments ... that don't abuse logic.

All Christian apologetic 'logic' arguments are fatally flawed because logic is not evidence, as they try to assert. Logic can only be applied TO evidence. Logic is the system used to apply reason to evidence.

So without any evidence, and since logic is not evidence, they are back to square one: blind faith; and ironically ... that was the only honest position they ever had.


Bad Christian arguments:
"Paley's Watchmaker" - a watch needs a watchmaker.

True. But an organism only needs ... parents.


Bad Christian arguments:
Christian 'victimhood' arguments destroyed by "The Barking Atheist" (20:46)


Bad Christian arguments:
The Bible is the literal word of God

Even most Jewish scholars no longer believe that ...
and the Jews are the ones who wrote the damn thing



Bad Christian arguments:
Atheist leaders responsible for millions of deaths.
Let's take a closer look at those Atheist leaders, shall we?

Castro was raised Catholic and attended Jesuit schools.
Hitler was raised Catholic, and remained so, until his death.
What did Hitler think about Atheists?

He outlawed them

Maybe Christians will have better luck in the Far East?

Mao Zedong was raised Buddhist.
Chang Kai-chek was raised Methodist.
Sun Yat-sen was raised Congregationalist (Christian).
Pol Pot had a Catholic upbringing.

Okay, maybe that wasn't such a good idea. But how about Stalin?

Stalin was raised Christian and attended Seminary where he learned from the Bible that mass murder was morally acceptable ... as long as you could justify it (just ask any Christian - they will justify each and every one of God's mass murdering rampages, usually by resorting to 'blaming the victims').

If these men had been raised without religion, could things have turned out better? Who knows?

But we do know, they couldn't have turned out ... much worse.


Bad Christian arguments:
Without God, Atheists would rape and kill.

So if you weren't being threatened by God, you would rape and kill?
Then you should remain a Christian, and keep your Bible clutched tightly in your hands ...

at ALL times

I think Dusty puts it best (4:47)

So let's look at what happens to the morality of those with God.
Their claim is that, with God, they couldn't rape and kill
because Christian morality makes them superior to all others.

Let's look a little deeper into that claim, shall we?

This picture represents what we were taught in school, and,
our indoctrination by countless Hollywood movies
(click on the picture to learn what they weren't telling us)

Didn't reading that, just make you feel so proud to be an American?
Those REAL Americans were nearly exterminated by invading hordes of Christians.

Where were all those 10 Commandment monuments
with the rule "Thou shalt not kill?"

However, to be fair, they weren't murdered for religious reasons;
true Americans were slaughtered by millions of invading Christians ...

mainly because of greed

You'll have to excuse me ...
I feel like I need to take about 10 showers
to wash all the "red, white, and blue," blood off.


Bad Christian arguments:
God is Pro-Life.

Pro-lifers biblical arguments shredded


Bad Christian arguments:
Objective Morality

The argument is self-defeating because the morality imposed on humans by God,
is not even followed by God himself, and is therefore ... not objective.


Bad Christian arguments:
No morality without God - part 2

Fortunately, hundreds of thousands of dead Union soldiers ignored their Bibles, and the South's claim of biblical support for their vile institution, and found a superior morality within themselves. If not for their sacrifice, and superior moral position to that found in the Bible, we would likely still have slaves and be an embarrassment to the entire human race.


Bad Christian arguments:
No morality without God - part 1

This poll shows that the more backwards and barbaric the nation,
the more likely they are to connect morality with belief in god.
(and notice how America went out of its way to embarrass itself ... yet again)

Christians claim that without their God, humans cannot be moral; yet countless social animals and insects live in peaceful, cooperative societies. If they can do it, why can't humans?

Lab rats won't press a bar to receive food if they see that by pressing that bar, a rat in an adjacent cage will receive a shock.

Bats will regurgitate blood to share with another bat who wasn't able to find a meal.

If Christian claims are true, then I guess that means that the rats and bats must have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.


Bad Christian arguments:
There can be no charity without God.

First, point out that their faith "instructs" them to give.
Then ask "without an invisible ghost to threaten you for disobeying, would you still give?

If they say "yes" - then ask "Then why does one need God to be charitable?" If they say "no" - then they are only giving out of self-interest.


Bad Christian arguments:
There are no Atheists in foxholes.

It's true that you won't find many, but what you would find, if you could look ...
is millions of dead Christians.


Bad Christian arguments:
How can Atheists be moral without God?

Ask any Christian if they have done something wrong,
for which Jesus did not forgive them.

When they answer "No" - as they most surely will,
point out that, by their own admission, their morality
allows them to commit any crime,
yet they will always be forgiven.

So the ones who are free to commit any immorality
are not Atheists ... but Christians

Here's yet more evidence that Godliness is more likely to promote immorality

Statistical significance? 10 times more likely to disappear?
Yeah. I would call that statistically significant.

As the evidence keeps proving ...
Ghost Worshipers are usually more immoral than rational people;
probably because they are just people - with one extra reason to be nasty.


Bad Christian arguments:
Atheists are arrogant - Christians are humble.


God created the Universe just for us.
We have been chosen because we are special.
God watches every single thing we do.
God will reward those who believe in Him with an eternity in Heaven;
and those who do not, with an eternity in Hell.
We have absolute knowledge because the Bible has provided it.
Only Christians are moral.
Non-Christians are immoral and deserve eternal punishment.

We are an insignificant speck in a gigantic Universe.
Our beginnings were humble ... our ancestors were germs.
Through evolution we came to dominate the other animals,
many of whom, including insects,continue to exhibit superior social qualities ... to our own.
We know nothing for certain; only to a degree of certainty.
We choose to be moral, not because we are being threatened by invisible monsters,
but because it is the right thing to do.

Any questions?



Bad Christian arguments:
Still convinced that America is a Christian nation?

Read this quote from Conservative icon Ronald Reagan - then click the picture.

Facts to Conservatives ... are like garlic to a vampire

But the saddest thing is that we could be here all year, piling on evidence day after day,
and they would still refuse to accept reality ... as they have proven so many times before.


Bad Christian arguments:
America is a Christian nation.

You decide (5:02)

Yes, most Americans are Christian.
Most Americans are also women - are we a female nation?
Most Americans are also caucasian - are we a white nation?
Most Americans are not college graduates - are we an uneducated nation?
The average American has one testicle - are we a deformed nation?

America is famous for being the first nation in history to write a secular constitution. If Christians want to change that, they should be honest and say so, rather than trying to make a claim that is easily disproven. That tactic only exposes the dishonesty that pervades their faith.


Bad Christian arguments:
America is a Christian Nation.

The Supreme Court held that “the ‘establishment of religion’ clause of the First Amendment means at least this: Neither a state nor the Federal Government can pass laws which aid one religion, aid all religions, or prefer one religion over another.”

Everson vs. Board of Education (1947)


Bad Christian arguments:
America is a Christian Nation.

If that were true Americans wouldn't have freedom of religion and freedom of speech as granted by the First Amendment. Here is what the Bible says about the First Amendment:

Freedom of Religion from Exodus 20:3
"Thou shalt have no other gods before me."

Freedom of Speech from Leviticus 24:16
"And he that blasphemeth the name of the LORD, he shall surely be put to death, and all the congregation shall certainly stone him: as well the stranger, as he that is born in the land, when he blasphemeth the name of the Lord, shall be put to death."

Yet America was a nation of predominantly Christians who created this secular government. They did not want a Christian theocracy, but a secular democracy ... and that is what we have.

And we can thank progressive Christians, working with nonbelievers and others, for giving us what many other countries lack ... freedom of religion.

Here is some interesting background info that explains when, why, and how
the current attack on America by fundamentalist Christians began ...
and continues to this day

(that's right ... it's ALWAYS about the money)


Bad Christian arguments:
The Founding Fathers wanted America to be a Christian nation.

Before Christians pressured the government
to add "In God We Trust" to our coins,
what do you imagine the first penny looked like?

You know: the one actually designed by ... the Founding Fathers

Facts to Conservatives ... are like garlic to a vampire

But the saddest thing is that we could be here all year, piling on evidence day after day,
and they would still refuse to accept reality ... as they have proven so many times before.


Bad Christian arguments:
America is a Christian Nation.

Christian Nation Amendments were attempted in
1864, 1874, 1896, 1910, & 1954.

If America is a Christian Nation, why have Christians tried so hard (and failed) to change it into a Christian Nation?

Houston ... we have a problem.


Bad Christian arguments:
America is a Christian Nation.

This excellent essay explains when America became a "Christian Nation"


Bad Christian arguments:
America is a Christian Nation.

Since nearly everyone in early America was Christian, then it was Christians who:

Killed millions of Indians, stole their land, and put them on reservations.
Enslaved millions of Africans, often beating and killing them.
Allowed the murder of thousands of women for witchcraft to go unpunished.
Refused to allow women the right to vote.

What a wonderful Christian heritage we have.

Now try to imagine America ... if its government had actually been a Christian government.

(now you know where the word "nightmare" came from)


Bad Christian arguments:
America's Constitution is based on the 10 Commandments.

Then why are almost none of God's commandments followed?

The First Amendment allows the worship of other gods.
Making images and idols is not a crime. In fact, Christians wear them all the time.
Taking God's name in vain is not a crime.
Millions of people work on weekends.
There is no penalty for failing to honor one's parents.
There is no law against envy.
In the Bible adultery is a capital offense. Our laws don't even classify it as a misdemeanor.
Killing is allowed for executing criminals, or people in other lands who are deemed enemies.
The only commandment we follow is the prohibition against stealing; and even then we allow exceptions for stealing if you are a member of the clergy or a politician.

God may have demanded that our new nation be based on His 10 Commandments, but based on the Constitution written by our founding fathers, it seems they chose instead, to kick Him ... in His invisible nuts.

Oh, and one more thing that Christians won't like:
If the Constitution were based on the 10 Commandments, that would make us ... a Jewish Nation.


With all the things that the people of Corpus Christi
could have spent a million dollars on,
guess what they chose to spend it on ...

And yet they can't quite figure out why the Bible Belt leads the nation
in poverty, illiteracy, crime, and other assorted ills.

Maybe Jesus doesn't like them quite as much as they would like to believe?
After all - His Father made His feelings about idols very clear in ...

The 10 Commandments


One of the funniest videos on YouTube

Corey "the Wonder Kid" returns from Heaven (3:59)


People do not know what is in their own Bibles (3:30)


The infallible and scientifically accurate Koran (2:51)


Bill Maher's powerful ending message in "Religulous" (3:30)


Zombies in the Bible


Nuns around the world keep an ancient Medieval tradition alive ...

by spending zillions of hours sitting and talking to themselves (praying)

Here are a few choice excerpts:

"Flooding, snowstorms, a flu outbreak, even a fire — any of those might have slowed a group of Wisconsin nuns who say none of it has kept their order from praying nonstop for hundreds of thousands of people over the last 137 years."

Think about that for a moment. While fire is burning down their building, instead of helping those people who desperatately need help fighting the fire, or warning others, they instead, sit there talking to themselves. But in a Country dominated by Christians with a long, bloody history, the newspaper would be out of business if they pointed that fact out.

"In La Crosse, the nuns estimate they've prayed for hundreds of thousands of people, including 150,000 in the last decade."

Congratulations on pissing your lives down the toilet.

"The prayer sustained me in ways I haven't been able to articulate," she said, adding, "I felt warm and loved and cared about by strangers and that's an incredible feeling."

That's the whole purpose of delusion ... ain't it?


Famous quotes ...

"Religion is what allows people
to legally engage in thoughts and acts,
which if attempted outside the protection of religion,
would justify institutionalization.

by ...
well actually - that quote was by me


Here is a picture posted on the internet by a Christian attacking Islam

Christians are constantly proving (in public) that they have never actually
opened and read ... their own holy book:

Deuteronomy 17:2-7

Isaiah 13:15-16

Deuteronomy 22:28-29 or Exodus 22:16-17

Exodus 21:7-11


Miss Betty Bowers is known as "American's Best Christian."
It only took her 4 minutes to destroy ... "Goodwill Industries"

To be fair - here is Goodwill's Wikipedia page


Reverend explains the difference between
the freedom to practice your religion vs ...

your freedom to impose your religion


Tell me if this definition taken from Wikipedia
reminds you of any particular group of people:

"Schizophrenia is a mental disorder often characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to recognize what is real. Common symptoms include false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking, auditory hallucinations, reduced social engagement and emotional expression, and lack of motivation. Diagnosis is based on observed behavior and the person's reported experiences."

Let's analyze that definition and see how it fits religious believers.

Abnormal Social Behavior

You mean like burning women at the stake (witches)? Or disowning your own children because they refused to worship your invisible ghost (nonbelievers)? Or traveling to other nations and attacking them for their religious beliefs (Crusades)? Or torturing people for heresy and blasphemy (the Inquisition)? Or discriminating against, and denying equal rights to, people who love members of their own sex (homosexuality)?

Oh that's right, those things weren't defined as abnormal were they? They were defined as "righteous."

Failure To Recognize What Is Real

Since they make up the vast majority, they decide what is real; so I guess that isn't abnormal either.

False Beliefs

See previous statement.

Unclear Or Confused Thinking

Since they have a long history of, not only killing outsiders, but each other as well, over interpretational differences, it appears as though there is one Hell of a lot of confusion out there.

Auditory Hallucinations

How many millions of believers have claimed to have heard God?

When they can produce the first ever recording - then they get credit for that one. Until then ... bullshit walks.

Reduced Social Engagement

Their social engagement is limited to only those within their own tribe. Those outside the tribe are grateful for the reduced social engagement since it usually involves lots of people ... disappearing.

Reduced Emotional Expression

The fact that they could watch all the horrors of religious belief unfold before their eyes over the centuries, requires them to stifle their empathy for their fellow humans.

Lack Of Motivation

Like the Bible says ... God will provide.


So, about 90% of the human race is schizophrenic ... by definition.

But if you dare to point that out,
you might become acquainted with the definition of another word ...



According to the Bible:

"In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."

According to Stanley Miller (1930 - 2007):

"In the beginning were simple chemicals; and they produced amino acids
that eventually evolved into the proteins necessary to create single cells."

Okay ... I'm going to have to go with the Jewish guy on this one.


The "Prosperity Gospel" is the newest big thing in Christianity.

Those sheep should be fleeced.
People that stupid should not legally be allowed to own money.

Jeffrey Taylor in Salon Magazine writes about The Prosperity Gospel

"In a country that constantly proclaims itself humanity’s last and best hope,
the mere presence of multitudes so incapable of rational thought
that they ransack their own bank accounts to support the faith industry
disproves any assertion of American exceptionalism.

But our government wouldn't dare to begin taxing churches
because they know that religious leaders would incite their followers to ...

violent revolt


Let's put Christian claims of moral superiority to the test, shall we?

Okay, here's the test: A Christian and an Atheist each purchase a lamborghini
(approximate cost brand new ~ a quarter of a million dollars)

The Atheist must attach a metallic IXOYE fish where it is plainly visible.
The Christian must attach a metallic Darwin fish where it is plainly visible.
Both must drive around town and then leave their cars parked for hours.
They may go to the Mall, a Bar, a Movie, or whatever they choose,
just as long as they don't return for at least a couple of hours.

If you can find one Christian in America who will accept this challenge ...

please let me know


This guy shows you how to handle the arguments from Muslim Apologists


10 signs ... that you are a Fundamentalist Christian


Southern Baptists finally get around to apologizing for supporting slavery ...

150 years later

Look on the bright side: it took the Catholics over 350 years to apologize to ...



What Islam must do, to join the modern world ...

as explained by one of the world's bravest women


My opinion of "Old Blue Eyes" has just skyrocketed
after reading his comments on religion


For those of you who don't understand the "New Atheists" ...

this should clear things up


How to keep your kid from becoming an Atheist


Christian projection

That essay provided an exellent example of what religion does to the brain.
Religion renders it little more than a pile of superstitious, psychotic mush.

From "psychosis":
"A mental disorder characterized by symptoms,
such as delusions or hallucinations,
that indicate impaired contact with reality."

Yep ... nailed it.


South Korea legalizes adultery

Taiwan and North Korea are the only other Asian countries who still criminalize adultery.
It's odd that those 2 countries are nearly Christian-free (4% and 2%).
In most of the "Christian" nations (including America) adultery is legal ...

Which must really piss the hell out of "The Big Guy"


Phil Zuckerman's article on raising secular children


Stephen Fry answers the question ...

What if the Christian God is real? (2:24)

The high points of the video occur every time we get to see
the host's reactions to Fry's statements.


The picture on the left shows the statue before Christians attacked.
The picture on the right shows the statue after Christians attacked.

"Those who made off with the sea god left a wooden cross in its place
with the words 'You shall have no other gods before me' "

I guess the pious thieves never read as far as the 8th Commandment:
"Thou shalt not steal"

Aren't Ghost Worshipers precious?

Always 100% oblivious ... to their own hypocrisy


Atheism in Egypt ... it ain't pretty


Neil DeGrasse Tyson makes powerful points
about the chilling effect religion has on science (10:18)


Bill Maher at his best on religion (25:34)


So ... is the Bible the inspired word of God?

Required reading for anyone who lives on planet Earth


This video sent me off in search of my light saber (40:22)

Violence in Defense of Christian Privilege by Ed Brayton


Biblical beginnings presented by Aron Ra in "Evolution of Genesis" (32:15)


The logic in this is so powerful and irresistible
that it looks like my Atheist days may be over.


I have had an epiphany:
I now agree with evolution deniers

Yes, I'm afraid it is true. After re-evaluating the evidence, I have been forced to admit that I've been wrong, and that Christians have been right all along.

I searched the animal world in vain for signs of human-like activity; and while I occasionally spotted some human-like behaviors, for the most part, the animal world was far different than the human world.

Bees and ants for example. They live in peaceful, cooperative societies. That describes no civilization that has ever existed in human history.

Then I reread the Old Testament. That is what convinced me. We had to have been created by God because so much of humanity is just like Him: murdering nearly everyone He came in contact with, including one time when He wiped out the entire planet - except for 8 ass-kissers. We must have come from Him. There is simply no other explanation.

Wait. Now that I think about it, that would explain many of the world's people ... but not all of them. The others must have been the ones who evolved from ancient animals.

Now I get it: they're both right. So I guess Religion and Science can coexist after all.



Atheism rejects religion; science contradicts religion; politics is where religion attempts to convince people to ignore the rejection and the contradictions, and vote to grant them control of the government anyway.

How successful have they been at getting people to ignore Atheists and scientists?

In America, only 75% of the population is Christian but they hold nearly 100% of all political power; this, in spite of the fact that our nation was founded on the principle of separation of church and state ...

so much for good intentions


One of the "Creepiest" Christian videos you will ever see (1:11)

This was almost as bad as that video showing a 5-year-old girl being forced to recite the Koran until she cried ... and then they made her keep going while she was crying.

Damn, these people are sick.


Another Christian persecution myth goes down the drain:
Were Christians fed to the lions in the Coliseum? (0:48)

They have as much evidence for that myth ... as they do for all their others


Pascal's Wager

Pascal's Wager has arguably been Christianity's most powerful weapon against any, who would dare to doubt. Well, maybe the second most powerful ... behind execution.

For those who do dare, it is easy to see that there are multiple logical flaws with Pascal's Wager. I listed a couple in my book.

Here is another flaw that is rarely mentioned:

Usually, skeptics point out that Pascal's Wager fails because one cannot know which religion to bet one's eternal soul on. But even if we did grant that Christianity's God is the "One True Invisible Ghost," one still must make a second wager, and choose correctly, the method that is most likely to save one's soul.

And with at least 81 choices ... the odds are with the House.


Did Jesus exist?


The cancer of Christianity spreads everywhere
and you can't even find safety in a McDonalds ... in China (3:34)


This Land Is Mine ... by Andy Williams (3:32)


Christian purity pledges

Another horror story from ... the land of Jesus


"To rid your church of Republicans, simply adopt the rule
that all members must prove that they follow the teachings of Jesus."

neo, 2014


Religious freedom

This quote is by Charles Napier, commander of the British army in India, in the early 1800's

"You say that it is your cusom to burn widows. Very well.
We also have a cusom:
when men burn a woman alive,
we tie a rope around their necks and we hang them.
Build your funeral pyre;
beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows.
You may follow your custom.
And then we will follow ours."


God writes a song to humanity (4:22)


Have you ever considered that maybe the Bible is nothing more than an alien IQ test?


Thousands of years ago, alien explorers decided to experiment on ancient humans to see how advanced they were.

So they gave them a book filled with the most incredible stories that defied all scientific laws and common sense, fantastic mythical creatures, and which featured an invisible ghost who was the most evil creature that has ever been described in any human literature from anywhere on the planet.

Knowing that if there were any rational people, they would likely reject this book, they added a threat so unimaginably horrible that nothing could ever compare to the fear it would instill. Then they left, figuring that they would return in a few thousand years and see how these semi-intelligent beings called humans had reacted to their book.

Now, imagine how our world might have evolved without interference from those aliens. By now, we would probably be exploring other star systems.

But as it turned out, the aliens had better hurry back ... while there is still something to return to.


Classic Emails

(6 pages)

The King James Bible (E-Book)


One of the funniest videos I've seen (6:01)


When Ghost Worshipers first got to the moon ... what's the first thing they did?


Fortunately, their preaching failed
as their religion continued to fade into oblivion over the following decades.

(Can you figure out why they stopped reciting creation verses after day 3?)

It's because on Day 1 God created light, while on Day 4 God created ... the sun.


I love the tune

But check out the racist lyrics by this symbol of Christianity, Pat Boone.


Origin of Christianity
David and Solomon were resting their camels one day, and trying to figure out how they were going to make enough money to feed all the kids that Solomon was having because of his 700 wives (not to mention his 300 concubines).
David said "Hey, let's start a religion."
So they spent the next year furiously writing (well David was furiously writing; Solomon was furiously producing more kids). The result was the Christian Bible.

Solomon asked "But who's going to want to be part of a religion with a brutal, murdering, enslaving monster as its god?

David said "you're right. We've got to fix this. I know: we'll say, anyone who doesn't worship Him will be burned in a lake of fire ... forever."

Solomon said "Great idea, dad. That will work."

And it did ... far better than they ever imagined.


"You have to believe ancient desert shepherds because we do."
Every Christian argument boils down to that - everything else is a distraction.


Soren Kierkegaard
“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.”

Where does that leave evolution deniers?
They nailed foolishness ... from both sides


The Story of Salvation
by The Thinking Atheist

"An omnipotent God chooses not to use His power to simply forgive humankind, but instead implements a solution which requires that He impregnate a teen girl in order to give birth to Himself so He can have Himself slaughtered to save human beings from the Hell that He created. He then decides to communicate His scheme through conflicting accounts penned decades later by anonymous authors and subjectively handed down by flawed translators who can't even agree on the interpretation of the virgin."

Think about it.


An Agnostic is simply an Atheist ... with a wife and kids.

That doesn't tell you all that much about Atheists;
but it does tell you everything you need to know ... about Christians.


This statement was made on the floor of the U.S. senate in 1850
by Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederate States of America:

“Slavery was established by decree of almighty God ...
It is sanctioned in the Bible, in both testaments, from Genesis to Revelation ...."

Well Mr. Davis, I'm afraid I have some rather bad news for you ...
it has been disestablished by decree of "We the people."
And if you think that's bad, you wouldn't even believe how many other
biblically-sanctioned religious freedoms we've abandoned ...
since you were mercifully fed to the worms.


Trying to defend Christianity is like playing poker with a mirror behind your back.
You've been dealt a losing hand.
You know you are bluffing - and everyone can see you are bluffing.
The only thing left to be determined is ... how much are you going to lose?



Homosexuality has been found in more than a thousand species.

Homosexual hate has only been found ... in one.


What does religion have in common with drug lords and "The Powerful Predators"?

For every dollar you give them, they throw back a shiny nickel and then strut around trumpeting their generosity, and point out that without them - you wouldn't have that shiny nickel.

(what you need to realize is, that without them ... you would still have the dollar).


Christian fundamentalists look at scientific discoveries in the opposite way that rational people look at them: they see every achievement as proof that science had been "wrong."

Science is always wrong ... but not in the same way that the Ghost Worshipers mean wrong.
When science makes a discovery, it's like adding another digit to pi: sure the previous number for pi was wrong, and so is the new number; it will always be wrong, but ...

Every discovery science makes, like every digit that gets added to pi, brings humanity closer to the truth.


Christian John Fugelsang destroys literal Fundamentalists (3:07)


P.Z. Myers writes on "What If Christianity Were True" (3 pages)


Betty Bowers on Prayer (4:07)


Atheist Jamie Kilstein debates Christian John Fugelsang in a brutal debate (7:32)

Sucked you in with the sensational headline, didn't I?


My replies to God in "The Lord's Prayer"


Bill Maher on Christian "tipping" (4:30)


Dave Allen discusses Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (4:58)


Here's proof that women can find equality in the Bible:

2 chronicles 15:13
"That whosoever would not seek the LORD God of Israel should be put to death,
whether small or great, whether man or woman."


God better hope that Tom Cruise doesn't hear about this.


Al Qaeda
A proud organization whose greatest military achievements were against large groups of well-armed ... schoolgirls.


Hot off the wire!
4 out of 5 Christian divorcees want gays to stop undermining the sanctity of marriage.


Hinduism (polytheism), Christianity (3 gods), Islam (monotheism), Atheism (no gods).


Fundamentalist Christians may be right about evolution: they may not have evolved from monkeys. Every time a natural disaster strikes, religious leaders tell their 'flocks' that it was God, and after 2,000 years, they still fall for it ... every single time.

Even monkeys aren't that stupid.


What is the real purpose of the Burka?

To hide all the lacerations and bruises.

Yep, that includes their pets too.


The contest to choose a new Christian symbol,
to replace that gruesome execution device, is now over.
The runner-up was Ray Comfort's banana.
And the winner is ...

A circumcised penis


Message to Republican Christians from Jesus:
"Read the fucking red print!
It isn't there because I ran out of black ink."


Deciding what is right ...

If you have the time - research it. If you don't have the time:
make your decision by choosing the opposite of, the position of Christian fundamentalists ...
because they are usually wrong about everything.


What trait do all gods share?

Every single one of them is terrified of humans, and will go to great lengths not to be seen.


Near death experiences: why doesn't Jesus ever appear to Hindus?

For the same reason that Krishna never appears to Christians.


If the trinity concept is true and all 3 Christian gods morph into one, then the difference between Jesus and His Father must constitute the most serious case of cognitive dissonance ever recorded.


All 3 Christian Gods ganged up on Allah 1,400 years ago ... the result?

Christianity is falling worldwide while Islam is growing.
Islam is projected to surpass Christianity by the end of the 21st century.

If the 3 Stooges can't even beat up on one God,
it's a good thing They didn't try to take on the Hindus.


Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council
got tired of people calling his Christian group "The American Taliban"
so like a little kid on a playground, he threw it back
and called Atheists "The American Taliban."

So who is right?

Game ... set ... and match


List of scientists who became creationists after studying the evidence



I will agree that the 10 Commandments should be posted
anywhere Christians desire to post them;
including schools, courtrooms, libraries, and outside of any public buildings,
provided that ...

Christians agree to post the REAL 10 Commandments.
That would be the permanent set that God gave Moses (as described in Exodus 34);
not the set in Exodus 20 that Moses smashed.
(That first set of Commandments was in effect for what? A week? Two weeks?)
Anyway, God replaced that first set of Commandments with a permanent set.
Here is that permanent set that God gave Moses: The REAL 10 Commandments:

34:14 "For thou shalt worship no other god"
34:17 "Thou shalt make thee no molten gods"
34:18 "The feast of unleavened bread shalt thou keep"
34:19 "But the firstling of an ass thou shalt redeem with a lamb: and if thou redeem him not, then shalt thou break his neck"
34:21 "Six days thou shalt work, but on the seventh day thou shalt rest"
34:22 "And thou shalt observe the feast of weeks"
34:23 "Thrice in the year shall all your menchildren appear before the LORD God"
34:25 "Thou shalt not offer the blood of my sacrifice with leaven"
34:26 "The first of the firstfruits of thy land thou shalt bring unto the house of the LORD thy God"
34:26 "Thou shalt not seethe a kid in his mother's milk"

34:27-28 "And the LORD said unto Moses, Write thou these words: for after the tenor of these words I have made a covenant with thee and with Israel. And he was there with the LORD forty days and forty nights; he did neither eat bread, nor drink water. And he wrote upon the tables the words of the covenant ... The Ten Commandments"

For those of you who are more visually inclined,
this video will explain it to you ...


"Stoicism teaches the development of self-control and fortitude
as a means of overcoming destructive emotions;
the philosophy holds that becoming a clear and unbiased thinker
allows one to understand the universal reason.
A primary aspect of Stoicism involves improving
the individual's ethical and moral well-being:
'Virtue consists in a will that is in agreement with Nature.'
This principle also applies to the realm of interpersonal relationships;
'to be free from anger, envy, and jealousy,'
and to accept even slaves as 'equals of other men,
because all men alike are products of nature.'

From its founding, Stoic doctrine was popular
with a following in Greece and throughout the Roman Empire —
including the Emperor Marcus Aurelius ...

Now, here is the pertinent part:

"until the closing of all philosophy schools in 529 AD
by order of the Emperor Justinian I,
who perceived their pagan character as being at odds with the Christian faith.

Yep, those ideals were certainly at odds with Christian teaching all right.

The result?

The period that followed was known as "The Dark Ages"
and lasted more than 1,000 years.
It was an era of horrible oppression and unspeakable terror.

Since "The Enlightenment" religion has been viciously enforcing its control
over society in an attempt to cling to power.
With the advent of the internet,
the Enlightenment now has the most powerful weapon, it has ever had.

Stay tuned ... things are just starting to get interesting.

Read more about Stoicism

So how did such a vile worldview like Christianity, overtake and destroy Stoicism?

In two ways:
"The Threat" of eternal torture, combined with violence, terrorism, and murder
against any who dared to challenge them; and secondly ...
Their first big break came when Constantine elevated the cult
to the status of the offical religion of the Roman Empire.
Then, as pointed out in the article above,
200 years later they cemented their power by destroying their enemies.
Rational thinking was forced into hiding for over a thousand years.
And since Rationalism resurfaced, it has faced a constant battle for survival.

Human history is a shameful disgrace.
We have brought animal extinction
and human destruction wherever we have gone.
The evil religions (omitting Buddhism, for example)
have controlled the Earth for millennia.
But Stoicism lives on through the Rationalists.
The internet is the weapon we have waited for, for almost 2,000 years.
We cannot afford to fail humanity again. We cannot lose again ...

we may not get another chance


See if you can watch the whole thing (5:35)

What a great culture, huh?
Yes, civilized countries have subhumans like that, but the difference is ...
we don't let'em go.


Just how brazen are televangelists?


There is no limit to how low they can stoop.
Sadly, there is also no limit to how gullible and stupid their followers are, either.


The horror of Christianity ... made clear (4:12)


Whatever happened to the good old days of good old Christian family values?

They never existed


Remember when the Templeton Foundation spent 2 million dollars
to fund a study on the efficacy of intercessary prayer?
Remember how disastrous that turned out for them?

Well, this one didn't go much better ...

Religious upbringing is associated with less altruism

So now they have an excuse:

"It's not my fault ... I was raised to be a selfish asshole"

And that wasn't the only recent study that dispelled the myth of ...

superior religious morality

This guy represents exactly how I feel about "religious freedom":

Charles Napier (1782 – 1853) was a general of the British Empire
and the British Army's Commander-in-Chief in India,
notable for conquering Sindh in what is now Pakistan.

"You say that it is your custom to burn widows. Very well.
We also have a custom:
when men burn a woman alive,
we tie a rope around their necks and we hang them.
Build your funeral pyre;
beside it, my carpenters will build a gallows.
You may follow your custom.
And then we will follow ours.

You have the religious freedom to practice any religion you choose, or none at all.
But if your beliefs, based on that religion, causes harm to other people,
then you aren't exercising religious freedom ...

but engaging in religious criminal activity


Here is an outstanding observation on the current worldwide Islamic problem ...

Saudi Arabia is an ISIS ... that succeeded


I would like to dedicate this video to actor Ben Affleck
and all the Islamic Apologists at the Daily Kos.

When it comes right out of their own mouths
it's a lot harder to distort the truth, huh Ben?


Catholic doctrine contributing to the explosion of ...

the Zika virus

Ah ... the Catholics:
bringing joy and happiness to the planet Earth ...

for over 2,000 years now


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